OMG I’m turning into an Aussie Whinger, but ……..


There is such a limited amount of internet up here at the top of the world, that it is impossible to get any posts done.

I get about 20 minutes a day internet time, by satellite, and one photo takes at least 27 minutes to download.

I have 5 posts waiting for a nice big wave of internet, when it appears. I think this will happen somewhere south of the Arctic Circle.

Important events of Note:

I have met the REAL Santa, and I have a photo to prove it, but the elf put an enlarging lens on the camera when he took my photo. (I must have been baaaad).

I have a growing file of  pictures for an entire Dogs of Finland post. This will naturally be a fashion post and will include two Bichons and a Chihuahua.

A Polar Bear almost ate Georgie – photographic evidence will be provided.

I have sourced a(n) Huskie Puppy for Mr Faux Fuchsia.

I have also sourced Polar Bear Cubs for Boy 1 and Boy 2 Blighty.

Not game to source anything animal for Nephew inTownsville – too scared of Paddy.

Thanks for being patient.




PS  I think it’s probably a good thing I cannot post, becuase if I could, my inner bitch might come charging out.

I’m on a ship/coastal steamer sailing down the coast of Norway,  and the average age of the passengers would be 87.  It’s a people watching paradise with wonderful elderly folk of all shapes and sizes from all over Europe.

Gosh I’ve learned some of the fascinating behaviours of the Elderly Nordic Winter Cruise Passenger.  They include:- Winter Fashion Savvy for the Rotund; Food Buffet Hierarchies – the Dodgy Brothers could learn a thing or two here; Territory Marking and the Rules of  “International Viewing Seat Reservation with Knitting Bags”;   skirmishes and face-offs over “viewing seat nicking” between foes armed with knitting needles;  and my favourite religious experience to date, the Lourdes like cure of a wheelchair bound passenger who learnt to walk again when faced with dwindling supplies of ice cream at the lunch time buffet.