Jetlag, 6 days and counting, instead of planes

Even though it’s sunny here at home,

We are getting ourselves ready for two

tropical cyclones

Northern Hemispherians may call them Hurricanes).

We’re supposed to be stocking up but not panic buying.

So I’ve been thinking about ways to travel


are jetlag free


are in places

where there are guarranteed to be




Train rides through the snow on a VERY fast train

so fast – outside looks blurry!

St Petersburg to Helsinki

Then there’s the FLAM

the steepest train trip in the world.

it’s in Norway

and everything about it is spectacularly beautiful

even in the Wintery palette of black and white

and it has great tunnels too

And here’s the station in Voss in Norway

at 10am – dark isn’t it?

And this gorgeous Hotel

is at the station.


you just roll your bag

20 metres along the platform

to the front door,

check right in.

close up of the sign in front of Georgie

How friendly is that?

You can go by bus too

From Rovaneimi to Inari in Finland there’s no other way
so you just settle in and enjoy it.
and look out the window
at the (I promise this is true)
sunrise and sunset
at noon.
Because now you are further north than even SIBERIA.
You could go by truck
But I don’t recommend that way.
Car trips are great
because you see things up close when you stop
Kirkenes – Top of Norway
and way down in the almost tropical south of Norway
you can see these on the side of the road
Outside Voss.
But my favourite transportation
is still this
I loved it
Well, I’m off to hit the supermaket, the hardware store, the petrol station
and NOT panic buy.