I’m a celebrity ……………. I’m off the drugs and into recovery


Here is the Before

(These are just some of the drugs I had to take at the height of my recovery)



Here is the After

Yep….. Vitamins

There’s been some serious detoxing going on here inTownsville.




Some serious melancholy for a week after going cold turkey off the painkillers!

In the spirit of Melancholia

I even resorted to





Taking moody sunset photos here inTownsville.


I have to admit though
that winter inTownsville is
Β .
My evidence
You’ll be pleased to know that
Not only am I winning the war on drugs
I’m also winning the war on APERTURE
that awful photo programme that was installed on my Computer.
It’s gone!
iPhoto is back
and I can get my pics into the blog again.
No excuses now for not blogging.
Obviously I have not won the war on finding out how to leave spaces here
without using dots
In welcome news
I do not look like a drug addled VICTIM anymore.
Hmmmm, I could have taken the strap off the camera.
Cheers to everyone,
Hi Grandma W.

19 thoughts on “I’m a celebrity ……………. I’m off the drugs and into recovery

  1. you are looking great! do you remember when I said aperture was one of the reasons I did not want an Apple. You wont miss the programme.
    I can’t recall ever having a cold turkey as glowing as your self portrait.
    Best wishes!! Good to get you back. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Paula,
      Gosh it’s wonderful to hear from you, I’ve missed you.
      Serves me right for not posting much!
      I hope your summer over there is really beautiful.
      This reminds me that I must do an Elisabeth post – naturally she has been looking after me with Austrian skill and warmth. Lots of funny things to share about Elisabeth’s adventures too.
      Thanks for the compliment!

      • Louise, now I feel almost bad not having posted during May. It might have been the dog’s birthday celebration that muted me?!

        Recently I have been interviewing cosmonauts and astronauts. Its graet talking to people who live for something wholeheartedly. Only it draws me away from the blogsphere. Haaaaa, space, zero gravity – maybe a possible cure for your back?

        did you hear about the disease in Europe? Cucumbers where ought to be the evil source of a bacteria spreading now they don’t know what causes the disease. Scary!!!!

  2. Louise – lovely sunset pics and you look fab in your photo – your hair is just gorgeous, gorgeous and you are looking young, young young. Grandma W will be thrilled and embarassed by the name check. She will be here with me tomorrow, I will make sure she sees it! By the way, is that Santa Maria Novella cream in the first pic? Did you go there in Florence? I love the shop in London, full of delicious stuff. Take care my dear xx

    • Hi Blighty,
      blush, blush, blush.
      Yes it is Santa Maria Novella.
      Yes I did go to the shop and museum in Florence.
      Yes I did come home with stacks of it.
      Yes I did go to the shop in London too!
      Yay Santa Maria Novella – would you like a post of the photos I took there?
      It’s an amazing experience.
      Give Grandma W a HUGE hug for me.

  3. Hey Lou, good to see you looking so great again πŸ™‚

    You’re right, Winter in Townsville is just stunning. I’m always looking up at the sky with a smile on my face like a little weirdo πŸ™‚

  4. Yipee!!!
    Gosh your amazing Lou. What an achievement. You done so well. It must have been hard but you’ve come through. Well done.
    Kate Bx

    Hi Saint Kate B,
    Thank you for your comments and congrats.
    You are always in my head when I think about the meds and having the guts to change and/or kick them.
    I do feel really satisfied that I stopped them cold turkey.
    Looking forward to catching up with you, because my surgery will be in your neck of the woods!

  6. Hi Lou
    Gee it feels like ages since we connected. You look fabulous my dear and wow you went cold turkey!
    I’ve no doubt you will be powering along now with a proper diagnosis and lots of good medicines in your system.
    Thanks for todays email, did you get my text this morning re animals. We are on the same wave length.

    • Hi ya Annie,
      Yes re: animals, and I did get you your text.
      Hasn’t the 4 corners programme sparked us all up to do something.
      Someone put an item in our paper today, that any attempt to ban live cattle trade will affect our port, and our prosperity. I will certainly have to get my pen to paper and write something back to the Townsville bulletin.
      I’ve complained for years about the conditions of the ships, we can see and smell them here in Townsville, and it is totally disgusting to witness how cattle are transported. (The end result in the places they arrive at is beyond comprehension.)

      I’ll be down next week, will send you an email.

    • HI Tessa,
      Welcome, nice to hear from you.
      Yes I agree, the vitamins are so much nicer to take than painkillers.
      I’m a teensy bit cranky that Drs up here kept prescribing painkillers instead of listening to me about where the pain was coming from.
      As soon as I got the correct diagnosis, it was so easy to say NO to painkillers.
      We not easy, but I was determined.

  7. Dear Louise, Well you know you are a vision of loveliness? If I were Mr iT, I would be buying you flowers, making you cups of tea and essentially treating you like a queen. But this post show that not only do you scrub up beautifully, you have grit and determination. I can only imagine the willpower it took to make the transition from those high powered drugs. love Lindaxxx

  8. Tee Hee,
    Hi Linda.
    Triple Tee Hee, as I type this Mr iT is watching the AFL, asking where dinner is and telling me if I think I am going to watch Dancing with the Stars while PORT ADELAIDE are playing live, I’ve got another think coming.
    So no there’s not a lot of Queenly adoration going on this week.

    I am sooo embarrassed about putting a photo on the blog now that everyone has commented, I am guessing you know my thoughts on people who look for compliments on their blog. But thank you for the lovely things you said.

    The funny thing is that no-one has asked me about the hole in the wall behind me.


  9. Lovely to see you so happy and not constrained by metal contraptions. I am rather distracted though by your lovely bathroom. The hole?

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