I’m bad, but I’m needy too…. please help.

So my bluddies.

The novelty of a broken elbow/arm wore off very quickly and I crawled into my misery hole and felt very sorry for myself.

Whew, wallowing in self pity gets very tedious.

Luckily a big pile of work, having to wade back in to the “Battle of Getting the House Fixed”, and my new Uni Subject have put the pressure on me to cheer up.

Please help me with my homework.

I have to find connections between the following:



My Subject is


Can you please be creative and give me some (weird and whacky most welcome) ideas on connections between all three?

I need

3 obvious connections

and 7 unexpected or imaginative ways the teeth, the hippo and the hammer are related.

And I’ll be blowed if I can even  find the obvious connections.

I thought doing a subject such as Art and Creativity would teach me to be creative

but NO

they expect me to just BE creative.





Lots of love


PS  I will do a LIFE with ME update post soon.

To date – I have not broken anything since the 13th August.

(Not even a cup).

PPS  Grandma Whacker – I cannot believe what your daughter did to you!

PPS My comments to everyone – are missing because WordPress is in another of it’s huffy moods and won’t let me comment.Sigh!


What to do on a Saturday morning?……. Here’s an idea.

Why was this kind and very concerned face staring intently at me at 8am on Saturday morning?



Maybe because I was lying like this?


I did it again.

Decided it was time to break something.





you are all correct

I did it by coming off this

at a bit of speed.

Saturday morning,

 at Kirra Beach Surf Club

I took a huge stack

right in front of a bunch of lifesavers about to be tested on their medical rescue skills

by Kaye the kind faced rescue assessor

who’s face is at the top of this post.

Kaye, and the 20 guys who watched my head (inside my helmet)

hit the concrete at 20k an hour,

held me down until this came.

despite my best efforts to

get up

and get out of there!

I spose it’s 6 months and 1 week since my last ride in an ambulance.

And it was a nice day to look out through the windows at the passing scenery.

Till I got to the John Flynn Hospital

where they XRayed my neck

which is so much more bendy than my spine

that it magnificently

did NOT break.

Neck – I’m proud of you.

According to the witnesses

(I think they have a touch of the dramatics)

without this

I’d have cracked my skull

well and truly OPEN.

I know there was a bloody loud bang when it hit the deck

there was even a pretty loud crunch inside my head when it landed.


I can’t really complain about


1 broken Elbow.

(There’s a Tshirt on me – despite the photo looking slightly nudish).

So now I’m

getting around like this

Those Okanuis are a bit too big I know

but very comfy and easy to pull on with one hand.


 I think the brand of my helmet

speaks for you all!


Sensible Arnie was in my bike basket,

wearing a harness and a very thick coat

he was fine

the basket did not hit the cement

and Arnie stayed put.




Grandma Whacker I’m sorry, I’ve been gallivanting too much ……………

Well a bit more Shameless Showing Off from me –

and as usual

I learn another lesson.

I am loving my new bike and

I’ve been riding and riding and riding up to an hour a day.

Naturally I have to try and go faster than Mr iT for the whole hour!

So it was not a good week to stop taking the painkillers I’ve been on post surgery.

Too much riding,

no painkillers

and a back that is perhaps not completely healed yet


Total meltdown.



Grandma Whacker

you are so right –

too much gallivanting is not good!




Siggi B comes on all my bike rides as well (count how many coats Siggi has to wear for our rides).

And this week he too has learnt a valuable lesson.

When you weigh 2 kilos

it doesn’t matter how much you resist sitting down in your bike basket

and how good your balance is,

the Human will win,

and you will end up sitting IN the basket.





And now

shock horror

Lou gets Arty.



Twice a day I walk the dodgy Brothers on the beach,

it’s part of my recovery therapy.

(Go figure walking is much harder [and more painful] for me than riding a bike).

And every walk I pick up shells on the beach here at Rainbow Bay.

So now

I’ve got this many shells

I just been picking them up with no real purpose in mind.

Then I thought I’d sort them.

Like this

I thought I might make something for the Beach Unit here.

Today I was pondering what colour would be effective as a background for grey?

So I got out some kiddie watercolours

and tried a few shades

I couldn’t work out what colour to use,

I didn’t have a good enough range of shades

so I started doing this.



Now I promise you that I have never, ever, ever, ever

painted anything in my life,

even with watercolours.

So for me –

this is pretty amazing



It’s not finished yet.



I think these metal discs in my back are affecting the artistic connections in my brain.

Earlier this week when I was having coffee

i took an “artistic” photo of a seagull on a street sign.


I thought it looked like a totem pole.



Am I getting a bit loopy?

lots of love



Trying to wrest the computer from a Chihuahua, and the Census.

Blogging has gone to Siggi’s head.

Every time I tried to use my laptop today

this is what I found.


it got worse

I couldn’t find my glasses

Siggi’s having dinner now,

it’s the only way I can sneak a turn on y laptop.

So today,

I had to do the census forms

and I had to read 16 insurance policies and compare

3 different insurance companies’s rates and fine details of their policies.

It took all day.

I may have been a bit distracted

I kept looking at this and daydreaming.

And I took lots of photos of the sunlight reflecting on the water.

Eventually I got all the paperwork done.

I’m really not a paperwork person.




From the Beach, by Siggi B.

Hello to My Mum’s Bluddies

(she said that Bluddies are her Blog Buddies).

Here is my report from the Beach.

 I am having a good time at the beach.

Especially last week when my Dad was not here.

Look at me at 6 o’clock in the morning

That’s Arnie’s nose not mine.

Look at me at 7 o’clock in the morning.


this is me at 8 o’clock in the morning

But now,

my Dad is back here

so this is me at 6 o’clock this morning


My Mum said can I show you these whales we saw the other day.

They were so close to our window,


It’s a bit hard to see the whale’s tail here, but I wanted you to know that they were really, really close to the shore.

End of my report.

Love from

Siggi B.


SO IT’S TIME FOR ME TO shamelessly show off.

One day after surgery

Here’s the story so far, but you already know it of course.

I’ll just do in in pictures hey?

Otherwise it will take ANOTHER week to get this posted.

Day three - finally standing up, the elbows a bit worn out from doing the work of lifting and shifting the body all day everyday. Dodgy Nurse Applied elbow protection - that would be my own work!

DAy 4 XRAY showing new metal parts -sorry it's in front of window, a bit dodgy of course, because it's me doing the photo. Honestly, a photo of an X-ray in front of window with blinds and trees behind them. I even surprise myself sometimes!

DAy 9   I leave hospital and the Beach is Inviting me.  Can I walk that far?

DAY 9 The Media heard I was about to hit the beach only nine days after surgery., so they were down there waiting for me.

Day 9 So naturally, I obliged and actually made it down to the beach - just. that was a 20 minute effort, I was pretty proud of myself. It was hurting, just so you know.

On Day 10 (wearing the same top shock horror)  – but walked up a hill ( a big one too).  I am starting to show off here, but  that face – I was obviously a bit pooped!

On Day 12, my Recovery Support Crew flew in from Townsville - ta da - THE DODGY BROTHERS

On Day 13 We all made it up the Hill for Coffee - and the Dodgy Brothers socialised with Big AL.

Even Arnie likes (timidly at first) Big AL too. Big AL is is 18 and a half. This is a miracle for a very large ex-working Cattle Dog. Big AL's Dad is Bob, a seriously cool dude. I'll fill you in on Bob in another post.

On Day 13 I took Janet's advice and tried out her Olive Oil treatment on my feet, thanks compression stockings for making them like sandpaper.

The Olive Oil Trick worked too!

But the Dodgy Brothers try to lick the oil off.

On Day 14 I could stand upright - very proud of myself.

On Day 15 Feeling the Pain - but going with it instead of fighting it. Painted my nails blue, but FF I am not!

On Day 14 I can sit on a rock - this is a big milestone, and at sunset too - the pain witching hour for me. Sitting is my nemesis, this will be take the longest part of the recovery, about 3months before I can sit for more than 5 minutes.




ON Day 19 See this? After I saw the Dr on Day 18 he prescribed this.

WELL ON Day 19. I geared up and rode it. for 30 minutes - very slowly







I am now rinding the bike every 2nd day here at the beach.

I think I’m a bit of a star of course!




I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming ….. I promise.

Sorry, I have not blogged to keep you up to date.

Big long update coming tomorrow.

Pictures too.

Feeling good at last, mending very well, starting to sleep, hurting is lessening, I AM 2cm taller, the Dodgy Brothers are here helping me recover (Bronny and Bee at 16.5 yrs are too old to fly down from Townsville to the Gold Coast these days).

Saw the surgeon on Friday afternoon and I AM HIS STAR PATIENT – and boy you will be hearing about that tomorrow. I am going to shamelessly brag about my recovery.
thanks for your patience,