Blighty and inTownsville do London

Here’s Blighty

She was so nice,

She picked me up in her own double decker bus.

(and I found out that she’s been keeping her huge family a secret from us).

After all the kids were dropped off at school,

Blighty had a quick wardrobe change.

She was afraid I had snakes in my handbag.

Eventually I convinced her that I was in fact, snake free for the day,

so she took off her hunting gear and Britished it up.

Georgie was channelling Mai Tai in Hermes

Then, Mrs B and inTownsville hotfooted it to Liberty,

the wonder shop that the Glamourous Faux Fuchsia and lots of her fellow bloggers have blogged about.


Mrs B and iT

didn’t get to see much in  Liberty.

At 10am we had a quick coffee in Liberty’s teashop,

when all of a sudden, the 1pm lunch crowd aggressively eyed off our table.

How do three hours just disappear like that?

We found Georgie

who had wandered off and found an Hermes Scarf made specially for Liberty

But even though it was genuine Hermes,

and was reduced from 65 pounds

to 16 pounds

Georgie had to accept that

ORANGE is not her colour.

Mrs B and iT took a tube ride to South Kensington for lunch and a bit of shopping.

Lunch (which was just a sandwich each) took another two hours,

a pattern was beginning to emerge.

Perhaps Mr B and Mr iT were both correct in avoiding the occasion with their dire predictions of gabfests and two women politely trying to interrupt each other’s endless stream of conversation?

B and iT thought they’d better do something productive for the day,

so on to the shopping.

We thought a bit of vintage shopping in London would be just the thing.

Blighty fell in love with this silver, sequinned singlet/babygrow concoction.

Just as Mrs B reached out to try this on, I noticed the previous owner was M. Jagger.


Icky Boy Germs,

so then Blighty thought she’d try the Military Look.

this was my favourite

Although Blighty wavered and wondered if Mr B would prefer this

a couple of  Clementines (mandarins to us Aussies)  in the bodice

would be just the thing.

MRs B convinced inTownsville to buy this

Just the thing for Townsville.

Suddenly it was 5pm,

a scary time to be catching the London Underground.

Down into the bowels of the earth we ventured,

us, and 374,000,000 other Londoners.

Catching a tube is serious business in rush hour,

but luckily Mrs B and iT managed to snag 3 little cubs (boy and girl scouts)

a magnificent trio of 8 year olds who wrangled us through the scary peak hour commute.

The highlights for me?

Blighty is the nicest sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

She’s tiny, never believe any of her posts about “sucking in” and all that rubbish.

Blighty is really pretty and has gorgeous straight hair, I’m so envious.

Pre Boys 1 and 2,

Blighty was an INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE LAWYER, and she’s really SMART.

Blighty speaks MANY languages.  I heard her speak, French, Geordie, 9 yr old boy, Grandma Whacker, The Delightful B (Mr B’s cousin), 3 year old London toddler, Turkish London neighbour, Outer London bedroom suburb supermarket check-out operator, Russian Bank Teller – all with ease and skill.

All the best everyone?