Here’s a reason to be grateful for the Dodgy Rental House.


6 thoughts on “TOWNSVILLE TODAY

  1. Louise!!!!!…..I am so so pleased to see you back blogging, have really missed you and will admit I was a little worried about you. Hope all is well in NQ, sounds like there could be some repair works happening at your Yassi damaged house (hence the Dodgy Rental House).
    Welcome back girl.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you for the encouragement, all’s good here, I might have ended up a little overwhelmed towards the end of the year. Blog, friends, and anything that was not the bare necessities got ignored.
      I’m great now, and for the first time in a year I feel like me again.
      Will gradually update the blog with news on the House, Bronson the Bichon, Felix the Alexandrine, Puff the new addition, The Dodgy Rental House, Summer in Townsville, work, the magic that is Clinical Pilates, my Metal bits, blah, blah, blah – hope it’s not too boring.

  2. OMG is it really you Lou???
    Not an alias that has hacked into this blog!
    Goodness I had given up on you ever blogging again. Although I had sensed life was crazy ridiculous for you so let you off the hook.
    Can’t wait to catch up on life INTOWNSVILLE.
    Annie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Dear Louise, What a restful and beautiful image! Are the flowers from the dodgy house garden? Glad that you are back. love Lindaxxx

    • Hello Linda,
      Yes, the flowers are from DRH.
      Good to be back, it’s only because a very dear friend nagged gently about returning to blogging without any of the blog baggage that accumulates.

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