So, the proof I am neither creative or artistic ….. AT ALL!


artistic types

may be offended by content below.

I promised the homework would go up on the blog, so here it is.
I am ever hopeful that gradually we might all see a little improvement over the next 12 weeks.

Fingers Crossed everyone.

So here’s the mind map – on the Hippo, the Hammer and the Teeth.

Well I did what the question asked

but it looks Dodgy to me.

It gets worse.

I did my own drawings,

and wrote up all the ideas.

Well, at least it’s sort of neat.

Now on to week two

the Buckets.

We had to think of 30 things to do with a bucket


here’s 30

Then choose 10 to actually do.

So I picked 10

and today I’ve been busy with buckets.

Remember Yasi the Rat my friend G gave me for the first hospital stint this year?

Well he helped me illustrate Creative Bucket Use Number One.

Use a bucket to cover up stinky, icky dead vermin, until someone else disposes of them.

Then Siggi B helped out with the second one

Use a bucket to catch (small but really) wild animals.

You may notice I caught a small but scary wild wombat.

How’s this, a Bucket Target for my tennis serve.


the car got to help out with number three.

And here’s me really SHAMELESS SHOWING OFF

Grandma Whacker are you reading this?

I decided to show that I have been paying attention in previous art subjects

and produced my own Marcel Duchampish


Google: Dadaism Marcel Duchamp, Fountain

PS – the blue mats on each step are for Bee (17 year old Bichon Frise who is blind and needs to feel her way up and down the stairs here).

Linda in Chile chatted to me about the Bucket List

and I came up with another take

A Bucket OF Lists.

4 more to do tomorrow.





17 thoughts on “So, the proof I am neither creative or artistic ….. AT ALL!

  1. I LOve LOVe Love Marcel de Chump and the bucket on the pedestal, brilliant! You have very nice handwriting. Do you know, it seems everyone except me has been to Townsville – 2 mothers I know, went in their younger days as part of world tour, and also a friend I saw last weekend…and now it has an exciting new artistic talent …it’s definitely on the map! xx

    • So, Where the bloody hell are you?
      Blights, get thee to Townsville quickly, it’s an undiscovered world of Art and Kulture.
      I’m actually off to see one of Will’s plays under the stars next week – so I’ll blog it for Will.
      Tee Hee – glad you got the Dada bucket – I was worried it was a bit obscure, held back from turning it into a Urinal first then a work of art – since grandma W reads these pages.

    • Janet, I hate to say it (and it’s why I’ve been slow to blog and and comment on yours)- but all those lists are a REAL lists I am dealing with everyday. I just printed them up nice and big for the photo. Mine are in my diary.

      I was just thinking this morning – that the amount of pressure we put on ourselves, particularly during menopause MUST have some sort of an effect on our mental health.

      Maybe we just need to stop giving Lists so much power over our lives and our moods.

  2. Hello Lou, now I see why the elbow is not healing!! You are a super woman …a post-op healing back, broken elbow, unfinished house repairs, running a business and mother to four doggies!

    Pity you are not down here because I could fill that chuck bucket…teensy dose of food poisoning or gastro? take ya pick. Sorry thats gross but I’m feeling rather gross atm lol.

    Hope all inTownsville are fighting fit 🙂

    • Hi Annie, wait till you see today’s bucket photos, I can feel the lecture coming on.
      All inTownsville are a bit under the weather
      Mr iT, overdoing gym and moaning and groaning,
      Bronny has arthritis and a bit down in the dumps,
      Bee is pretty good,
      The Dodgy Brothers have been in BIG trubble from MriT – I believe Siggi B has lines to write, “I must not run unto BIG strange dogs and bark hysterically, then not come when called.”. 100 times I believe. First he has to learn to write.
      Arnie, is in trouble because he was Siggi’s comrade in Chihuahua vs Any Big Dog on the Off Leash Beach terror attack campaign.
      Sorry to hear you are not on op of the world.

    • Funny about on line uni, the work is ok, but learning how to post everything online is a nightmare. It took all day just to put an assignment into an online file that can be digitally submitted
      O oh, what have I let myself in for?

  3. Hee Lou I have been giggling so sorry not been giving any imput had Robs Mum & dad from UK staying with us still here for another 3 half weeks so not getting chance to escape to the computer just snuck off quickly tonight so I could come by & say hi, looking forward to seeing the next one keep at it Lainey x

    • Hi lou well your just as bad as me I haven’t been around for ages with the in laws staying I just kept so busy with them & we had so much fun it was a good visit then eisteddfords started now its back to a bit of normality so thought I would just come by & say hi hope the back is healing Lainey x

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