I’m sure I am being followed in here…………………….?

I don’t know why

but I just have this feeling that someone is watching me

all the time.



Sometimes there’s an imperceptible movement in my flowers.



And I’m sure I’ve heard a tiny squeak when I’ve been adding water to the vases.




And this blue fuzzy thing seems to disappear into dark corners.




But it’s my imagination, I know I’m still on a lot of painkillers (finally).



But, someone’s been answering my emails,

I’m sure of it.


I think they are

because people have been emailing back telling me how hilarious I am?


I’m not funny.

Blighty is the funny one.

There have been times when I’ve opened my Kindle and it goes to the wrong page

sometimes even the wrong book – and there are a whole lot of murder mysteries full of depressed detectives on my Kindle …. I don’t remember ordering them???



In my hospital bathroom

someone’s been obsessively using the skin care products

in the correct order

step by step.

Who could be bothered doing that?

Gosh, my imagination is going into overdrive.

Then again,

sometimes the nurse comes when I haven’t pushed the nurse call button.

(I don’t actually push that nurse call button – I always sort of feel a bit embarrassed about doing things like that).





You know, this is all too much, I need to think about other things,

like Blighty who I mentioned a bit earlier.

I wonder how she’s going?

I wonder if she’s still got her Blighty Bus





as usual here in hospital

I get tired really quickly,

so adieu

I’m off to bed





14 thoughts on “I’m sure I am being followed in here…………………….?

  1. Hello Louise,
    this is possibly the funniest post you’ve written.
    Are you on some sort of special funny drug or something.
    Sorry I haven’t commented before, I read all your posts but I’m naughty and haven’t left a reply up till now.

    • Hi Eleanor,
      Thanks for leaving comment, and welcome to the comments section as well.
      I think you might be flattering me about the funny quotient of my post, tee hee.

  2. Hi,
    I haven’t commented before either, and like Eleanor, I think you’ve hit the funny mark here.
    Loved the “mystery visitor” in your room, and that bus story link was hilarious.
    Best wishes

  3. Outdone yourself Louise, had me in stitches.
    Can’t believe you’re in hospital being so funny.

    (aka L.A. from New York).

  4. Ooooh,
    Hi L.A. Long time no see.
    Gosh, this blogging is fantastic for finding friends I’ve misplaced.
    So sorry you haven’t heard from me in years.
    Glad to have found you again,

  5. oh lou you are so funny. blighty better watch out.

    it amazes me that you are able to post through all this. the blood, the gore and painkillers won’t stop you. you are superwoman.

    i’d love to bring you over bread and marmalade, it’s almost as good as drugs. not really.


    • HI Janet,
      Tee hee, Blighty has no competition at all I promise.

      I think I’m funnier in hospital because there’s no:
      HUSBANDS (needing stuff all the time)
      And I have the most wonderful nurses here, absolutely to die for gorgeous!
      Makes up for missing Elisabeth.

      Lots of love,
      when are you coming with the Janet Bread and Marmelade? Can’t wait.

  6. Lou are rather thrilled that these Blighty type creatures are inflltrating the Antipodes.
    I tried calling you and messaging you but nothing!
    Can you text me so I can visit you?
    Kate Bx

  7. I think bread and marmalade is as good as drugs. Certainly beats pethidine, in my experience.

    I’m glad to see you have company. Looks like your secret stalker has good taste in fiction and face products!

    K xx

    • Tee Hee Kitty,
      How co-incidental was the Janet and Kitty marmalade production?

      Pethidine leaves the most atrocious hangover, and luckily I’ve managed to steer clear of it all week. I hate the stuff. The absolute best thing was the little local anaesthetic pump that went straight into the tummy wound. Amazing, pain relief without that whole body experience and no hangover.

      Yes, lovely face products, I’m very impressed with them too. They feel beautiful as well.


  8. Amazing Lou, I had no idea you were having frontal back surgery. Clever! I bet your guts ache a bit though. You know, I am not paranoid but the whole time I was reading your post I felt like there might have been something there, call me crazy, I think you are on to something.

    • Hey Deb,
      You are psychic like me I think! Or sidekick?
      Yes, my guts DO ache, and worse today I managed to trip over getting out of bed at 3am to go to the loo. I sleep with earplugs, so was very surprised that the nurses came running to find out what had happened. Turns out the thump was pretty loud, and the OH NO, and OH SHEET was even louder – with my earplugs in I thought I was very quiet about my fall.
      Got into lots of trouble and am confined to bed/barracks today. So no going home today, probably tomorrow.

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