From the Beach, by Siggi B.

Hello to My Mum’s Bluddies

(she said that Bluddies are her Blog Buddies).

Here is my report from the Beach.

 I am having a good time at the beach.

Especially last week when my Dad was not here.

Look at me at 6 o’clock in the morning

That’s Arnie’s nose not mine.

Look at me at 7 o’clock in the morning.


this is me at 8 o’clock in the morning

But now,

my Dad is back here

so this is me at 6 o’clock this morning


My Mum said can I show you these whales we saw the other day.

They were so close to our window,


It’s a bit hard to see the whale’s tail here, but I wanted you to know that they were really, really close to the shore.

End of my report.

Love from

Siggi B.



16 thoughts on “From the Beach, by Siggi B.

  1. Dear Siggi, Well, you are too cute for words! I love the fact that you are not a morning dog unless your Dad is about. Would you please tell your Mum that I finally am catching up with all my blog reading and she is not looking too bad for a lady with extra height. love Lindaxxx

    • Hello Miss Linda,
      My Mum talks about you a LOT!
      Every time we are really naughty, My Mum says she’s going to run away to Patagonia with Miss Linda in Chile, and leave us for Dad to look after.
      Miss Linda, what is Patagonia?
      And my Mum’s REALLY tall now, but she still grizzles at us.
      Lots of love from
      Siggi B.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful beach report Siggi. Tessa is pleased to notice you are holding up in the ‘little dogs should not be expected to over-exert themselves’ argument.
    Naughty Chris for dragging you out of bed at that ungodly hour. Must say though, I’m loving the designer coat you’re wearing. Tessa needs to go high end fashion shopping with you.

    Look after Mum, Dad and Arnie. When are you jetting home?
    Love Aunty Annie xxxxx

    • Hi Miss Auntie Annie,
      My coat comes from Posh Pets.
      Don’t tell anyone Miss Annie, but they are really pyjamas not coats. I have to wear them all the time down here on the Gold Coast because I get really, really cold. I call it the Cold Coast actually.

      Arnie doesn’t get cold, because he’s FAT! Tee Hee.
      3 of my pyjamas used to be Arnie’s, but he since he won’t wear them, they are mine, and now I have got 6 sets.
      I go riding with my mum on her new bike, and I get so cold, I have to wear my pyjamas AND my Elvis Coat.
      Did you see our whales Miss Annie?
      from your nephew,
      Siggi B.

  3. I saw the whales Siggi and I’m very grateful you didn’t swim out to frolic with them.
    Yes I love your Elvis coat and I know Miss Tessa would be highly jealous of it. Like you she loves her pj’s.
    Happy cycling.

    • Oh good, I wanted you to see the whales.
      I don’t swim, so no chance I would swim out to visit a whale.
      I don’t swim because you cannot bark while you are swimming, and I live to BARK.

    • Hiya Miss Janet,
      Yes I have taken over the computer today and I posted, then visited you and MISS A-M and MISS Paula and left comments!
      That is the view from our house in Townsville up the top of the blog.
      Have you seen the view we have of the beach here on the Gold Coast – I might email you a photo of the view here.
      Miss Janet, your hair is not very grey at all!
      Siggi B.

  4. Hi Louise, where have I been, there is a whole new world going on at the Gold Coast. Man, I want to be snuggled and hugged with the pink blanket right now. So cute!

    Please, tell Siggi B. not to take it personal when I wrote the day before that Schönbrunn is runner’s paradise since dogs are not allowed inside the park. I am glad both of you did not complain about sore middle fingers from scrolling down the long, long posting. I guess only you and I can appreciate the effort it takes to post postings with pics and words. 🙂
    No doubt, I had you on my mind whenI wrote the posting with all the photos and even when I took the photos it was for YOU. But … I decided not to dedicate the posting to you, since there are quite a few followers around I don’t want to shoo them away by dedicating postings to personalities. Au contraiere, since there are so few followers, I might even dedicate one posting to 1 follower a time. Yes, I think I will go for that!

    Do you dream of whales?

    • Hello Miss Paula,
      I am still writing my Mum’s blog and answering the comments.
      My Mum can answer all your questions another time.
      I don’t mind about your park being a dog free park. Arnie and I go to a No dogs Allowed Beach every day. It’s really good too, there are no riff raff. (Riff Raff would be REALLY, REALLY BIG DOGS that I am scared of).
      Arnie and I really love our pink blanket. Big Al said pink is for girls, but we don’t care too much about that. (Big Al is our friend we have coffee with, he’s in Mum’s last post).
      Have fun in Austria Miss Paula, did you know that our Elisabeth (who is really the boss of everyone and every dog and every bird in our whole house) is from Austria too?
      Love from
      Siggi B

  5. Hi Siggi and Arnie
    I miss you both very much ,the House is so quiet with out you.
    Bronson and Bianca doing very well,the love my heated Waterbed ,and dont want go out of it .It is now 9.40 pm take Broni and Be out for the last Pe and then is sleeping time .
    Also you to little Kids time for bed !blanki over the head and nighty nighty .
    Kiss and miss you Elisabeth

    • Ooooh Elisabeth, now I am very sad, the beach is not so much fun without you here. Arnie and I miss you too.
      Lots of tail wagging
      Siggi B.

  6. Dear Louise,
    your little dogs are gorgeous. When little baby boy is bigger I will definitely get him a puppy. So glad you are on the mend and regaining your strength. Hooray that modern medicine has finally sorted everything out! x

  7. HI FF,
    This is Siggi, I won’t give the computer back to my Mum.
    You should buy Baby FF a rescued chihuahua from the RSPCA, because they are the best dogs in the world. Our big “brother and sister” Bronson and Bee would say that Bichon Frise are the best dogs in the world, but Miss FF, I can tell you that Bichon Frise are REALLY GRUMPY DOGS!
    Siggi B

  8. Dear Siggi B, top post! I like the term Bluddies, Mr Blighty always says I am completely Bluddy Impossible, this must be what he means. Siggi, you look very cute all snuggled up in bed. And you look very hunky wearing your wetsuit on the beach. Now let Mummy have the computer back xxxx

    • Hiya Mrs Blighty,
      I am a good typewriter aren’t I?
      I know I’m so cute when I’m asleep, My Mum tells me that all the time – and says i should be asleep more often.
      Does Mr B blog to his Bluddies?
      Siggi B

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