A lesson in WordPress from JCU, and now everything is all different.

Edited to add: Well at least I have CHANGED the header photo.  Will take a lot more work than I thought to restore everything.

Bah humbug, I have to stick a storage device into my computer to find the original photo.  That is under the heading of “A BIT TRICKY FOR ME’.

This is not really a post, but I’ve learnt how to do a bit more in WordPress.

I am playing with my blog in school.  I am at James Cook University following instructions in a computer lab on WordPress and it’s affecting my blog.  We’ve learnt about themes and how to add pages and even photo galleries, and gasp – slideshows.

I’m sorry – but you may be inflicted with a few slideshows in the near future.

My heading and stuff has changed in line with the lesson, it’s going to take me ages to undo the stuff that is not mine, and fix it up.

I’m typing this while the teacher is not looking.

I’ve  just learnt how to do a hyperlink, and what  hyperlink is.  MMMM Need more lessons, it’s nearly finished and I have a million more questions.

Sorry this is such a NON post. So please excuse me, now I have to try and get my blog back to the way it was.

But tell me your news since this is so boring.




17 thoughts on “A lesson in WordPress from JCU, and now everything is all different.

  1. Hey Lou
    Old ladies like me don’t need surprises like blog changes at this time of night thank you very much.
    Only joking, I do like the newish colour, layout and pic.
    Are you having a goodish week??

  2. Tee hee annie,
    I went to a class at JCU on WordPress, and we had to follow instructions. We were in the computer lab, and everyone was new to blogging so they set up a new blog. I already had one, so everything the teacher made us do, has affected my blog layout and page. All the photos are from a file the teacher had set up. So to learn how to add new pages and change the headers etc, I had to follow instructions, and it changed my existing blog. So now I have to go back and get rid of the stuff that is not mine, and get my own images in. That can wait till tomorrow.
    Interesting that you like the new layout though.
    It’s a different theme – and now I know what theme means, and I also finally know what Widgets are.
    PS Enough with the old ladies, I’m older than you. Imagine being the old lady trying to learn how to do all this stuff.

  3. Louise, is this really you typing? I am not so sure … so little block capitals in your posting. Seems as if a Louise from the parallel universe is speaking to us, where WordPress works.
    ok, too much Fringe (TV show) for me.

    • HI Paula, I was in a lesson last night and they were teaching us how to use WordPress They showed us how to change the theme, and add pages at the top – in the menu.
      Unfortunately, I am supposed to be working this morning, so won’t be able to fix the page up till tonight.
      My Boss, Mr iT, is cranky and on the warpath. I’m not game to be caught blogging.

  4. oh golly you are really on the cutting edge of technology there – would you please ask James Cook how I record stuff on the DVD thingie. And please put back lovely pics of the sea and pool at your house xx

    • OK Blighty, I will reinstate my photos as soon as I’ve done the work I’m actually paid to do.
      I will email the Lecturer in Graphic Design immediately asking for a full and detailed Skype Lesson for you on how to record the DVD. I’m sure she’ll have no problems doing that, despite her full load of students, exams to prepare, assignments to mark, and twins (12 months old at home).
      OOOOH yes, last night I did feel on the CUTTING edge of technology. I was the youngest one there, and the only one with a blog. So smart arse me was able to help other people in the initial stages of the lesson.
      Once we got to the new stuff though, it was every man/woman for themselves!

  5. Dear Louise, I can’t see your new piccies as I am on my iPhone – however, I am delighted you are learning new bloggy things. It bodes well for the future. Does this mean that you have been in a classroom all day? How has the miniseries been coping? Were you a model student? Lindaxxx

    • Hey Linda.
      The pictures aren’t mine so don’t worry about looking at them. They were stock photos the lecturer had ready for us.
      I only had to sit in the computer lab for 2 1/2 hours, but it was evening, so the miniseries – which gets all dramatic at 6 pm – was medicated very well.
      As a matter of fact, some of the other students were having trouble concentrating, and wondered why I was so sparky and not in pain.
      I, of course, told them what I am taking and they were all really keen to get themselves some.
      This morning when I shared this with Mr iT (the pharmacist) he was horrified that I had given out the name of the drug, as it’s a restricted one, you know the sort you need a special prescription for, and comes for the DD cabinet, and you need a broken back to get.
      I got a BIG LECTURE this morning!

      Actually, I get a BIG LECTURE every morning about something.

      RE: my student behaviour, I didn’t model anything, but I did help a couple of other ladies who were struggling with WordPress. I did pay attention, and I asked the lecturer to repeat stuff I missed (which everyone else misses but are took scared to ask for repeat) – so all in all, I think I was a model student. (Surprising hey!)

  6. Well…not schmancy just a little bit fancy!!!! now, aren’t you just the clever one, I can see your Blog Readers in for a treat with your new found knowledge……
    I can see the devil in you Louise, typing up a Blog post when the teacher isn’t looking…Tut Tut…
    I’m off to school too today, with my 5 year old Granddaughter – they are setting up a “Day Spa” in their class room and will pamper their Mums and Grandmothers – God Bless their little cotton socks.

  7. Hello elisabeth,
    I have missed you! It’s lovely to hear from you.
    Gosh I envy you today, I am imagining a foot massage with 5 year old hands, it would be bliss, but I think you’d need 2 five year olds, one for each foot.

    Yes, there is a devil in me, perhaps I was not the model student I told Linda I was.

    I hope I don’t stuff up the blog when I try to put it back the way it was -there is a high likelihood I will.

    • The ‘Day Spa’ was priceless….lots of activities were organised including foot massage and spa, manicure, hair brushing and decorating with pretty clips and feathers and several other activities which was followed by a beautiful morning tea. I have the prettiest nails (?) each one painted a different colour!!!
      I took Emily to her Ballet Class after school totally forgetting about my newly manicured nails but I need not have worried because some of the Mums there also had multi coloured nails – it must be the latest trend in the eyes of 5 year olds – too cute….almost as cute as seeing a bunch of little 4 and 5 year olds in their pink tutus dancing like little Princesses…..

      • Well I’m so pleased that they was such a rip roaring success.
        I know that Annie, Linda in Chile and Blighty will be thinking that perhaps Grandmotherhood has its advantages over Motherhood.
        They both have to paint their own nails.

        I slid into Grandmotherhood without the Motherhood bit, thanks to step children. It’s been an interesting experience, lots of fun, but a bit exhausting at times.


  8. Now we have another header photo on this blog. Is it Tasmania, Antartica or some other far flung place. Can’t be Townsville because I swear those are baby penguins and the body is in freezing temp gear?
    This is so funny Lou. Blogging on wordpress appears fraught with anxiety!

    • Heya Annie,
      Antartica, last year, me in the background.
      The wordpress sure is an adventure. The latest is that I cannot post a comment on anyone else’s blog.
      Still working on fixing the blog up and getting it back to normal.

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