Further to the constipation trade show dilemma and the PBS.

In response to the Post on  the Constipation Stand at the Pharmacy Trade Show,



Dear Mrs In Townsille, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about your scandalously inadequate coverage of Movicol, Australia’s Number 1 PBS Laxative, I feel you did not go into this area deeply enough. Moreover, there is no explanation for the uniniated of what PBS stands for – I can only guess at “Poo Buildup Syndrome” or “Plumbing Blockage Scenario” but it is not satisfactory that I am literally having to make sh*t up here… I would like to add that I enjoy a good Movicol as much as the next man/woman, I particularly enjoyed Mamma Mia but Sound of Music will always be my favourite. Must go run over some hedgehogs now, Cruella xxx






Hello all Lou’s blogworld friends.

Little (insert other adjectives here) James here.

I understand and take very seriously, my obligation to give you factual and relevant information about what PBS stands for.

I truly have a  genuine desire to use Blighty’s definition at work in the Pharmacy, Poo Build-Up Syndrome, but it’s just not the done thing here in Townsville.

To answer your  question as a professional pharmacist, I must make reference to the Bristol Stool Scale, and  pay homage to all those

(perhaps even some of these distinguished Bristol University Folk)

who selflessly gave a shit to the University of Bristol

(University of Bristol)

to help formulate the Stool Scale.  For those of you whom are musically minded, this scale is unlike musical scales


and does not incorporate, nor take in to consideration any order of audibal pitch that may arise during the toilet-going experience.




Please pay attention:

Does your number 2 look like a number 1, you need the number 1 PBS laxative, prevents Possible Broken Seals which may lead to Painful Bloody Stitches.
Or perhaps your number 2 looks like number two, then Movicol is still your number 1 Choice in avoiding Praying But Squeezing too much.
If your number 2s are like the number 3s, Movicol still has the answer –  no need to suffer from Personal Bum Sadness here.
Type 4 is the holy grail of poos. If you are producing type 4 then there’s obviously no Painful Butt Squirming going on at all.
If your number 2s resemble number 5s, uh oh, time to call the Poo Binding Squad you really need to take a firmer approach.
Number 6 number 2s can be cause for concern, for God’s sake don’t use Movicol as things are Pretty Bloody Sloppy as it is.
If, heaven forbid, your number 2s are number 7 all I can say is that you really need to look at Putting a Blockage Somewhere.

Hope that clears up the PBS system for you Blighty.

Some , very boring people within the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry, including Government Officials, and even pharmacists themselves refer to the PBS as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme:  The Australian scheme for subsiding the cost of medication to consumers of pharmaceuticals.

On this blog we prefer to dig deeper into these vexing quetions.

Regards to all of you, I read your comments regularly, and Lou talks about you all with great affection so I feel as if I know you already.

Must say I’m a bit disappointed as the slowness of my adjective though.

Kind Regards



Well I’m home, service in Hospital was better, but FREEEEEEDOM!

Hi all.

I am struggling with WordPress yet again.

and the Photo problems with Aperture.

BUT I do have lots of funny stuff to tell you, about getting home at last.


a national magazine is chasing Bronson the ‘wonderdog’s story, and wants to pay for it.

(Hmmmm, big donation to my new project of funding surgery for severely mistreated Dogs (oh and I suppose if needs be, some cats too).

So will attempt a decent post later today.

Unfortunately the wonder back is anything but … and is seriously misbehaving.

Drs insist  you take the dratted heavy hitter pills for the pain,

and get over imagining you’ll turn into a drug addict – not an issue when dealing with serious pain.

So, I get myself all geared up for the daily fight with WordPress, start a blog, answer some emails and comments, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Siggi Boyle has has tried writing the blog a few times, but none of you speak Chihuahua so I have not posted any of his efforts.

I have a heat pack on the bed, electric, great painkiller, and it’s become the true love of Siggi’s little life.

The laptop is sort of infront of the heat pad in my bed, I fall asleep and Sig manages to squeeze the heat pack out from under me, get himself on it, and finds his paws just fit on the keyboard.

Hence his new blogging career.

I will try to edit this today and add photos, so it might look a bit better tonight.


and love

to all



So, amazingly, I’m still looking at this …..

No-one who works in this hospital is reading my blog.

(Well, no way I’m telling them about it either)

I’m STILL looking at this!

This little gem is still staring at me.

But NOW,

it has a new friend to keep it company

My New Racing Car

I get to do laps round the ward with this.

In a nighty (Mr iT was not been doing my washing, so I’m scraping the barrel for PJ’s today)


compression anti dvt stockings

naturally opaque white,

and striped socks.

Don’t think I’ll be posting photos of that get up.


think I’ll continue with Linda in Chile’s great road trip.

Think she’s just got another 43 hours in the car with Mr LiC and the girls till she gets to the good stuff.

Linda – here’s some more of Patagoniia.

Linda - this is a Patagonian Flower

Your mission is to name this flower.

This is an EXTREMELY rare Patagonian bird.

Mr Linda in Chile, your mission is to both name this bird and take a photo of another one so I know that they are not yet extinct.

A task for the girls

Gorgeous Girls Linda in Chile

1(a)What is this animal?

1(b) Is it aggressive

Clue – I did not use a zoom lens for this photo.

All the bins in Puerto Natale look like this - sort of.

Family Linda in Chile

send more bin photos.

El Calafate Sunset, gorgeous or what?

This is just for everyone to admire.

Patagonia is just wonderful.




PS  I have had two days of the horrors.

Writing the blog really cheers me up, so thank you for reading.


Well, bragging about no broken bones ……… I got my comeuppance.



Back Louise has really, really, really


One of those damn irritating Lumbar thingamies

did not hold up during the GRAND DESCENT.

And something is broken in there.

My friend G

the Vet Fantastic


I have to have CAGE REST for 6 weeks.


I am not allowed to do this

Shopping at Max Mara Helsinki

No jumping up on strangers.


Running in Lapland

No pulling sleds.

Posing for family photos, Rovaniemi, Lapland 1926

No sitting on stumps looking cute.

Walking in the park St Petersburg

I must not walk without assistance


Dog meets horse St Petersburg,

I’m not allowed to bark at horses.

Dressing up to go out for ice-cream, Northern Norway

I’m not allowed to do tricks for ice-cream.

Guarding the Shop in Venice

No barking at people in shops.

Shopping in Venice

In fact no shopping with the girls at all.

I’ll keep you posted on what the human Dr says.



Jetlag, 6 days and counting, instead of planes

Even though it’s sunny here at home,

We are getting ourselves ready for two

tropical cyclones

Northern Hemispherians may call them Hurricanes).

We’re supposed to be stocking up but not panic buying.

So I’ve been thinking about ways to travel


are jetlag free


are in places

where there are guarranteed to be




Train rides through the snow on a VERY fast train

so fast – outside looks blurry!

St Petersburg to Helsinki

Then there’s the FLAM

the steepest train trip in the world.

it’s in Norway

and everything about it is spectacularly beautiful

even in the Wintery palette of black and white

and it has great tunnels too

And here’s the station in Voss in Norway

at 10am – dark isn’t it?

And this gorgeous Hotel

is at the station.


you just roll your bag

20 metres along the platform

to the front door,

check right in.

close up of the sign in front of Georgie

How friendly is that?

You can go by bus too

From Rovaneimi to Inari in Finland there’s no other way
so you just settle in and enjoy it.
and look out the window
at the (I promise this is true)
sunrise and sunset
at noon.
Because now you are further north than even SIBERIA.
You could go by truck
But I don’t recommend that way.
Car trips are great
because you see things up close when you stop
Kirkenes – Top of Norway
and way down in the almost tropical south of Norway
you can see these on the side of the road
Outside Voss.
But my favourite transportation
is still this
I loved it
Well, I’m off to hit the supermaket, the hardware store, the petrol station
and NOT panic buy.

Blighty and inTownsville do London

Here’s Blighty

She was so nice,

She picked me up in her own double decker bus.

(and I found out that she’s been keeping her huge family a secret from us).

After all the kids were dropped off at school,

Blighty had a quick wardrobe change.

She was afraid I had snakes in my handbag.

Eventually I convinced her that I was in fact, snake free for the day,

so she took off her hunting gear and Britished it up.

Georgie was channelling Mai Tai in Hermes

Then, Mrs B and inTownsville hotfooted it to Liberty,

the wonder shop that the Glamourous Faux Fuchsia and lots of her fellow bloggers have blogged about.


Mrs B and iT

didn’t get to see much in  Liberty.

At 10am we had a quick coffee in Liberty’s teashop,

when all of a sudden, the 1pm lunch crowd aggressively eyed off our table.

How do three hours just disappear like that?

We found Georgie

who had wandered off and found an Hermes Scarf made specially for Liberty

But even though it was genuine Hermes,

and was reduced from 65 pounds

to 16 pounds

Georgie had to accept that

ORANGE is not her colour.

Mrs B and iT took a tube ride to South Kensington for lunch and a bit of shopping.

Lunch (which was just a sandwich each) took another two hours,

a pattern was beginning to emerge.

Perhaps Mr B and Mr iT were both correct in avoiding the occasion with their dire predictions of gabfests and two women politely trying to interrupt each other’s endless stream of conversation?

B and iT thought they’d better do something productive for the day,

so on to the shopping.

We thought a bit of vintage shopping in London would be just the thing.

Blighty fell in love with this silver, sequinned singlet/babygrow concoction.

Just as Mrs B reached out to try this on, I noticed the previous owner was M. Jagger.


Icky Boy Germs,

so then Blighty thought she’d try the Military Look.

this was my favourite

Although Blighty wavered and wondered if Mr B would prefer this

a couple of  Clementines (mandarins to us Aussies)  in the bodice

would be just the thing.

MRs B convinced inTownsville to buy this

Just the thing for Townsville.

Suddenly it was 5pm,

a scary time to be catching the London Underground.

Down into the bowels of the earth we ventured,

us, and 374,000,000 other Londoners.

Catching a tube is serious business in rush hour,

but luckily Mrs B and iT managed to snag 3 little cubs (boy and girl scouts)

a magnificent trio of 8 year olds who wrangled us through the scary peak hour commute.

The highlights for me?

Blighty is the nicest sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

She’s tiny, never believe any of her posts about “sucking in” and all that rubbish.

Blighty is really pretty and has gorgeous straight hair, I’m so envious.

Pre Boys 1 and 2,

Blighty was an INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE LAWYER, and she’s really SMART.

Blighty speaks MANY languages.  I heard her speak, French, Geordie, 9 yr old boy, Grandma Whacker, The Delightful B (Mr B’s cousin), 3 year old London toddler, Turkish London neighbour, Outer London bedroom suburb supermarket check-out operator, Russian Bank Teller – all with ease and skill.

All the best everyone?




Everything and more about the Qantas A380.

I’ve had computer problems everyone, sorry about the delay in posting.  Hope I’ve solved it.  Here’s the flight to St Petersburg.

Sorry it’s a long post and probably full of typos, it’s after midnight, I’ve battled with the Apple and Internet demons and am V. Sleepy.

To everyone who wanted lots of photos of the A380, here they are, to everyone else, sorry to be a bore.



Checked in at Sydney Airport

As she had a passport, Georgie got the red carpet check in treatment.

Found this garden on the way to the lounge, Georgie forgot she was a passenger and acted like a bird!

Another Check in counter upstairs - Ooooh this is flash!

Checking in again, and yes you guessed it - people wanting a photo op with Georgie.

The team at Qantas First in Sydney were wonderful, they looked after me as well as Georgie.  Thanks Susanne, Roger and especially Michael.

What? Georgie? Another check-in counter?

Ahhhhh, this explains it.

? In bed Georgie?

Nope, not exactly, just resting before the flight. Facial and massage here I come.

Aaaahhhh, the tranquillity. (Non-Australians should Google "The Castle".

Our A380

Georgie looked hard at each engine, all ok.

I must say, I had a good look for any singe marks too.

It was ok to board.

Boarding A380 - look stairs.

Cool seats on A380s

Georgie carefully watched the safety demonstration.

And the take off.

She had a drink.

Had a sticky beak in the galley

And a cuppa.

Went to bed

And slept like a baby

Got off in Singers, and then back on, thought she’d check out the Cock Pit, but chickened out!
Took off again, too tired to watch it on tv again.

Freshened up in the Loo.

Checked out the lift in the galley. Plenty big enough.

Organised a few things in the Flight Manager's Office

Found another staircase, a curvy one.

Look a snack bar.

That filled in an hour and a half.  Only 11 hours to go.  Sleeping and reading was done. Maybe some talking to the flight crew and anyone else I  find awake during the night.  Well of course  I talked, and talked and talked – I’m me!

10 hours later, brekkie.

Nearly there, time to start looking out for Blighty’s house.

Blighty, I'm looking for you, flash your front verandah light.

Can't see you in the London fog Blighty.

Can I see your house from Terminal 5 Blighty?


Horses. Horses? In an airport?

Another bloody plane.

Where's my TV and Pyjamas, and drink, and peanuts?

Bye Blighty, I looked everywhere for you.

Hello St Petersburg, you look cold!