Art &Creativity at Uni, Week 2 can I possibly be behind already?

A resounding YES!
Of course!
(Edited to add, there are typos in this post, but I can’t scroll down in the wordpress editing screen to fix them when I’m using the iPad. Sorry!!! Fluster, fluster. L)

This week I have to come up with 30 weird and wonderfully creative uses for a bucket.
Then I have to actually do 10 of them for real and photograph them and post them onto the Uni’s Digital Discussion Board, and into the Digital Drop Box.
Easy peasy.

If you guys come up with the things to do with the buckey, I’ll get busy learning how to access,post, do digital drops, and find this discussion board.

I Really, Really Really promise to put photos up on the weekend.
Especially the mind map of the Hippo, the teeth and the hammer.
You do not want to miss seeing that I am genuinely and appalling lacking in any artistic skill at all.

My bucket list so far includes
1. A Ned Kelly costume for a toddler.
2. A cover for dead vermin to both hide them and contain their odor – till someone else disposes of them.
3. A head cover which hides you from people who know at your local coffee shop, while still letting you see and read your newspaper in peace.
(This one I am definitely going to do and photograph at my coffee shop and post to the Assignment drop box? promise to show iton here too)

That’s all for now my wonderful and exceedingly patient .
This is another in bed with the iPad post.

Thanks for all e wonderful help with last week’s mind map,


7 thoughts on “Art &Creativity at Uni, Week 2 can I possibly be behind already?

  1. Louise, how convinient, a new posting!

    I just wanted to ask you if everything is fine when I stumbled over your new posting.

    the bucket ….

    …. plant a tomato in the bucket

    …. collect horse-chestnuts (they are dropping from the trees right now in Vienna) and who has a bucket full of horse-chestnuts first, wins

    …. turn it upside down, step on it and finally slap the mosquito above the door that kept you from sleeping

    ….. put it outside and measure how much it rains in one week

    more to come!

    These days I love watching the guys at the construction site vis a vis but I must not distract them, I fear they might drop dead when I distract them and they set one false step on their tiny planks, 20m above the ground. Would not want to see this happen!

    • Hi Paula, thank you for wondering where I was. I’m here, I was just terribly busy and crochety (Australian sang for grrrrrumpy).
      gosh you are so good at coming up with ideas. I’m stealing some of yours for sure.
      Can’t illustrate the chestnut one though, no chestnuts here. We’ve got bananas though.
      I actually came up with something along those lines though. I had a bucket at the dentist’s surgery, and the dentist puts all the extracted teeth in it. Every patient gets to guess how many teeth are in it. How gruesome is that?
      Don’t your workmen/builders have scaffolding? They have lots of workplace health and safety provisions on worksites here.

  2. How lovely to see a post Lou, I was about to send out the search party! You know how I like progress notes on the back/elbow/dodgies. Thanks for emailing with that info and yes I am in techno heaven…loving my iphone sick (as Faux Fuchsia would say). Yesterday I bought a chic red fake snakeskin cover so can now prance around like a celebrity.

    I hate to admit my first bucket idea but here goes. A chuck bucket. Seriously it was my first thought, probably harks back to holding the bucket for a sick kiddo. Maybe a little difficult for you to create and photograph and actually not all that creative lol.
    I’m hopeless with ideas unless I can ponder for awhile and digest the request.

    How is the weather in Townsville, getting warm? Hang on I can look it up on you know what haha.
    Love to Chris and the dodgies. Siggi B is being a bit naughty I hear!
    Annie xxx

    • Hi Annie. Hope everyone is checking out your blog, it is teaching us all how to be ladylike.
      I like chuck bucket, I can work that onto a boat, that’s where I’ve seen the most chucking!
      Yes, Siggi B has been exrta naughty for Mr iT, tee hee! He always says I don’t discipline Siggi enough. Ha ha, I beg to differ, Siggi has never embarrassed me in public.
      Aha! Another use for a bucket, you can put one in your head when walking your extremely disobedient chihuahua, so you aren’t embarrassed. Or you can put a very disobedient chihuahua in a bucket if he’s embarrassing you in public.

      • Oops left out the weather. I wear a (Tvl one I.e. Cotton) jumper mornings, afternoon and night. I’m still cold up here. It must be about 22, that’s cold for me.

  3. Dear Louise, I am looking forward to the hippo/teeth/hammer piccies. I suddenly recalled that wonderful character from SeaChange, that ABC series of the late 90s (I think). His name was Bucket and while he was often mentioned, we only got a single glimpse of him from a distance. If I recall he was short of limbs as opposed to short of limb. love Lindaxxx

    • Hi Linda, My Goodness your memory is AMAZING. I don’t remember the Bucket character from SEa Change at all. Unless he was from the early series that had Diver Dan. I didn’t see any of those episodes, I watched it from the time William McInnes (Max Connor was his character I think) joined the cast.
      I loved that show, and Mr iT’s cousin has owned a house at Barwon Heads overlooking THAT BRIDGE for forever – so I always felt quite close to the show – despite being so far oop North (as Blighty would say).

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