Trying to wrest the computer from a Chihuahua, and the Census.

Blogging has gone to Siggi’s head.

Every time I tried to use my laptop today

this is what I found.


it got worse

I couldn’t find my glasses

Siggi’s having dinner now,

it’s the only way I can sneak a turn on y laptop.

So today,

I had to do the census forms

and I had to read 16 insurance policies and compare

3 different insurance companies’s rates and fine details of their policies.

It took all day.

I may have been a bit distracted

I kept looking at this and daydreaming.

And I took lots of photos of the sunlight reflecting on the water.

Eventually I got all the paperwork done.

I’m really not a paperwork person.





11 thoughts on “Trying to wrest the computer from a Chihuahua, and the Census.

  1. Hi Lou I am so sorry I haven’t been in touch for ages (have been reading your posts though) Loved you got to the beach you super star with all the cameras 🙂 I see you are back home enjoying the gorgeous Tropical winter weather you crack me up with the pooches love it & the dogs are sooo so cute. Just to let you know I have a new blog this why haven’t been around its all set up a venture I needed to believe in myself to do & finally I have done it :))) hope you will follow my new blog totally understand if its not your thing hugs from Mackay Lainey x

    • Hi Lainey,
      I am hotfooting it to the new blog.
      A mystery – why would I think it’s not my thing? I’m very curious now.
      Not back in Townsville yet – another week then I’ll be home.

      • oh your are such a witty cool blogger & was worrying you wouldn’t be into my kids clothes line I’ve started but doing a cake post on a sunday phew got to start creating 🙂 oh I bet you cannot wait to get back home safe journey back love Lainey x

    • Hi Paula,
      The thoughts of Siggi B are as follows:
      When’s breakfast?
      Is that all the breakfast I get?
      It’s so long since breakfast.
      When’s lunch?
      No lunch?
      I need lunch.
      It’s so long since breakfast.
      When’s dinner?
      Is that all the dinner I get?
      It’s so long since dinner.


  2. Mister Siggi B
    You are NOT cool” you a very naughty Boy!look at your Eyes the are soooo big,you to young sitting on a PC so long. also down on the floor and Play with your little Brother this is much better and much more healty.If you not listening to Elisabeth ! Zamori is not taking you for an other Ride to the Strand .

  3. Dear Siggi, you totally rock that sassy little paw print playsuit arrangement and those glasses are soooo you! keep doing the outfit posts please, the world needs a top fashionista chihuahua, it really does. Best Wishes, Anna Wintour xx

    • Hiya Ms Winter,
      I will certainly do lots of outfit posts now that my mum has broken her elbow.
      I know I can get control of the computer much more now.
      With respect (I’ve seen you on tv Ms Winter, you are a bit scary)
      Siggi B.

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