It’s awful when they take your catheter away from you!

No, I’m not going to post a photo of the catheter.

But I miss it terribly!

This was me on Monday afternoon heading off for surgery

I really wasn’t nervous.

When I came back

I was wired for sound

And many other things as well.

That’s Betadine on the sheet, not blood in case you’re worried about gore.

So check out this little baby,

It’s a pump that puts local anaesthetic straight into the wound, that’s the place where the surgeon does a big cut, not the back where the new bits are.


This little gizmo is totally the Bomb!

I used it a lot,

you just squeeze that little bulb and lovely cold painkiller goes straight into the cut.

Hmmmm, better than chocolate!

The buggers took that away from me early this morning too.


next to go was the big Fentanyl clicker for pain relief in the back and other Hurty Parts.

Imagine it,

I’m quickly losing all my best friends here in hospital.

But it doesn’t matter, because without all those tubes running in and out of me, I’ll be allowed to have a HUGE shower tomorrow,

Now, if you are squeamish

log out of here now,

here’s the gory bit

just to show how small the cut really is,










Looking down towards my feet,

the bloody patch on the left hand is the local anaesthetic drip sewn into place, you can see the line going inside the tummy,

and that little band aid under my belly button is my “NOT VERY  BIG AT ALL” cut.



Pretty amazing don’t you think?

Considering he had his (rather large) hands in there

tinkering away

working on this area

I was impressed.


it’s goodnight from me now,

already 12:53 in the afternoon,

my bedtime.










12 thoughts on “It’s awful when they take your catheter away from you!

  1. Haha we did it again. Just emailed as this post went up. Weird.

    Anyway, yes it is amazing how the op was performed and what a lovely tidy scar you will have Lou. Hope the pain is bearable without those magic potions pumping through.
    I bet you are relieved it’s all over…yay.

  2. Hey Annie, I can’t believe how often we are in synch!
    Yes pain’s a bit dodgy but it will pass pretty quickly.
    Glad you agree with me about the size of the cut, I thought I might being over optimistic, but I am very surprised at how small it is. Not that it worried me, I don’t care about scars. Bikini days are loooooong gone for me.
    It’s more a fascination for me about how he got his hands in there. He’s very tall with big hands. I think skin must be VERY stretchy.

  3. Hi Lou,
    It’s great to hear you in such high spirits….glad the op went okay.
    God, there’s some mean buggars out there, fancy taking your best friends away from you!
    I bet you are glad it’s all over.


    • Hi Elizabeth, I missed my drugs and catheter a LOT today. But it was good for me to get mobile and do a hundred million loo trips.
      Drink water, drink water, drink water they keep saying. Oh for that lovely comforting catheter.
      But, I’m racing up the recovery track at great rate of knots.
      Might have had some cranky pants on for a while today, no drugs can do that. But feeling much better now.
      Playing with all my toys here now. Come over for a look if you’ve got time.

  4. Wow so he did the surgery through your stomach is that correct or am I being daft??
    Wow the cuts are so tiny!!!
    Not so wow having the drugs taken off you so soon 😦 pretty amazing glad it was betadine on the sheets when you mentioned a catheter I was thinking something else sorry!! hee hee.

    Lainey xxxx

  5. Hi Lainey,
    Nope, I’m not piddling my pants yet tee hee, when you come back from surgery everything is drenched in Betadine. They love the stuff down in theatre!
    Yes,my surgery went through the front, because they work on the front of the spine. It’s remarkable how they do it. And they retract all your tummy stuff, and arteries, and a few organs out of the way to get to the spine, which makes the sizeof the cut even more remarkable.

  6. Hi Louise! Glad to see you are awake again! You look glamorous in the first photo! Did you bring the Yasi rat with you? Sleep well! Hope all the stitches heal well. It is really amazing 1)how small the cut is, 2) that they just walk in through the front. kisses! Paula

    • Hi Paula.
      Thanks for thinking I looked glamourous, it must have been the beautiful navy blue theatre gown. Oh, and I had very squeaky clean hair, it goes seriously curly as soon as it’s washed.

      Yasi rat did not come down here with me, but there is a little critter running around here – more will be revealed later.

      No sleep yet, but that’s because they are STILL poking, prodding, injecting, withdrawing, testing and measuring me every two hours. I think when I get a bit of solo time, I’ll crash and sleep for a couple of days.

      Yes, the front door really is the way to go isn’t’ it? Tee hee.

  7. Dear Louise, I was fascinated to hear that the cut was on your stomach – I was imagining you having to lie on your tummy for ages. How long are you going to be in hospital for? Will you truly be two cm taller? I wouldn’t mind an extra couple of inches. love Lindaxxx

  8. Hello Linda in Chile,
    Yes apparently I will be 2cm taller. I can’t tell yet, because when I get up I’m all bent over so I can’t measure myself.
    Isn’t it great not having to lie on my tummy for 3 months – what a pain in the neck that would be.I will see if the surgeon will give me a few spare artificial discs and I’ll post them over to you. How’s that for an idea?

  9. I am squeamish, but I looked…. because if it helped take the pain and everything yukky away from what you are going through (even just a little bit) then it was worth it. You are a brave chickie and oh so positive. You are such an inspiration my friend. Go girl. A-M xx

  10. Hi A-M.
    Triple tee hee.
    This reply came after the Blighty post, so I was scratching my head about why a blue and white toy was making you squeamish. Till I came down here to this post and found where you had commented.
    You are very brave having a look at the cut tummy, I know plenty of people who didn’t!
    Love the link on your latest post, just been to the French Apartment drooling.

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