Cooly rocks….. back to the 50s.

So, I’m still on the Gold Coast

at Coolangatta.

Went for a walk this morning

(to make the back nice and sore for my Surgeon Appointment


so he’ll book me in for the new parts ASAP)

I digress.

Looking at this

The water is soooo clear.

and the scrub turkeys are so adaptable

(that fence was built to stop the scrub turkeys building their nests above the pathway

– erosion issues)

Scrub Turkeys 1

Cold Coast City Council 0

Around the corner I found these

Coolangatta has gone back to the 50s

This is a Studebaker Convertable

MMMM – with white leather interior.

I could almost like a purple car!



Then I found the 30s

A Doctor’s Car

A gold one,




Could I be turning Bogan?

I can see me in this one too.



Gosh, who’s in here



This is who


I found a matching set

with a



and a






a boat

What a walk!



But back to ME

and the surgeon

I’ll keep you posted about when

 I am going to get the new bits in my back

I’m ready now.

Hi Grandma Whacker.




15 thoughts on “Cooly rocks….. back to the 50s.

  1. Hi Lou,
    A little ‘fresh’ on the coast this morning don’t you think? I was down at Burleigh earlier this morning and it was a tad chilly but lovely in the sun.
    Love the photos of the cars, especially the Woody with the surfboard and boat…friends of ours in Hawaii owned one which they insisted we use while we were there, it was a hoot driving around in such a classic.

    Good luck with the surgeon this afternoon, I hope all goes well and you don’t have to wait too long for ‘Spare Parts’…..

    • Hey Elizabeth,

      This morning was 4 degrees at Coolangatta. Yes, FOUR degrees. I stayed under the doona till 7:30, I was not going to brave the cold.
      You would have had an amazing time in Hawaii swanning around in the Woody, you lucky girl!!!

      Boo Hiss, I have to wait a MONTH for the surgery. Despite telling them that I had my pjs in my bag then and there. Funnily enough (this is always the way I’ve found), the surgeon was happy to fit me in asap (eg next week while I am still here) but the nurse/receptionist doing the actual booking and paperwork would not give me a space for a month. I moaned and groaned and told them I’m off the painkillers, and it’s hurting, and I have been in pain since 5th February, blah blah blah.
      No luck. Then I tried to tell them that they should dump some OLD person (tee hee) in favour of me for next week’s list, no luck there either. (anyone else reading this don;t freak – it’s a joke).

      Hope you are well and having a ball with the grandies.


  2. The water is what I need right now! Ah, Vienna in in the middle of the middle of … fields. woods, plains. :-/
    The car/surfboard/boat-combo is my favourite, nice colours, too! best wishes for the appointment which is probably already over by the time you read this.

    • Hello Paula,
      Well pop over here, you’d love it – Elisabeth does.
      Plenty of room here for you.

      I can imagine that Vienna is stunning at the moment though.
      I know these things – I watch Inspector Rex.


      • PS Paula,
        I can’t leave a comment on your blog (or anyone else’s either).
        Wordpress is so fickle about this.
        I wanted to say I LOVED the Bakery Post.
        I hope the baker is still there when I get to Vienna, one day.

      • I am happy you enjoyed the posting! I am sooooo looking forward to power-posting during the summer-months (july, august). yay!
        btw: Before sunrise offers A LOT of Vienna!
        You should watch it together with Elisabeth, she probably does not know the movie.

  3. Dear Louise, I loved the vintage car shots – these ones look very well loved. I laughed at the use of the word, “Bogan” which I always associate with Melbourne but Mr LiC who is up on these things advises me that Bogan might be the generic Australian term and “Westie” which is the term I recall is a strictly Sydney term. All I can say is that I would happily be a Bogan or Westie to drive in one of these beauties.
    Poto to the medical system making you wait a month! Still, if it has been anything like this week, time will fly and you will be wheeled in before you know it. love Lindaxxx

    • Hi Linda,
      Yes, I know the month will go very quickie and I can do heaps of exercises to be ready for the surgery.
      I can make sure there’s no layer of fat the surgeon has to cut through in the tummy too.
      (I watched a video of him performing the same surgery in his office yesterday – on his computer, and the anonymous patient had a layer of fat that had to be cut through, gross.)
      ABC Radio National Life Matters did a show on Bogans about a week ago, you could download the podcast, I think you’d enjoy it. You could impress Mr LiC with your bogan knowledge then.

      The cars are cute are cute aren’t they?

    • Hey A-M, I’m tickled pink I resolved my commenting dilemma by getting a blogger address.
      Of course, now I can’t work out why it took me so long to think of this.
      Yes, I can see me in that purple car too.
      Whacky as!!
      Tee Hee,

  4. Hi Lou
    A month! Oh well it probably will go by quickly. Appears the surgeon and his receptionist are not reading from the same page!
    Loved the car pics and would have commented but am fast disappearing into the hell that is moving house so my blog time is vaporising.
    Have a good trip home, I’m sure you will be glad to see family, Elizabeth and the pooches.

    • Hi Annie,
      Yes I can imagine the bedlam that is moving.
      Exciting though!
      Everyone at home telling me they are excited that I will be back inTownsville tomorrow.
      But I’ll be there 10 minutes and the novelty of me will be all over.

  5. Hi Lou well its so glad to catch up with you again sorry been off the air waves with the move, then waiting for internet connection, then I went & got sick been on the couch for a week, but less of me your sounding great so glad the med’s are reduced I bet you are feeling a lot better for that?
    Hope its not to long before the surgery gets done all sounds very complicated but glad its all getting sorted for you.
    Glad you have I photo sorted its the best hey!! I love my freehand too can do such a lot with it, not that I use it to its full capacity still learning.
    Well just wanted to say hi & hope your keeping warm on the Gold Coast 🙂 x

    • Hello Lainey,
      I’ve been wondering what you have been up to.
      Well I am sure you are happy to have done your big move, but what a bummer getting sick. Hope you’ve recovered now.
      I don’t know what Freehand is, but yes I am glad to have iPhoto back again. Much easier than that silly aperture.
      The Gold Coast was FREEEEEEEZing, I’m home in Tonwsville now thank goodness. It’s sunny and beautiful up here now.
      Love to see photos of your house.

      • Hi lou, glad you have thawed out I’m off to Brissy this weekend so I will make sure to rug up warm! I have started to do little post of the house not to exciting as didnt have the energy will try & get the kitchens one up before the weeks out! I carnt stop looking around with a smile on my face at the moment feel daft but 2 years of waitting I still have to pinch myself. 🙂
        Freehand is like photo shop for the mac but 100 times better I could do with having a few lessons with it as don’t use it to its full capasity (no computers when I was at schoo) l so just teaching myself as I go my kids help me out some times so greatful to them & they don’t make me feel like a total idiot!!
        Glad to see you got to catch up with some blogging friends down on the gold coast :))
        Speak soon
        Lainey xxx

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