Grandma Whacker I’m sorry, I’ve been gallivanting too much ……………

Well a bit more Shameless Showing Off from me –

and as usual

I learn another lesson.

I am loving my new bike and

I’ve been riding and riding and riding up to an hour a day.

Naturally I have to try and go faster than Mr iT for the whole hour!

So it was not a good week to stop taking the painkillers I’ve been on post surgery.

Too much riding,

no painkillers

and a back that is perhaps not completely healed yet


Total meltdown.



Grandma Whacker

you are so right –

too much gallivanting is not good!




Siggi B comes on all my bike rides as well (count how many coats Siggi has to wear for our rides).

And this week he too has learnt a valuable lesson.

When you weigh 2 kilos

it doesn’t matter how much you resist sitting down in your bike basket

and how good your balance is,

the Human will win,

and you will end up sitting IN the basket.





And now

shock horror

Lou gets Arty.



Twice a day I walk the dodgy Brothers on the beach,

it’s part of my recovery therapy.

(Go figure walking is much harder [and more painful] for me than riding a bike).

And every walk I pick up shells on the beach here at Rainbow Bay.

So now

I’ve got this many shells

I just been picking them up with no real purpose in mind.

Then I thought I’d sort them.

Like this

I thought I might make something for the Beach Unit here.

Today I was pondering what colour would be effective as a background for grey?

So I got out some kiddie watercolours

and tried a few shades

I couldn’t work out what colour to use,

I didn’t have a good enough range of shades

so I started doing this.



Now I promise you that I have never, ever, ever, ever

painted anything in my life,

even with watercolours.

So for me –

this is pretty amazing



It’s not finished yet.



I think these metal discs in my back are affecting the artistic connections in my brain.

Earlier this week when I was having coffee

i took an “artistic” photo of a seagull on a street sign.


I thought it looked like a totem pole.



Am I getting a bit loopy?

lots of love




16 thoughts on “Grandma Whacker I’m sorry, I’ve been gallivanting too much ……………

    It’s the morning after this post went up, and I can see there are lots of “views” of the post on the reader Stats thingumy bob on WordPress, and NO-ONE HAS COMMENTED.
    Waaaah – everyone is too nice to tell me I’m losing it.

    Well I am off to straighten myself out and give myself a good talking too.

  2. Oh and another thing everyone, after I finished this post I found Annie (who is really Anne Maree – with an ie or ee I always get those i and e issues mixed up beween my Annie and A-M).
    Where was I? Oh yes, Annie got her blog up yesterday, and I found it late last night. Annie might do her second post about giving her friends the correct blog address – tee hee Annie.
    So the link is on my blog now -it’s easy to find – I gave it the MOST appropriate name.
    Annie would have to be the most consistent and NICEST commenter in the world, and sure enough her new blog is bang on exactly the way annie herself is.
    Go have a look and say hello.

  3. Oh Lou you are so sweet to say such lovely things about me. Thank you.

    I would have commented here last night but was overwhelmed after getting my first two comments published! Honestly I’m the least computer techy person so it’s hilariously nerve wracking this blogging biz for moi.

    I know. How daft am I? But as mentioned in our texts my brain was scrambled yesterday.

    Now I need to have stern words with Siggi B about his double life as a circus performer. I was shocked to see this photo but am very happy to read he has seen the light and is now sitting in the bike basket and doing as he is told.
    I fear Lou you and I are two peas in a pod. If the Doc said don’t over do things, then you and I will go right ahead and do the exact opposite.

    Are you carting the shells back home or leaving at the unit? You’ve quite a few there. Imagine sorting all those into ziplock bags?
    Great job of painting too. Painting is very theraputic and a tad less effort that cycling.
    I’m the ‘ie’. I gained a few names along the way so condensed myself into Annie for blogging. No wonder I’m confused.

    How great is the weather but gee we need some rain.

    • Hi Annie,
      Wow, have you got the gift of the gab now or what?
      I think your blog is going to be so full of great writing.
      Siggi B could well be a circus performer you know – alas, Siggi B has not been blessed with the obedience factor.
      Training Siggi B is not something I am capable of.


  4. Hi Lou,
    Great to see that you are on the mend – what a clever bit of surgery that was, it’s amazing how advanced medical science is these days.
    Love your new mode of transport although I do think you should do your “Cadelling” a little bit more moderately until your back has healed a little more.

    Yes, I’ve noticed Siggi B’s vast wardrobe – lucky boy….Isn’t Rainbow Bay the nicest place? I think it’s the nicest beach on the Gold Coast…..For many years we owned a unit in Eden Ave, when our boys got older and got into jet skis and boats we found we spent less time there so sold it.

    I love your artwork – are you sure you have never dabbled in painting before? Keep up the good work, who knows, one day you may be famous.
    I thought of you yesterday, I made a carrot cake and made double cheese cream frosting but didn’t last long when the family saw it….I did manage to have a small piece before it was devoured – God is there anything better than cream cheese frosting?


    • OOh Noooooo!
      Elizabeth, that cake!
      Hi Elizabeth,
      Your cooking!
      I’m hungry!
      No there is NOTHING better than Cream Cheese Frosting – nothing I tell you!

      Which Unit block did you have a unit in here in Eden Ave?
      WE are in Eden Ave too, we bought our Unit, which is actually 2 Units made into one – in 1981. We bought a whole floor in fact – and are right at the top of the hill – so look straight down into Froggies Beach, and north to Surfers and Stradbroke Island etc, plus down to DBah and Kingscliffe.

      I hated living here in the 80’s and early 90’s and really do love Townsville – but Gosh I’m so glad now we did not sell this place.
      It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place here on the Gold Coast.

      Stay tuned, there is more exciting news.

  5. HI Annie ,Paula ,Elizabeth and all other!
    Pleasseeeee I need 1 pair of Handcuffs,and also a 10 M chain for Louise.
    This Lady IHHHHHHHHHH have to scream ,so now I feeling better.
    Louise broke yesterday her right Elbow ,when she was wis the Bike on the Road.
    She was sooo lucky to have a good Helmet,she fall on the Head and endet up in Hospital.
    Louise time to come Home ! I will watch you like hawk.
    All the best with Love Elisabeth the House ghost

  6. Well Elisabeth, thanks for that.

    You are an Austrian Dobber, Dobber, Dobber.
    Now everybody can write in and say:

    I will have to hide from you when I get home, don’t want those handcuff thingies.
    I can only use my left hand and arm now anyway, so I cannot get up to any mischief for a while.

  7. OH MY GOD……LOUISE!!!!!! ….Just yesterday I told you I thought it a good idea to do your “Cadelling” a little more moderately – what do you do ? – gear up for the Tour de France or were you riding down the hill in Eden Ave yelling “Look at me – no hands”…..Was Siggy on board? I hate to think….

    Elisabeth, is it any wonder you had to scream – I don’t envy you the job of watching her with an eagle eye….I think it’s a great idea to handcuff her to 10 metres of chain….

    TAKE CARE LOUISE AND BE CAREFUL….(Yes that was said in a very raised voice)….and Good Luck watching her Elisabeth….

  8. Tee Hee,
    I will do a full post on the latest adventures of bone breaking tonight Elizabeth.
    No I was not doing anything very daring, and luckily Arnie was on board my bike, and he’s a good boy, he sits quietly wearing his harness. The bike’s basket did not hit the ground, so Arnie did not suffer any injury or indignity. Neither did the bike,
    All the damage was done to me.
    How is the Cake Cooking going?

  9. Goodo now the cat is out of the bag we can talk about the ‘bike incident’.
    I could come to Townsville and help Elizabeth. I could use my cranky voice if you didn’t behave 🙂
    Poor love I was hoping the clipped wing was the left side if you are right handed?
    How is the pain Lou?
    Thank goodness the back is ok.

    • HI Annie,
      I bet there’s a text or two on my phone – I can’t find it at the moment.
      I know I’m in trouble from Elisabeth because she rang Mr iT when I didn’t answer my phone this morning.
      Yes the cat’s out of the bag, thats what happens when you hqve an Elisabeth in your life.
      She’s another Mum. (albeit 4 years younger than me – but so much more mature and responsible).
      Have been very sore and cranky all day – the fall on the head of course really wrenched the shoulder and neck, and they are connected to the lower back – so I am sore all over.
      And the damn elbow – what a nuisance!!!
      On top of all that Mr iT has not worked out that he should be tidy, pick up things, clean up his messes, wipe the kitchen over, put a load of washing on – you know the drill, whinge whinge whinge.
      Oh no you don’t actually Mr Annie is really really good at annie’s home.

  10. Ooh Lou take it easy please!!!! Hope you have been resting more over the weekend? Your cutie pie what a darling hope he did get in that basket hee hee.
    Well arn’t you the creative soul then, the shells look lovely looking forward to seeing what you have done with them all once you have finished :))) Happy Sunday x

  11. i was just getting very excited about the lovely Anne-Marie having started her own blog, she is such a lovely commenter, I can’t wait to get on over to her blog…and then I read on and it seems you have broken your elbow???? what?? is this right? You are in HUGE trouble once Grandma Whacker sees this – send large amounts of money, otherwise I will Totally Dob you in with her, and then you’ll be for it!! I do hope you are ok Louise – strangely enough I have just been for a bike ride with the hooligans today – only injury this time is Boy 1 has blistered thumb from over use of his bell – or pinging his ponger as he calls it….must go, tremendous boy fight breaking out….xxxx

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