So I’m home at the Rainbow Bay unit………. But I am a sandwich.

This post will look weird.
I’m using my new iPad, it’s my Broken Back present.
Naturally, combine an iPad with wordpress and I’m completely bamboozled.
No idea how to do a post properly.

So, quick update
I’m a sandwich, I sit and lie with electric heat pads front and back – it looks totally looney tunes but is very comforting.
I’m watching whales – sorry my bluddies, but someone’s got to do it for you guys!
I can walk down to the beach across to the water and back home – a major feat if I do say so myself.
But, after that 20 minute effort, I’m pooperated and fall asleep for two hours.
Little James is going skiing in New Zealand. With his mates! He’s got a cold, so I have given him some HUGE lectures about not drinking, not saying out late, and not running himself ragged for the first couple of days of his holiday. Hmmmm, I’m considering taking bets about whether my advice will be followed.

So it’s goodnight from me and my iPad,
I’ll turn the laptop on tomorrow I hope, and will do a better post.
And may I say



14 thoughts on “So I’m home at the Rainbow Bay unit………. But I am a sandwich.

  1. My dear Louise, this sounds so very post-op: 20 min. “exercise”, 2 hours of sleep. It will not stay like that. But you already know that.
    I don’t dare to ask where the OOOUUUCCCHHH! sits.

    As a child I always wanted to move to New Zealand. My mother came up with a very clever explanation why we can’t move there: because of the vulvanos, it’s dangerous. Well, this was before I developed my love for Japan. Speaking of dangerous islands …

    Are the mountain regions on top of vulcanos in New Zealand so one got go downhill on every side of the mountain? Sounds truly exotic to me.

    Good night!

    • HI Paula,
      Ouch is the tummy with a big hole in it, and the back with new parts. They are both protesting mightily about having been “invaded”. I just lie around between the heat pads and tell them to shut up and go away. So far neither has gone anywhere.

      Volcano in NZ, is in the North Island, but the best ski fields are in the South Island. They have steep runs, but they
      are always only on the south facing sides of the mountains, so no, you cant ski down both sides of the mountains over there.


      • It has been a long week and I am sitting here, contemplating, if your south would be our north. hehe.
        Did you visit my pool party yet? It is supposed to be summer in the northern hemisphere, it was, until last monday. Now it’s rain and 15°C.

  2. Good to hear you are reasonably up and about! I’ll have to catch up for a coffee when you’re back in Townsville.

    PS. James won’t have listened to you 😉

    • Hi A Yes definitely coffee time ASAP.
      I factored in the temptation to not listen to me in my advice to Little James, and added that good old rider “If you don’t do as I advise, then you’ll lose a $50 bet AND you”ll have to tell me I was right.”

      So far he’s had an early night without the boys (in Brisbane) last night, and is strategising with me on how to stop them forcing him to party hard for the next few days.
      I’ll keep you posted on the outcome of James and the Holiday Flue!

  3. Hi Lou
    Glad you made it home safe and sound. Having fun here picturing you as a heat pad sandwich.
    Your blog being wordpress is still the only one I can comment on. Long story. One day I will be out of blog commenting exile.
    I’m having a crazy week so will email asap (like maybe now).
    Agree with Amanda that James probably won’t have listened to your ‘suggestions’ but hey you never know a little might have sunk in.
    Be a good girl and don’t overdo it! And is the ipad the ants pants?
    Annie xxxxx

    • Hey Annie,
      Heat Pads and iPads going full power here.
      I think the iPad will be the ants pants when I get the email working in it.
      I’m not rushing that though, because I fall asleep at the drop of a hat here at the moment.
      Sleeping is tricky so lots and lots of cat naps.
      BTW, the Dodgy Brothers are coming down here tomorrow – what excitement! No room for catnaps here with two chihuahuas.
      Lots of Dodgy beach photo opps!
      Looking forward to a long, newsy email,

  4. Dear Louise, Please be a good sandwich, faithfully adhering to every instruction your doctor has given you. The whales sound nice and restful. Who is feeding you and looking after you? Heatpads sound so much more effective that hot water bottles. Do you have them on max? I wish I were there to pop in and have a chat – it is another super cold day here. love Linda

    • Hi Linda in Chile!
      I am definitely following Doctor’s orders – in particular, the no smoking for 3 months rule. I’m being fastidious about that, and will not learn to smoke for 3 months. Well not ever actually.

      It’s a bit harder to stick to the other rules: no bending, no lifting anything, no cleaning, no laundry doing, no dishwasher stacking and unpacking – when confronted with Cyclone Mr iT at VERY close quarters. Sigh, but I’m doing my best.

      I don’t bend over and pick up clothes and papers, and shoes, I squat down and pick them up.
      I only lift things 1 at a time so they are not too heavy, so that’s sort of getting around the no lifting rule.
      I only cleaned the toilet, the bidet, the shower, and my hand basin – because they count in my germ phobic state of mind – this they don’t count in the dr’s no cleaning directive.
      I only collected the dirty laundry, sorted it, washed it, and made Mr iT put it in the dryer and in clothes airer. Then I sat on the floor to fold it all. And that’s only because Mr iT put black LuluLemon gym pants in washer and dryer with very fluffy white towels.
      Your honour, I ask you what is worse for one’s broken back, lint removal or laundering?
      I have not touched the dishwasher or it’s contents.

      So LiC, do I sound like the moaniest self righteous whinging female martyr or what? I think yes – tee hee.

      Lots of love

  5. Dear Mr Linda in Chile,
    Please send Mrs Linda in Chile to Rainbow Bay immediately.
    She needs to see my whales before they all get too far North.
    Linda also needs to encounter electric heat pads on High, and do an in depth anthropological survey on whether they are better than hot water bottles. This seminal piece of research can only be done in Rainbow Bay Qld, Australia! It’s a weather and whale combination thingy.
    Linda can also complete her PhD in tea drinking, Cooking for Invalids, and “Talking for Chile”. I will do the talking for Australia. Blighty would have done the talking for England, but first she’s got to go to Greece and give them €s, £s and sunscreen.
    Thank you in anticipation of Mrs Linda in Chile’s impending arrival,

  6. Dear Louise
    Mr LiC is heartless which is a pity as I wouldn’t mind talking for Chile! However, you are so in trouble with all the cleaning and sorting. There is much to be said for the liberal splashing of domestos in showers etc and then turning on the water to rinse off (don’t tell Elisabeth) and embracing cardboard plates. Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures!!! Mind you, the lint episode would have aggravated me too. I wish there were an automatic delinting product that you simply applied to a new wash. Please take it easy, Louise! love Lindaxxx

    • Hey Linda,
      Hmmm, That Mr LiC is not game to answer my email is he?
      I really can’t understand his reluctance to send you (first class) to my rescue.

      Oh well, in very sad news, it got to me, I cracked, and have had a frenzy of cleaning up. there’s only so much one can take in the way of dirty plates, celery all over the unit (an amusing story), crumbs on every chair, dirty benchtops, laundry piled up, newspapers everywhere, tools everywhere, sandpaper everywhere, cans of spray paint everywhere, socks everywhere – always a danger with the impending arrival of Siggi B – half of the Dodgy Brothers and a sock fanatic. Not to mention a surfboard, 3 blocks of wax, a mountain bike, work papers, computer cords, coins, tea bags.
      Can you see why I cracked and had to clean up, unfortunately I also had to attack the dishwasher and kitchen benches?

      I am such a dauber aren’t I?

  7. Hi Louise! How is the sandwich doing? Right now is a documentary on France on TV, they talk to people who promote the Lentilles de Puy, the ones I once bought in Le Puy …. The British journalist met a fraternity – a lentilles fraternity. They are taking oaths on the lentils! Heavenly!!!

    • HI Paula,
      I’m so slack an have not been posting. It’s been a difficult two weeks, pain’s been a big issue, but I’ve been determined to push through it with exercise and rehab.
      Also no sleep for the two week, so boy I’ve been Mrs Crankypants.
      I’ve cooked with Puy Lentils, they ended up mushy and a bit dodgy – but that could well be my cooking.

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