I am bravely posting despite having had no coffee for 24 hours.

Yes, I have the headache that goes with coffee withdrawal when fasting for surgery.

So I’m sitting here wearing these

No they don’t fit.

Yes they are too big.



I’ve just been downstairs playing submarine captains.

Oh, and I had some X-rays while I was down there too.




Here they all are.

I smudged them, they don’t really look this bad.

I realised there was a LOT of information on that piece of paper




I went downstairs in some flash finery,

I don’t want to sit around in PJs all the time so I bought my Okanuis with me.

Accessorised with


Compression Stockings for theatre,

My name around my ankle (go figure, I’ve got one on my wrist too – they must lose people round here if you have to wear TWO ID bracelets)


Mr IT’s slippers (inTownsville doesn’t own slippers).

Boy, old wrinkly knees I notice.



See the metal ends on the drawstring of my Hoodie?




I wore this hoodie downstairs for my X-rays and after the chest X-ray,

the radiologist had a long discussion with me about metal implants in my chest.

She went through my previous surgeries, and told me

that the metal clips in my chest were showing up and they just had to identify exactly what they were.

Well you can see where this is heading.

It was a mystery for 15 minutes.

Here are the metal “surgical clips”



Metal tags on the end of the drawstring, hanging down my back.
A bit of excitement.
Last night there was excitement for some folk here who commandeered the (VERY OLD) tv here in my hospital room,
and watched My Barry.
If you don’t know who My Barry is,
AFL, Barry Hall, shoelaces, punchup.
So, it’s good night for me now,
It’s 1:35 pm now, Monday.
And they are standing by my bed ready to take me to theatre.
Next time you hear from me
I am going to be 2cm taller.
And I’ll have new discs in my back as well.
PS  Have decided to ask the spinal surgeon to do a knee lift too.

26 thoughts on “NBB…… NEW BACK DAY….. YEEEEEHAAAA

  1. Oh Lou, I am thinking of you, right now, while you are in surgery. Hope it all goes well. Those ‘surgical clips’ made me giggle ……and your theatre attire. Let us know….. as soon as you can! Sending positive vibes, can you feel them????
    A-M xx

    • Hi A-M,
      Tuesday night, am sort of lying.
      Have LOTS of pain relief, TWO, yes 2 lines in to self medicate with.
      Way to go.
      Will post some piccies.
      Thanks for the lovely message,
      chat soon,

  2. Dear Louise that was me above trying to do comment and failing, also it is Blighty here and not Grandma W who seems to have left her mark permanently on my computer!! all the best for today, you are very brave also you have excellent knees and do not need a knee lift, but shame I could not be there and get a chest attached, they must do twofers there? (two for the price of one). Well today is officially first day of hols and I am taking boys to London Zoo, they have a very good chimp adoption programme there! Ha! Spoke to Grandma last night and she mentioned your surgery, she is totally up to speed with you, and she sends her love and best wishes. Please send me over a handsome doctor as the handsome Army Major has escaped…xxxxxxxx

    • Well the major was probably married anyway.
      I’ll look for a spinal surgeon for you, I’ve worked out they make about 2 million a year! Is that enough for you? Eeek, don’t tell Mr B.

      Say Hi to my Grandma, very clever you disguising yourself as Grandma W, maybe the boys will be good for you while you maintain that alias.

      Hi Grandma W. I mean that in the nicest possible way.


  3. Hi ya Lou
    So glad to see your sense of humour was still intact just before surgery.
    The metal inplants…..too funny! I can just imagine how frantic the technician felt.
    Talk soon when you have a new back…yipeeee
    Annie xxxxxxx

  4. hee Lou you are so funny still joking good on ya, well it should all be over now, hope it all went well & you can loose the under wear soon, if I had known I would have sent some seqines & ribbon to jazz them up a bit for you hee take care & looking forward to hearing all the good news please!!!!! xxx

    • Hi Lainey,
      Yep all over now. Feeling remarkably good, I’ve had coffee and boy that helped.
      Love the idea of snazzy Granny knickers with sequins and ribbon.

      Will do a post in the morning. I’m tying on the laptop from the prone position as I can’t sit up yet. It’s a bit tricky, so I think getting photos on to the blog now would be waaaaaay too difficult.


  5. I love every bit you write! Most of all the fact that it does not deeply trouble you, when they can’t figure out, what happened while taking the chest x-ray.

    No doubt you are a fancy appearance. Right now you are probably already asleep, all the best !! Looking forward to a taller Louise than ever.

    • Hi Paula,
      Yep, I’m in bed, flat on my back, but I FEEL taller already.
      Got a bit of a sore tummy but that will pass very soon. I took a photo of it for you, it has bandages on it, so not too gory.

  6. Dear Louise,
    I have been swanning around in Melbourne going to the Miss Universe judging (seriously boring and rigged) and seeing my family. I had no idea that surgery was imminent but I think the Okinau’s are the perfect pre and post op attire..
    Best of luck and fingers and toes crossed (FF 2009) it is a cmplet success.
    kate Bx

    • Hello Saint Kate B.
      OK, now there is a story waiting to be told. When are you home? Why are you at the Miss Universe judging? How is it rigged?
      Expect frantic texts from me this week, I need answers.

    • Hi Janet,
      Waaaaaah, my knees are the same! Bummer.
      Thanks for your lovely kind words and prayers, hope things are going well for you. I know you’ve had a bit of a rough trot (that’s extreme Aussie slang – but not rude) lately.

  7. Louise – I hope your surgery went spiffingly and you’ll be up and about before you know it. Kicking goals with Barry Hall Hall and everything.

    Kitty and Baby Kitty xx

  8. Hi all
    Its me Elisabeth ! louise is fine and everthing is ok she is allready funny again.
    Cheers Elisabeth

  9. Hello Kitty and Baby Kitty,
    Yes it all went well, and indeed it was spiffing. I love that word, thank you, I’ll be stealing that one regularly, but will always reference you.
    As a matter of fact today, I stood up extremely spiffingly today for the physics, and wowed them, for ummmm 3 seconds.
    I’d LOVE to kick a ball with Barry Hall aka My Barry.
    Thanks for that, what a great goal (tee hee) for me to put in some extra work with the physics.


  10. Well Louise congratulations on the safe arrival of your new back. I hope you will be very happy together. I did giggle over the metal clips (eye roll). Hopefully Barry will get wind of your condition and whip in for some good publicity shots.
    I am very impressed that you are blogging so soon post op.


    • Hello Deb,
      Do you know My Barry? Got any connections? (Tee hee).
      I’d love a visit from him.
      Melbourne to Southport is not too far to visit a fan is it?
      Specially since we sponsor the Bulldogs in Townsville AFL, that almost makes us cousins I think?

      I plan on having a very long relationship with this new back, I love an accessory that’s shiny, adds height and provides support.


  11. Hi Louise,
    I’ m back.No judging my god daughter was in it so went down to whoop and holler!
    I texted you yesterday but the Fetanyl might have made you forget!
    Drugs are the bomb!!
    Kate BX

    • Hi Saint Kate,
      Looking forward to hearing all about Miss U. How did your god daughter look, amazing I bet?
      Drugs are indeed the bomb, pretty devastating when they take them away from you and replace with 2 PANADOL. I kid you not, 2 panadol. Surgeon did a flip out this morning about that! Tee Hee,

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