Here comes the sun, the sky and the INTERNET!

Yesterday we sailed straight into a clear blue sky and saw – THE SUN!

And here it is, hot off the press.

By my calculation it was 19 days since we had last seen either the sun or a blue sky.

There was major cause for rejoicing let me tell you!

People/Person travelling with me suggested my temperament was evidence of a  SEVERE deficiency of sunshine.  (Blighty, take note of that little gem).  Something to do with a non-existant sense of humour, a total unwillingness to smile or talk to people on the boat, the ease with which I was irritated by all and sundry.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to blame all that on a lack of sunshine?


So, it turns out that Norway looks like this:



and this


Not just this:


and this:


And houses look like this:

and this

as well as this


In sunlight the trees are actually green, look at these babies

And these poor cousins without leaves or sunshine

Can you believe that even the boats in Norway look much better in Sunshine

Sad boat with sunshine deficiency syndrome.


You know, even shops like to show off in sunshine.

But  when you live right up North (where the sun don’t shine) you can gussy up the shops with pretty lights
We did see the Northern Lights
That’s a photo of a 3D postcard.
Here’s my genuine photo
I promise
a) they were there and we did see them
b) if you wiggle the computer around and look upside down you WILL see some green.
Stay tuned,
lots more posts coming.
And here’s a snippet of something wildly exciting.
Bronny and Bee have relatives in Northern Norway