I’m bad, but I’m needy too…. please help.

So my bluddies.

The novelty of a broken elbow/arm wore off very quickly and I crawled into my misery hole and felt very sorry for myself.

Whew, wallowing in self pity gets very tedious.

Luckily a big pile of work, having to wade back in to the “Battle of Getting the House Fixed”, and my new Uni Subject have put the pressure on me to cheer up.

Please help me with my homework.

I have to find connections between the following:



My Subject is


Can you please be creative and give me some (weird and whacky most welcome) ideas on connections between all three?

I need

3 obvious connections

and 7 unexpected or imaginative ways the teeth, the hippo and the hammer are related.

And I’ll be blowed if I can even  find the obvious connections.

I thought doing a subject such as Art and Creativity would teach me to be creative

but NO

they expect me to just BE creative.





Lots of love


PS  I will do a LIFE with ME update post soon.

To date – I have not broken anything since the 13th August.

(Not even a cup).

PPS  Grandma Whacker – I cannot believe what your daughter did to you!

PPS My comments to everyone – are missing because WordPress is in another of it’s huffy moods and won’t let me comment.Sigh!


19 thoughts on “I’m bad, but I’m needy too…. please help.

  1. Hi Lou, nice to see you back.
    I’ll have to give these pictures some thought and if I come up with any ideas worth mentioning will be in touch. At the moment though I’m drawing a blank!

  2. Dear Louise

    The teeth have morphed into a poster regarding web thingies. The obvious connection is death: teeth being a glimpse of the skull, hippos being a killer of men and the hammer a murder weapon. With those thoughts then these items can be seen as items of fear. Death and fear are always good subjects for art. Then think about the joy with which baby teeth are anticipated, the joy of seeing hippos in the wild and the pleasure of creating or repairing something with the hammer. I Will think think some more… Lindaxxx

    • Dear LInda, Wow, those are two fabulous choices for me to go with.
      I think the Death Scenario would really impress the Tutor, coming from an old duck like me, thank you so much for putting your creative hat on and coming up with those fabulous choices.

    • Blights,
      I picked the Hippo, teeth and hammer. I had to choose a body part, a tool and an animal. I thought I’d better pick something really hard so that I would HAVE to be creative. It sort of backfired on me though, because I can’t be creative.

  3. Can’t resist another go – if you want to advertise your dental practice on the internet, get a good web designer but avoid pictures of hippos, at least ones where you can’t see their teeth and above all do not use a hammer as your business logo, gives quite the wrong impression..can I go now?

    • LOVE IT! I would never have thought of an ad for a Dentist. Did you know that George Washington’s false teeth were made of Hippopotamus Ivory? No, neither did I. apparently it’s much better than Elephant Ivory because it does not go yellow.

  4. Dear Louise
    Don’t you think that hippo has a rather knowing look in it’s eye? Its come hither look belies the fact that it will as soon kill you as look at you – it is perhaps the Black Dahlia of the animal world. I do love Mrs B’s mad dentist idea. Then it also occurred to me that the back of the hammer also ressembles a set of front teeth – so perhaps the three images are all about teeth. Lindaxxx

  5. Louise, it is there: the answer. It’s all about tools – our teeth are a tool and the hippo has teeth, too. It won’t open it’s mouth so you need to guess from the environment if the hippo what its teeth might be like and if they are suitable for chewing vegetables or meat? Sometimes we forget about the tool-aspect, when it comes to bleaching the teeth, white teeth as a symbol for youth, showing your teeth as a ways to intimidate others, showing aggresion … but in the end they remain a tool, not as obvious as the most obvious tools of all, the one that gets named most likely when asked to name a tool: the hammer. The hammer symbolises more than just a mere tool. Paul Watzlawick told the story of a man who intended to borrow a hammer from his neighbour next door. If only his thinking had not come in his way. It for sure is not accidentaly that Watzlawick chose the hammer for the story and not a screwdriver.

    Conclusio: All photos portrait an aspect about you:
    teeth: you are aggressive, hiding the aggression in a smile
    hippo: try not to show it – just like the hippo
    hammer: and in the end would love to ring at your teacher’s doorbell like the man in Watzlawicks story with the hammer and tell him “Keep your lesson to yourself, I don’t need it”.

    ok, this came a loooooong way.
    Maybe I should have turned the Tool-Time route and search for a more friendly interpretation. >:-)
    PS: yesterday I was sure the first picture was the poster, advertising for thousands of images. 🙂

    • HI PAULA.
      Gosh you are such deep thinker (that’s a compliment in english n case you aren’t sure, tee hee). I’m always amazed at how well you articulate complicated concepts in English knowing you are not a native speaker, and to do it in writing is very clever.
      I will take on board all those ideas, and put the mind map I have to construct up on the blog for you to see.
      PS How’s your weather now? It’s the first day of spring here in Australia. so Siggi Boyle is ditching his pyjamas and going naked!

  6. Lou my daughter studied Art for five years at school and her workload was huge (good thing she loved the subject). A teacher once remarked some students take Art thinking it’s easy peasy and get a rude shock. Sorry probably not what you need to hear right now lol.
    I think too literally to even come up with an idea but Linda and Blights are powering along with suggestions.
    Are you taking care of yourself? Has Elisabeth untied you yet?
    ps. ta for thinking I’m ladylike 🙂

      • Hi Annie, I did my first Art Subject at James Cook University a few years ago, and I certainly picked it thinking it was easy peasy, with a tiny workload compared to Archaeology (my Major). And yes, I got a very rude shock re: the workload. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on a subject. So I’m heading in to this one with my eyes open and the stress levels already on high alert.
        Yes, isn’t Paula’s mind amazing, and she’s writing in a foreign language as well!


  7. Hmmm, they may be beautiful teeth but if possessed by a hippo they could crush you like a hammer? That’s it. I hate these kind of exercises. I’ve been known to drop out of subjects over these very exercises. I got half way through an MBA and then as soon as a ‘groupwork’ subject came up, I was over it. Good luck Lou! A-M xx PS so glad you are feeling better, you poor chook.

    • Hi A-M,
      Yes, the Bloody Group Work at Uni is always a killer isn’t it?
      I’m obsessive and cannot stand people who don’t work hard and contribute, I get incredibly angry about group exercises.

      You know, I could copycat you and rename my blog – THE SUBJECT THAT L-B DID (tee hee – not serious).
      Getting better every day, and thanks for thinking of me,

  8. HI Everyone, I just Googled Paula’s Story about the hammer by Paul Watzlawick.
    It’s fabulous, so indicative of how we think other people think of us and act on this misconception.
    Here it is.
    This story is from one of Paul Watzlawick’s books:

    the story of the hammer
    a man wants to hang a painting. he has the nail, but not the hammer. therefore it occurs to him to go over to the neighbor and ask him to lend him his hammer.
    but at this point, doubt sets in. what if he doesn’t want to lend me the hammer? yesterday he barely spoke to me. maybe he was in a hurry. or, perhaps, he holds something against me. but why? i didn’t do anything to him.
    if he would ask me to lend him something, i would, at once. how can he refuse to lend me his hammer? people like him make other people’s life miserable. worst, he thinks that i need him because he has a hammer. this has got to stop!
    and suddenly the guy runs to the neighbor’s door, rings, and before letting him say anything, he screams: “you can keep your hammer, you bastard!”
    from the situation is hopeless, but not serious (the pursuit of unhappiness), by Paul Watzlawick.

    I got the story from here:


  9. Oh Lordy – well, we’ve got teeth that rip and grind. The hippo’s teeth are only for grinding? And hammers have got a bit for ripping and a bit for grinding (hammering?) I’m useless at this sort of thing. Have very much enjoyed reading the others’ comments though!

    Hope you’re keeping better health!


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