What to do on a Saturday morning?……. Here’s an idea.

Why was this kind and very concerned face staring intently at me at 8am on Saturday morning?



Maybe because I was lying like this?


I did it again.

Decided it was time to break something.





you are all correct

I did it by coming off this

at a bit of speed.

Saturday morning,

 at Kirra Beach Surf Club

I took a huge stack

right in front of a bunch of lifesavers about to be tested on their medical rescue skills

by Kaye the kind faced rescue assessor

who’s face is at the top of this post.

Kaye, and the 20 guys who watched my head (inside my helmet)

hit the concrete at 20k an hour,

held me down until this came.

despite my best efforts to

get up

and get out of there!

I spose it’s 6 months and 1 week since my last ride in an ambulance.

And it was a nice day to look out through the windows at the passing scenery.

Till I got to the John Flynn Hospital

where they XRayed my neck

which is so much more bendy than my spine

that it magnificently

did NOT break.

Neck – I’m proud of you.

According to the witnesses

(I think they have a touch of the dramatics)

without this

I’d have cracked my skull

well and truly OPEN.

I know there was a bloody loud bang when it hit the deck

there was even a pretty loud crunch inside my head when it landed.


I can’t really complain about


1 broken Elbow.

(There’s a Tshirt on me – despite the photo looking slightly nudish).

So now I’m

getting around like this

Those Okanuis are a bit too big I know

but very comfy and easy to pull on with one hand.


 I think the brand of my helmet

speaks for you all!


Sensible Arnie was in my bike basket,

wearing a harness and a very thick coat

he was fine

the basket did not hit the cement

and Arnie stayed put.





28 thoughts on “What to do on a Saturday morning?……. Here’s an idea.

  1. Oh Bloody hell Lou!!! I feel sick is Mr iT going to have to wrap you up in cotton wool, the helmet is so appropriate at the moment hee you silly billy!!! I bet the life guards were glad of some real drama to practice on hee hee now please no more I don’t think my heart can take it big hugs Lainey x

    • Yep Lainey, I thought the Helmet brand would appeal to you!
      I’ve just been over at your blog being gobsmacked my your daughter’s interior styling skill. Amazing for a 13 year old!

      The Life Guards were amazing (bossy though, they would not let me move an inch even). I think they were nervous that Kaye was watching them, as she was going to test them all a bit later that morning.

      • PS Lainey,
        Elisabeth has BIG PLANS for my imprisonment as soon as I get home to Townsville next Saturday.
        Mr iT is too busy making messes for me to clean up, but ahs suggested I wear the bike helmet everywhere.

      • Hee yes defo keep that helmet & don’t forget go to spotlight & get a roll of bating fabric its so soft you will be safe rolled up in it tee hee.

        My daughter is so chuffed you loved her room makeover :)) x

        Safe journey home x

  2. Of course you had to go and stack the bike in front of 20 lifesavers you show off!
    Plus to have the presence of mind to take the kind lady’s photo…top marks. Mr A has been looking over my shoulder just now (and reminded me of his trip to that hospital when he split his head open) and we both need to know exactly how you came to do this Lou? Was Mr iT with you when it happened? Can you tell I like to know EVERYTHING?

    The helmet name has me in stitches…honestly.

    • Well, in front of Kirra Lifesavers, the bike path has two levels of concrete that merge. I had my front tyre on the higher level, and the back tyre was on the lower lever (about a 5cm height difference). It was very sandy on the bike path as well, and as I tried to flick the back wheel up onto the higher section of concrete, it slid out from under me,.
      Luckily I decided not to have clicks (shoes that lock onto the pedals) on this bike, so the bike stopped dead and I flipped off and forward a few meters, landed on my head with my right arm extended (as you do). The impact on the arm split the Ulna.
      How’s that for a description?

      My helmet is fantastic, I’m so lucky I chose that one and not the racing style, which has far less coverage and protection.
      I am going to write to Nutcase tomorrow to tell them how good the helmet is.

  3. I will not start swearing right here, on your blog but I can tell you I’ve been swearing all the way down to the end of this posting.
    *pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff* I can’t believe how STUPID this year of the rabbit behaves since its very beginning. grrrrrrr.
    Louise, trust Elisabeth, Austrians are very skilled in imprisoning family members and close friends. At least your cellar ressembles more a party zone and less a cellar. :-/

    I don’t know if I ever told you: in my teenage years, up to my mid-twenties, I kept hurting my body too often. I started a collection of emergency-letters (the ones you get when you “assign” at the emergency room). Back then I also was very capable of destroying and electronic device such as walk-men (just drop them on the floor), cameras (add some sand on the beach). One day, when I returned with a new letter from the emergency room my father lectured me: I can buy a new walk men every week but please start looking after your body!

    And another evening, returning with some stiches on my right hand I opened the door, greeting my mum with the words “Only bad news are news ….”

    After all it seems I should have put my glasses on more often! I just had poor eyesight.

    I wish from my heart that this elbow heals 100% in no time!
    kisses, Paula

    PS: not much longer and I will be too scared to click at the link towards your latest posting when it shows up on my blog.

    • Oh No Paula,
      Never be scared to click the link, it will always be entertaining – I promise!

      ISn’t that interesting that you had to injure yourself so many times just to work out you need glasses.
      Unfortunately that’s not going to work for me I already have glasses.
      I think I’ve just caught the clumsy gene.

      Your story about the Walkman reminded me of how I used to thing they were sooooo amazing.
      Now they are Ancient History and as old fashioned and useless as typewriters.
      It’s incredible how quickly things are becoming obsolete now isn’t it.

      Well unfortunately elbows are not obsolete and are still very necessary – I am finding out how much you use your elbow these days.

  4. Dear Louise, what are we going to do with you!!!! Please please please stay out of trouble. Your poor elbow. Thank goodness for the Nutcase helmet. please take up a more sedate hobby like…needlework – er, no, sharp pointy objects…hang gliding…nope….I know, painting, and the shells, that seems safer.. Sending you cyber hugs (being careful not to squish the elbow…) xxxxxxx

    • Heya Blights,
      OK shell painting coming up, although I could potentially trip on my way to and from the beach to pick up the shells.

      Actually, I’ve never tried hang gliding …………..?

      Mind you, all of my injuries have occurred while NOT participating in seemingly dangerous activities – just roof retiling and cycling.


      PS Siggi’s letter from anna Wintour has gone to his head, he’s asking for at least 3 wardrobe changes a day now.

  5. Sounds to me like you were distracted by something which thereby contributed to the accident. With 20 lifesavers in the area, I can’t imagine what would have distracted you 🙂

    I’m going to get a big roll of bubble wrap and bring to you, OK?

    • Tee hee,
      hi Amanda!n do you think so?

      One of them told me I look 40 when they asked my age too – I told him I loved him and asked was he married.

      Mr iT NOT impressed with that, but since I was being loaded into an ambulance he had to keep quiet about it.

      Elisabeth would agree with the bubble Wrap I think.

    • Hi Janet,
      God your kitchen is sooooooo neat and tidy and stylish – that’s one thing I know I could never achieve.

      So the emergency room staff – no, not on first name basis, that was the 4th different hospital I’ve been in this year. So I’m not getting to know any of them very well at all.

      I can completely understand understand you thinking the broken elbow was a joke.


  6. Oh for the love of God woman this is too too much. Do you knowwhen you said you were riding your bike I felt a pang of fear thinking what would happen to your back if you fell?. I’m hopeless on a bike and fear falling all the time but you Miss were pedalling away on that gorgeous Sunday morning and crashed! Disaster!
    Glad you helmet did what if intended to do. Seriously you hardly ever see anybody wear one and think what might have happened it you had’nt.
    Take care and will be in touch x
    Kate Bx

    • HI Saint Kate B,
      I was pedalling away, minding my own business just as you said, when bammo, a big nasty hand rose up our of the concrete and grabbed my bike tyre and THREW me off my bike.
      I am not careless or clumsy at all.
      I could possibly be a case study for you couldn’t I?

  7. Lou -Grandma Whacker proved right about the dangers of too much gallivanting about. Great presence of mind though to fall off in ffont of some trainee life savers. Pleased that Arnie ok and v. sorry that you hurt yourself.
    Do you think your Health insurer will keep covering you?

    • Tee hee, I am starting to wonder about the Health insurance too! so far they have not complained, but I dare not miss a payment because I think if they had a way of evicting me from the fund they would!

      Mind you, so far the Broken Elbow has been dirt cheap – the Ambulance is covered for all of us in Qld, and the Emergency Ward (despite being a private hospital) is covered by Medicare. And that’s all I’ve had so far. But stay posted there may be more news on the broken elbow tomorrow.

      Isn’t it funny how Grandma Whacker always ends up being right, even Blighty secretly admits this to me.


  8. Saw your post linked from the Nutcase FB page. I’m glad you and Arnie weren’t seriously hurt! I started cycling again last summer and took a few tumbles on the trails. I have a few metal parts in my back (from a fusion over a decade ago), so I commend you for riding. You take care of yourself and watch out – those invisible wheel gripping hands are everywhere!

    • Hello Jillian,
      Wow, we could be twins with our Metal enhanced spines, cycles, cycle crashes and Nutcase Helmets!
      Thank you so much for visiting, I can see you live a REALLY long way away from Townsville!
      I’d love to compare metal bits and cycling war stories with you.

  9. Good Morning K,
    I’d probably use silly and clumsy as adjectives that go with Louise.
    Now, I hope you and the Magnificent O are well, and that the boy is thriving, eating up and working his wardrobe.
    I promise I will call you this week.
    i’m such a slacker I know.

  10. Dear Louise, For someone who had just taken a tumble from her bike and broken her elbow, you look awful cheery in your photos. Not surprised What are we going to do with you! You will be needing to put the training wheels back on your bike! My youngest said, “What, again!” when I told her you had made another trip in an ambulance. We secretly suspect you are a stunt person for the movies. My eldest said, yes, yes but who is looking after the animals. Hope that you are not too miserable. love Lindaxxx

    • HI My Linda, I’ve been waiting for you comment – and thank you SO MUCH for keeping it mild. You have every right to say I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO SO FAST ON THAT BIKE – but you are so gorgeous you didn’t!
      That’s funny about one of the mini Linda’s comment.
      I could not possibly be a stunt person however, because I don’t land uninjured, so I’d be a pretty unemployable stunt person.
      The older Mini Linda can rest assured that Elisabeth has Bronny and Bee with her in Townsville, they are in fact, sleeping on her heated waterbed, and they are in Senior Citizen Bichon Frise HEAVEN. Bronny finds it hard to wipe the smile off his face. The delight of the warm and soft waterbed is enhanced by the fact that Elisabeth’s dogs are not allowed to sleep in her bed with her. So b & B get to lord it all over the other dogs.
      Elisabeth is also minding the birds, and the Dodgy Brothers are down here with us in the Beach unit.

      i am looking after them, there is no rest for the broken elbowed here I am afraid. Mr iT has not changed his ways (ie become tidy and considerate) just because I have had another accident.

      So, I think I’ve got you up to date with all the ?s,
      lots of love to you and the Mini Lindas,

  11. Lou you haven’t replied to email or text. Are you going ok? Mother hen needs to know. Anybody would think you had a broken elbow.
    Annie xx

    • Ooohwahhh!
      i’m in big trouble from annie and Elisabeth too.
      Elisabeth is reading your comments and chastising me about worrying Poor Annie.
      So, Annie, I apologise for being so slack, I did get cuasght up with work emails and thought I’d answered you.
      Plusin typical Lou fashion, I managed to lock myself out of my phone and needed sum PUK code (Hmmm????) to get the phone working again.
      Just go it going now, midday Thursday.
      I will report back tonight on what the specialist said.

      Blighty has also warned me that Grandma Whacker is gunning for me as well.
      I’m hiding under the bed!

  12. Annie broke the news to me via text. I can’t believe you are still in the wars. Please stay safe. No more broken anythings allowed. Safe trip home. A-M xx

  13. Oh my lordy wordy louise. what will you think of next?? I am a bit gobsmacked. I must say full points for making the best use of lifesavers. Hope the elbow mends asap.

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