And that’s the end of that ……. down the bottom of the spine.


I know I’ve been bad

and I’m sorry.

No posts – been in the miseries again.


things are taking a turn for the positive.

I’vve been down on the Gold Coast where I got another opinion on the back.

Turns out the last two vertebra in the back

the bum ones,

copped a pounding in the Great Fall.

There are no discs left between the last two vertebra and the second last two.

I’ve had some yucky investigative procedures

(Hence no posting due to felling like cr#p)

and it turns out I can have surgery to replace one disc

and fuse the other.

Prepare yourselves for boring posts explaining




I know, I know

you can hardly wait.

Cheers everyone




14 thoughts on “And that’s the end of that ……. down the bottom of the spine.

  1. Hey Lou, a very good friend of mine had a lumbar disc replacement in Brisbane end of last year with great success. If you’re interested, I can pass her details on so you can ask q’s??

    Good luck!!

    • Yes please. I’m absolutely going to have both surgeries, but would love to talk to someone who has had one.

      I just reread this morning’s post – what a misery gutz I sounded.
      I’ve made a note to be MUCH more cheerful next post.


  2. HI Annie, Crossover texting and blogging – tee hee.
    Home alone in Townsville now, with 6 – yes 6 – dogs. Little James’ Audrey, a 3 year old Standard Daschund, and Molly, a 14 week old Maltese/Shih Tzu cross are here visiting. The Dodgy Brothers and the Bichons are NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!

  3. Hi Lou,

    It’s good to hear things are taking a turn for the positive….There are some great surgeons here on the Coast (had first hand experience with a couple of them after my incident). It’s a great idea to talk to someone who has already had the procedure, it better prepares you for what you are about to undergo.
    I agree with Anne-Marie, six dogs together makes for a very chaotic household, I wonder if they all share the bed with you.

    Stay positive,

    • Hey Elizabeth,
      No dogs in my bed isn’t that wonderful!
      Bronson, the male Bichon who is 16, was the only one who slept on my bed, and has done so all his life. However, the Vestibular Disease affected his balance for about a week, and he did not want to be up on the bed. So finally, after all these years, he’s sleeping in his own bed.

      Bedtime and mealtimes are a bit of a circus here. There is a LOT of supervision by me at dinnertime. Everyone is made to eat their own food and not touch anyone else’s. Well that’s the plan anyway. I’ve sort of got it working. the tricky bit is that Molly (who is only 14 weeks old) has 3 meals a day. The others are very jealous about her extra feeds, but so far no-one has tried to steal her food. She almost jumps in her dinner dish, so there’s not a lot of room for anyone else to try and get a bit.


  4. Dear Louise, Glad that you are home and blogging. It is good to hear that there is a good chance of light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait for the day when you are 100% painfree. Six doggies sounds a lot. Do you have to channel the Dog Whisperer from the Animal Channel? I hope that they all don’t try sleeping on your bed. My Dad’s dog keeps trying to sleep on their bed but then she Goes Too Far and is kicked off. What do the birds think about the interlopers? By the way, our baby pigeons have grownup feathers. Their growth is amazing. Wishing you a lovely day, Lindaxxx

  5. Hi Linda,
    Elisabeth is the Dog Whisperer around here! She has got them all sorted I can tell you. Audrey, the Daschund, is particularly whispered to by Elisabeth, as her first dog in Austria was a Daschund, so Elisabeth knows they can be a bit headstrong and determined. Little James’ Audrey is very good though, I’m very pleased with her. I think she must be an Exceptional Daschund.

    I’m glad to hear those babies have got some feathers. You guys are going to miss them when they fly away.

    RE: our birds and the interlopers – Audrey is DESPERATE to get into the conservatory. I am equally DESPERATE that she does NOT get into the conservatory with the birds. So far I’m winning.

    The birds are not worried about Audrey as long as she’s on the other side of the Crimsafe screendoor into the conservatory.


    • Yes Annie, it is a circus, I’ve taken photos, but can’t get them on the blog.
      BUT – we have a new Computer Guy in Head Office, (Geoff has gone to Brisbane after about 8 years with us, sigh) and he knows how to do WordPress, so I am going to get help for my WordPressitis soon.

      Audrey is a regal name and she’s a regal dog, will post photos see above.


  6. Yes LInda, doesn’t the name Audrey suggest regal, classy, poised and elegant young ladies with excellent manners (except around birds and dodgy Brothers – all of which need chasing)?


  7. Dear Louise, am very confused about the two Audreys mentioned above- Linda, why is your daughter chasing birds and Dodgies? i thought she did ballet? xx

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