Things I don’t really LOVE about the Dodgy Rental House

There are lots of not quite right, Better Homes and Gardens’ Projects here.

Weeds thrive overnight.

The two huge and heavily laden Coconut trees we all had to walk under.

But there’s always a blue sky waiting for me

and I found it once the coconuts were removed.




13 thoughts on “Things I don’t really LOVE about the Dodgy Rental House

    • Yes and when they started dropping on us, Lou was mighty scared.

      I did not think a coconut would do much good for a Dodgy Brother, or Bee the remaining 17 year old Bichon Frise.
      No doggy peeing was allowed in the back yard unsupervised while cocomissiles were loaded and ready to fire.

  1. Hi Lou, Hows everything going? I see you are renting then? gosh all change since the last time we caught up, hope your back all came good in the end, are you still doing the on line course?
    Well what ever you are up to i hope all is good, apart from that shocking garden thought hee.
    Have a good week Lainey x

    • HI Lainey,

      Yes, they are finally fixing our house after all the cyclone damage a year ago, that’s why we are in the DRH. With 4 dogs and 4 birds to be housed, you don’t get the poshest rental house in town LOL.
      Garden is a doozey, I look forward to posting more parts of it for your amusement.

      I’ll post photos of home too – already a brand new roof is on, and lots of new ceilings and walls. Next step an entire new kitchen.


  2. Oh Jealous…Not.
    The dodgy rental needs some TLC by the looks of it. Still it will be worth the difficulties Lou if it means getting your real home in order.
    Has darling Bronson gone to heaven. Tessa was 12 yesterday, how time flies.
    It’s great to see you back in blogworld.

  3. HI Lou, I haven’t popped by for ages. I see you have been busy falling off your bike and moving into dodgy rentals.
    I look forward to seeing some real life BH&G type before and afters. DEb

  4. Dear Louise,
    what a place to live where Coconuts get removed.
    It is obviously a seriously dangerous place to live, I heard the news …
    Is your rented house intact? I hope there were no casualties among friends and family.
    (I don’t have your email at hand, I will go and search for it, in case you don’t read the blog these days)

  5. Dear Louise, This is the thing about DIY – sometimes it simply doesn’t look right does it? What a difference the tree man made! How much more time in dodgy house now? love Lindaxxx

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