Trying to be good and start posting.
I’m good, doing yoga now, wrecked house nearly finished all its repairs, furniture ordered and being delivered soon, lost a dog and found her, not moving back home – it’s going on the market in 3 weeks (praise the lord), photos will be posted.
How is everyone?


8 thoughts on “WELL HERE WE GO AGAIN

  1. Hello stranger glad to hear you are well & doing Yoga, I love Yoga never seem to get to go any more these days the times with my job 😦 All the best with the sale of the house 🙂

    • Hello Lainey, Wow that was seriously fast reply!!!! I’m dipping my toes back into blogging again and look forward to catching up with everybody’s news. YOGA is amazing, I’ve been doing physio and Clinical Pilates since the surgery in August then went back to yoga a month ago and I am amazed at how much better I feel now. The yoga is great for strength, flexibility and peace of mind – and I’m not a very Zen person so I need that peace of mind. Lovely to hear from you. Lou xx

  2. Hello Stranger!
    Good to see you back! I am off to yoga (in Spanish – wonder whether I will have a club what is going on?) tonight for the first time here. I am glad to hear the house is almost finished. Are you going to be hunting for a new one or is it the dodgy house for a while? How is uni going? Love Lindaxxx

      • Tee Hee. I worked that out Linda. I don’t think I’d handle yoga in Spanish. How do they tell you to pull your head in, your bum in, your tummy in, your shoulders down, your feet down, your ribs down, your eyes down, your chin down, your knees up, your wee wee muscles up, your flutes up, your crown up? All at the same time.

        Let me know how Spanish yoga goes – I suspect your Spanish is better than you are letting in.

  3. Hey Lou,
    I rediscoverd yoga too and I love it too bits.
    Hope the dodgy brothers and other canines are ok and so are you!xx
    Kate Bx

    • Hello Saint Kate. I’m so good I’m dangerous!
      Yoga is great – gets the rough edges off every evening, which is handy!
      Bronson passed away New Years Day, he was nearly 17. His sister (Princess)
      Bee is going great guns though, 17 now, blind as a bat, and bossy as ever.
      Dodgy Brothers fit and happy.
      We inherited Elisabeth’s old Golden Retriever Puff 6 months ago. That’s a challenge and a half. He’s 12 next week, stubborn, kind, loyal, rolls in stinky stuff, watches over the Dodgies and Bee like the FBI and CIA combined, eats a lot and does huge poops! I’m used to dogs 5kg and 2.8kg. Puff is 40 kg.

  4. Louise!

    I hope you are reading this – I would love to see your blog coming back to life.
    Does the yoga help your back or did you start with the Yoga after you cured your back?

    In Vienna things are going really well. I will get back to blogging in September.


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