SO IT’S TIME FOR ME TO shamelessly show off.

One day after surgery

Here’s the story so far, but you already know it of course.

I’ll just do in in pictures hey?

Otherwise it will take ANOTHER week to get this posted.

Day three - finally standing up, the elbows a bit worn out from doing the work of lifting and shifting the body all day everyday. Dodgy Nurse Applied elbow protection - that would be my own work!

DAy 4 XRAY showing new metal parts -sorry it's in front of window, a bit dodgy of course, because it's me doing the photo. Honestly, a photo of an X-ray in front of window with blinds and trees behind them. I even surprise myself sometimes!

DAy 9   I leave hospital and the Beach is Inviting me.  Can I walk that far?

DAY 9 The Media heard I was about to hit the beach only nine days after surgery., so they were down there waiting for me.

Day 9 So naturally, I obliged and actually made it down to the beach - just. that was a 20 minute effort, I was pretty proud of myself. It was hurting, just so you know.

On Day 10 (wearing the same top shock horror)  – but walked up a hill ( a big one too).  I am starting to show off here, but  that face – I was obviously a bit pooped!

On Day 12, my Recovery Support Crew flew in from Townsville - ta da - THE DODGY BROTHERS

On Day 13 We all made it up the Hill for Coffee - and the Dodgy Brothers socialised with Big AL.

Even Arnie likes (timidly at first) Big AL too. Big AL is is 18 and a half. This is a miracle for a very large ex-working Cattle Dog. Big AL's Dad is Bob, a seriously cool dude. I'll fill you in on Bob in another post.

On Day 13 I took Janet's advice and tried out her Olive Oil treatment on my feet, thanks compression stockings for making them like sandpaper.

The Olive Oil Trick worked too!

But the Dodgy Brothers try to lick the oil off.

On Day 14 I could stand upright - very proud of myself.

On Day 15 Feeling the Pain - but going with it instead of fighting it. Painted my nails blue, but FF I am not!

On Day 14 I can sit on a rock - this is a big milestone, and at sunset too - the pain witching hour for me. Sitting is my nemesis, this will be take the longest part of the recovery, about 3months before I can sit for more than 5 minutes.




ON Day 19 See this? After I saw the Dr on Day 18 he prescribed this.

WELL ON Day 19. I geared up and rode it. for 30 minutes - very slowly







I am now rinding the bike every 2nd day here at the beach.

I think I’m a bit of a star of course!





7 thoughts on “SO IT’S TIME FOR ME TO shamelessly show off.

  1. Great to see this post Lou and because I actually saw you in the flesh last week I can tell everyone that you really do appear to be rocking your new back.
    Mr A and I were rather astounded how fab you looked considering the big operation and the fits of pain you’re experiencing. And people the scar is a work of art.

    Please give the Dodgies a very big cuddle from their aunty Annie. Tess has been snuggled on my lap this morning in front of the computer while ceiling insulation was installed. She will have you know Lou that she’s not been fed for a week also lol.
    Plus sending a hello to Chris.
    ps. seen anymore whales??

    • Hey Annie,
      A whole new address for you – way flash I must say.
      It was GoRGEOUS to see you last week, and Neil the star of AM’s blog! He will be in demand, watch out for redecorating wives of Brisbane looking for a man prepared to climb ladders and paint!

      Yes whales, whales, whales here, in their drives!
      Will post photo tomorrow.

      The Dodgy Brothers said they have not been fed either – they lie!

      Could you believe the bike thing – amazing what you can make your body do when the doctor says you can do it?


    • Hi A-M,
      Shame i’ve got such a swelled head about it though!
      I am starting to worry about how much I am bragging to anyone who will listen to me.
      You have been such a traveller lately, your head must be full up to the BRIM with fantastic design and inspiration.

  2. Dear Louise, just back from my hols and so thrilled to see all the progress you have made, amazing! In fact, I called Grandma Whacker today and she gave me a full update on you and the New Back, she was full of admiration for all you had achieved – while I was away, she kept up with your blog. And may I just say, you are looking so pretty and youthful too, whatever they are giving you in that hospital, can I have some too?. Love the photo of you holding one Dodgy while other Dodgy looks up at you, cute. Now please don’t do any stunts on that flashy bike, no Evil Knievel please. Must go, boys need wash after the holiday, they went feral and roamed around and managed to get out of baths etc….

  3. HI B,
    Can’t wait to hear about the big holiday in Greece!
    I bet you swam and sailed and rested and ate for England while you were there.
    It sounds very exotic I must say.
    Thanks for the good wishes, and say hi to my Grandma W.

  4. Australia, the land of bike-prescriptions. I would not mess with you.
    What a huge posting! And so little pain meds. The X-ray in front of the blinds scares me a bit, you can’t tell where the “you” ends and the “surroundings” enter, maybe there is no more “you” and the surroundings, I am not sure after looking at the X-ray. Maybe you want to watch the video, in case they recorded your surgery.
    I like your posture a lot! You look so upright and yes, TALL!

    It is good to know this clinic is situated at a really cool beach, I like this place more than the townsville-hospital so far. I remember you sitting at a parking lot close to the hospital in Townsville, which is nothing, compared to whale-watching.

    The day 13 photo with Big Al is beautiful, the light, the face of your dog, I love it!

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