I’m a celebrity ……………. I’m off the drugs and into recovery


Here is the Before

(These are just some of the drugs I had to take at the height of my recovery)



Here is the After

Yep….. Vitamins

There’s been some serious detoxing going on here inTownsville.




Some serious melancholy for a week after going cold turkey off the painkillers!

In the spirit of Melancholia

I even resorted to





Taking moody sunset photos here inTownsville.


I have to admit though
that winter inTownsville is
My evidence
You’ll be pleased to know that
Not only am I winning the war on drugs
I’m also winning the war on APERTURE
that awful photo programme that was installed on my Computer.
It’s gone!
iPhoto is back
and I can get my pics into the blog again.
No excuses now for not blogging.
Obviously I have not won the war on finding out how to leave spaces here
without using dots
In welcome news
I do not look like a drug addled VICTIM anymore.
Hmmmm, I could have taken the strap off the camera.
Cheers to everyone,
Hi Grandma W.

And that’s the end of that ……. down the bottom of the spine.


I know I’ve been bad

and I’m sorry.

No posts – been in the miseries again.


things are taking a turn for the positive.

I’vve been down on the Gold Coast where I got another opinion on the back.

Turns out the last two vertebra in the back

the bum ones,

copped a pounding in the Great Fall.

There are no discs left between the last two vertebra and the second last two.

I’ve had some yucky investigative procedures

(Hence no posting due to felling like cr#p)

and it turns out I can have surgery to replace one disc

and fuse the other.

Prepare yourselves for boring posts explaining




I know, I know

you can hardly wait.

Cheers everyone



Getting so much Better, and then …………………….an incident.


This morning at 5 am

I was lying in bed contemplating my navel –

a sure sign I’m getting better.

I didn’t feel like I did when I took this photo

Early March - while I was still in Hospital.

So one of these faces suddenly popped up beside my bed

Looking up at me from the floor, envying the electric blacnket under my back.

I felt so recovered, I was able to bend over ,

scoop up the Red Dodgy Brother with one hand,

swing him up onto the bed

flip him on to his back,

and rest him against my bent knees.



a hot stinging, burning feeling

flashed across my chest.





A deep breath, don’t panic, and suddenly

trickle, trickle, down my chest.

The lesson?


Poorly bred chihuahuas raised in horrendously cruel puppy farms

rescued by the RSPCA

May have weak bladders

and should not be flipped onto their backs

by idiots who should not be performing circus manoeuvers while recovering from broken backs!


A great way to make yourself get up at 5am

and head straight for the shower is to

flip a Dodgy up onto your bed.


Who knew Chihuahua pee was


and in Breaking news,

Bronson is getting better from the Vestibular Disease, which affected his head position and his balance.


Pretty good balance and motor skills to be able to lick a tiny cream pot clean.

(I know he should not be eating cream

but at 16 he’s not going to shorten his lifespan with cholesterol problems.)

Bronny’s head is almost back to straight

and he appears to be really recovering.

And that photo up in the header bar

is me in Antarctica last year.

(Sorry if it’s pretentious to show off holiday snaps)

Naturally I made friends with the locals.

Cheers everyone,

best wishes to all,



A lesson in WordPress from JCU, and now everything is all different.

Edited to add: Well at least I have CHANGED the header photo.  Will take a lot more work than I thought to restore everything.

Bah humbug, I have to stick a storage device into my computer to find the original photo.  That is under the heading of “A BIT TRICKY FOR ME’.

This is not really a post, but I’ve learnt how to do a bit more in WordPress.

I am playing with my blog in school.  I am at James Cook University following instructions in a computer lab on WordPress and it’s affecting my blog.  We’ve learnt about themes and how to add pages and even photo galleries, and gasp – slideshows.

I’m sorry – but you may be inflicted with a few slideshows in the near future.

My heading and stuff has changed in line with the lesson, it’s going to take me ages to undo the stuff that is not mine, and fix it up.

I’m typing this while the teacher is not looking.

I’ve  just learnt how to do a hyperlink, and what  hyperlink is.  MMMM Need more lessons, it’s nearly finished and I have a million more questions.

Sorry this is such a NON post. So please excuse me, now I have to try and get my blog back to the way it was.

But tell me your news since this is so boring.