Getting so much Better, and then …………………….an incident.


This morning at 5 am

I was lying in bed contemplating my navel –

a sure sign I’m getting better.

I didn’t feel like I did when I took this photo

Early March - while I was still in Hospital.

So one of these faces suddenly popped up beside my bed

Looking up at me from the floor, envying the electric blacnket under my back.

I felt so recovered, I was able to bend over ,

scoop up the Red Dodgy Brother with one hand,

swing him up onto the bed

flip him on to his back,

and rest him against my bent knees.



a hot stinging, burning feeling

flashed across my chest.





A deep breath, don’t panic, and suddenly

trickle, trickle, down my chest.

The lesson?


Poorly bred chihuahuas raised in horrendously cruel puppy farms

rescued by the RSPCA

May have weak bladders

and should not be flipped onto their backs

by idiots who should not be performing circus manoeuvers while recovering from broken backs!


A great way to make yourself get up at 5am

and head straight for the shower is to

flip a Dodgy up onto your bed.


Who knew Chihuahua pee was


and in Breaking news,

Bronson is getting better from the Vestibular Disease, which affected his head position and his balance.


Pretty good balance and motor skills to be able to lick a tiny cream pot clean.

(I know he should not be eating cream

but at 16 he’s not going to shorten his lifespan with cholesterol problems.)

Bronny’s head is almost back to straight

and he appears to be really recovering.

And that photo up in the header bar

is me in Antarctica last year.

(Sorry if it’s pretentious to show off holiday snaps)

Naturally I made friends with the locals.

Cheers everyone,

best wishes to all,




15 thoughts on “Getting so much Better, and then …………………….an incident.

  1. Looks like good news all around…..It’s Great to hear you are feeling better Lou and fabulous to hear that the Super Hero Bronny is on the mend…it’s all good…..well….’sorta’ all good – performing circus maneuvers while recovering from a broken back is definitely not a good move – I am guessing Elisabeth was not present when said maneuvers were being actioned (FF)….I’m sure she would frown upon such an action…….. (Of course Elisabeth wasn’t there, it was 5 am).
    I haven’t personally experienced being up close and personal with Chihuahua pee but have experienced human pee (baby) – yes, it is quite warm isn’t it?

    I’ve just made a lovely carrot cake for my older Son, must go and ice it (cream cheese icing)…would you care for a slice?

    Take care of yourself and no more circus acts!

    • Elizabeth, I LOVE the icing on carrot cake only if it’s the cream cheese frosting.
      And guess where I’ll be on Thursday, seeing another Spinal Specialist.

      My Elisabeth was not here when I did my Siggi lifting gymnastic, I just said something funny happened this morning and it’s on the blog. So this afternoon, I got a text from Elisabeth who had raced home to read the blog: “Louise, why are you doing bloody gymnastics in your bed? It is much too high for things like that!”

      So yep, you are right, much frowning, and big lecture tomorrow morning when she gets here.


  2. A funny story Lou and I could not help giggling but poor little guy having a weak bladder at a young age or perhaps he was consumed with excitement at being the chosen one for a tummy tickle. Can’t say I’ve ever had dog wee all over me but time will tell as Tess advances in age.

    • Annie, I cannot believe I missed this post and did not reply.
      I am ashamed of myself.
      Tessie is a princess, she would NEVER wee on you.
      Hope she is doing fine still after her little hiccough.

  3. HI Annie, Yep, well that was a first for me too. Bichons are far too particularly to have ever piddled on me (the floor however…).
    Poor Siggi, he’s not the brightest pup n the house, though he is the fastest.
    Will text schedule today.

  4. Dear Louise, Poor Siggy! However, it is good to hear that slowly slowly you are reclaiming your life albeit one with ‘incidents’. The story of puppy farms sounds very sad. I suppose the buyers can’t see the suffering. Mind you, I watched the saddest program about the suffering of prize winning pedigree dogs owing to the degree of inbreeding and the insistence on certain physical traits.

    Good luck with the new surgeon – I hope he has lots of new fangled ways to bring you back to complete Louise-ness. love Lindaxxx

    PS I love carrot cake with cream cheese icing too – must action (FF 2010) some soon!

    • HI LInda, hasn’t this taken ages to answer?
      Sorry about that!
      New surgeon is wonderful, and looks good too (I know that’s important to you.)
      Yes, puppy farms, cruelty personified. Siggi and Arnie are very lucky to have escaped an incredibly cruel life.
      God, wouldn’t I LOVE some homemade carrot cake with SUPERIOR (FF2010) cream cheese icing.

  5. Seeing you and the penguins makes me wonder if they hopped on your feet to keep their feet warm.
    I wouldn’t be bored at all with more antarctica-photos om your blog.
    Have a nice weekend! What is going on in Townsville? And how is your pantry doing?

    • Hello Paula,
      Wonderful to hear from you, despite me being slack and not conquering my problems with not being able to leave comments on blogger blogs. I really need professional help, it’s driving me up the wall I can’t post comments anywhere.
      So, no the penguins did not hop on to my feet, they weren’t cold at all.
      I’ll certainly post some more Antarctica photos for you.
      Pantry is not finished because I have not been able to help Elisabeth do the final things. She needs me to tell here where to put some things.
      I’m on the Gold Coast at the Moment – seeing a new surgeon about my stupid back. He was wonderful and diagnosed everything really thoroughly and sorted out what is really happening.
      I’ll update the blog with some photos from the Gold Coast – it’s truly beautiful here.

  6. Good of you to share the bladder warning, very public spirited, I shall pass on warning to Mr Blighty in case he gets all gymnastical of an evening..xx

  7. Dear Lou
    I am missing updates from my new bestie blogging friend…but I am not one to talk ( 2011 is my quiet year lol).
    Hope the new surgeon is doing you proud and all is well.

    • Hi Jen, Well I went over to your place and you are right, you have been having a holiday.
      New surgeon is the bees knees, and thanks for your good wishes.

  8. Goodness, what a fine pickle you got yourself into Miss Louise! Ewe doggy wee, yuck really. Glad to read you have an new surgeon with the added bonus of attractiveness. I am now wanting carrot cake with frosting but feeling too lazy to action some. I will go and dream about penguins instead.

  9. HI Deb,
    Well I am down on the Gold Coast and have seen the surgeon who is exceptional.
    He found the back was broken in other places too – they just didn’t look in other places up in Townsville. Tee Hee – isn’t that terrible? Especially since the hospital originally discharged me the day after I fell, telling me I had no injuries, when now I find out I had 3 smashed Vertebra, not one.
    So life goes on, I’m still here having tests and will see the surgeon this afternoon.
    Sigh – I should do a post I know, but I’ve stuffed up my laptop and the photos, and I have no-one here to fix it.
    I sent Mr iT home on Monday thinking I’d be fine down here on my own.
    Sigh – I’m not very independent.

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