So, the proof I am neither creative or artistic ….. AT ALL!


artistic types

may be offended by content below.

I promised the homework would go up on the blog, so here it is.
I am ever hopeful that gradually we might all see a little improvement over the next 12 weeks.

Fingers Crossed everyone.

So here’s the mind map – on the Hippo, the Hammer and the Teeth.

Well I did what the question asked

but it looks Dodgy to me.

It gets worse.

I did my own drawings,

and wrote up all the ideas.

Well, at least it’s sort of neat.

Now on to week two

the Buckets.

We had to think of 30 things to do with a bucket


here’s 30

Then choose 10 to actually do.

So I picked 10

and today I’ve been busy with buckets.

Remember Yasi the Rat my friend G gave me for the first hospital stint this year?

Well he helped me illustrate Creative Bucket Use Number One.

Use a bucket to cover up stinky, icky dead vermin, until someone else disposes of them.

Then Siggi B helped out with the second one

Use a bucket to catch (small but really) wild animals.

You may notice I caught a small but scary wild wombat.

How’s this, a Bucket Target for my tennis serve.


the car got to help out with number three.

And here’s me really SHAMELESS SHOWING OFF

Grandma Whacker are you reading this?

I decided to show that I have been paying attention in previous art subjects

and produced my own Marcel Duchampish


Google: Dadaism Marcel Duchamp, Fountain

PS – the blue mats on each step are for Bee (17 year old Bichon Frise who is blind and needs to feel her way up and down the stairs here).

Linda in Chile chatted to me about the Bucket List

and I came up with another take

A Bucket OF Lists.

4 more to do tomorrow.





Art &Creativity at Uni, Week 2 can I possibly be behind already?

A resounding YES!
Of course!
(Edited to add, there are typos in this post, but I can’t scroll down in the wordpress editing screen to fix them when I’m using the iPad. Sorry!!! Fluster, fluster. L)

This week I have to come up with 30 weird and wonderfully creative uses for a bucket.
Then I have to actually do 10 of them for real and photograph them and post them onto the Uni’s Digital Discussion Board, and into the Digital Drop Box.
Easy peasy.

If you guys come up with the things to do with the buckey, I’ll get busy learning how to access,post, do digital drops, and find this discussion board.

I Really, Really Really promise to put photos up on the weekend.
Especially the mind map of the Hippo, the teeth and the hammer.
You do not want to miss seeing that I am genuinely and appalling lacking in any artistic skill at all.

My bucket list so far includes
1. A Ned Kelly costume for a toddler.
2. A cover for dead vermin to both hide them and contain their odor – till someone else disposes of them.
3. A head cover which hides you from people who know at your local coffee shop, while still letting you see and read your newspaper in peace.
(This one I am definitely going to do and photograph at my coffee shop and post to the Assignment drop box? promise to show iton here too)

That’s all for now my wonderful and exceedingly patient .
This is another in bed with the iPad post.

Thanks for all e wonderful help with last week’s mind map,