blahhhh, yucky two weeks ……. I’m coming, I’m coming



Been MIA

New drugs, lots of pain, lots of tears.

A dodgy brother visited a newly renovated home and peed on the brand new carpet – woe is me!

Siggi is the likely culprit.

Yeah…. butter wouldn’t melt in these two’s mouths!!! NOT!

The other Dodgy Brother got attacked at the beach by a big dog, was rolled three times in the surf (well in Townsville we don’t have surf, but if you are a chihuahua, a 3 inch ripple is surf) and in the ensuing rescue my camera fell in the water and is now kaputsky!

Arnie the yellow Dodgy, Siggi the red Dodgy

Bronson the Fire Hero has been really sick (at 16 very stressful).  He’s  home now and has been diagnosed with Vestibula disease – you’ll have to google that!

I'm crossing everything I own, that Bronny gets back to looking like this.

In exciting Austrian news,
Paula I hope you read this and are impressed,
we had this for Easter Breakfast

An Austrian Mole Cake.

Made by Guess Who?
And it is Mole the animal,
not sure why Austrians make a cake like a mole’s nest for Easter
but we were all VERY glad they do at Easter Brekkie.

Some people almost couldn't wait.

They thought that because they have German heritage
and the Germans make the same cake
they had first dibs!
But because I have a BROKEN BACK tee hee

I got to cut it, like a Bride! (Should have taken my glasses off).

Which reminds me that last night
I actually left the house at night
for the first time since
and  watched the wedding last night at our Friends’ place
the HOUSE with the two week old
I thought it was a beautiful wedding in every respect
and was tickled pink that
Kate’s family knew how to dress stylishly
so much better than than many of the Royals did.

How come their father did not tell them what they looked like? He was in the car with them.

on that bitchy note
Thanks for your patience everyone
as usual writing a blog has cheered me up.

11 thoughts on “blahhhh, yucky two weeks ……. I’m coming, I’m coming

  1. Great post Lou! (just read your email too. Ta)
    Well for what it’s worth I think Siggi has a very shifty, no it wasn’t me it was him, look about him. I guess you had the pleasure of cleaning up his ‘accident’?
    I do sincerely hope Bronny is feeling better. It does not bear thinking about our beloved pooches leaving us one day 😦 Love the pic of Arnie sitting on the dining chair behind Bron…so cute.
    The wedding was beautiful. If you want catty commentary about the fashions check out the Daily Mail online. Oh dear what were Andy’s girls thinking?? According to the DM (of course this paper is gospel) they both looked fabulous at the pre-wedding dinner hosted by the Queen so go figure.
    Speaking of looking marvellous you scrub up a treat Lou. Loving your white shirt and jewellery in the cutting of cake photo. Did you get the choc bunny?
    Must go and wash colour off my hair. I’m doing everything in my power today to avoid getting this place organised re email. Mr A at work so I’m really slacking.
    Love Annie

    • Hi Annie,
      1. I confess everyone, Annie emailed me and I got the WILL TO BLOG again.
      2. Well spotted seeing Arnie on the chair behind Bronson, I had no idea he was there. When we set the table, or look like we are about to, or even if we look like we are about to put a cup of coffee on the table, Arnie is up on the spare chair.
      3. Siggi’s shifty look. No he’s not really shifty, he just looks like a miniaturised Kelpie for some reason (remember these were rescue dogs from a horrendous puppy farm). Sig’s got very wide set yellow eyes, but he melts your heart. He’s gentle and kind, and if any of the other dogs seem to be having a problem (eg yelping or howling because they are being given a tablet, or being brushed) Siggi runs to them to see what’s wrong. Arnie on the other hand, runs away, correct in the knowledge that whatever’s happening to one, will happen to the other (especially claw clipping).
      4. Daily Mail – I’m off for a look.
      5. Andrew’s girls, do you think their mum dressed them?
      6. No I didn’t get the bunny, but I ate a lot of choccy, helped the tablets go down a treat.
      PS Enjoy what’s left of the work free day!

    • Janet,
      Isn’t it the always the way, I hate that photo, but had to show off Elisabeth’s cake being cut.
      But thank you, you are so kind, that makes me feel so much better.
      I made a pact with myself that I would make an effort not to look like I’m yuck, when I go out.
      Mind you , I really am feeling much better now than I have for ages. I’m getting used to the new drugs, but of course would give anything to be taking none!

      BTW – I have been trying to comment on your blog for ages, and there seems to be a problem between wordpress and blogger. I’ve written some quite clever (for me) ones and they get lost (sigh). It’s been happening with Blighty and FF and Paula’s blogs as well. v. frustrating.
      Am still still saving that “age” email to post.


  2. Hi Louise, you look so lovely in that picture! Even Mr B has just said you look v smart which is High Praise from the Man Who Nevers Notices When I Have Been to the Hairdressers, The Dodgy Brothers remind me of Princes Will and Harry……!!!!!! Do hope Bronson gets better soon. Now, because I am unbelievably nosey, I have to ask, whose tattoos are those?? xxxx

  3. Thank you Blighty (blushing and disagreeing) but grateful for the compliment.

    Wish the Dodgy Brothers had Will’s and Harry’s income. Especially when I shelled out a prince’s ransom for an AMAZING print by a friend who just happens to be one of Australia’s pre-eminent printmakers, for the bedroom in which one of those little princes piddled. Will blog about the print and the artist, it’s a funny story!

    Bronson IS getting better. His head has stopped nodding, and is still, but remains tilted to one side. But he’s getting used to it. He’s started DEMANDING things again, ie any food we eat as opposed to his dog food (which is imported from the USA at great expense, as he has to have special diet for dogs who develop bladder stones).

    Probably should mention cost of some pets as they age, may just beat school fees at Private Boys’ School with Helipads. And because you love them and they never complain, you just had over the readies willingly.

    Tell Mr B, I already love him before he’s sent you on a business class trip to Australia via Paris and Santiago!


  4. Dear Louise
    You do look very glam in your cake cutting photo. The lippy is a perfect shade. I am glad to hear that they are getting the drug cocktail right and that you are finally getting out and about. The thing about one’s children, be they hairy or not, is that they have their moments. However, I am grateful that my children, even as babies, never left lingering evidence of their presence at other people’s houses. You poor thing! Still, with such cute expressions, I am sure that they were forgiven. Bronson does look a bit worse for wear in his photo. He looks as if he could do with more hugs and generally being waited on hand and foot. We noticed Prince Andrew’s daughters too – how could we not? I wish they had an A and an I in their house, who as fully signed up members of the fashion police would have barred the door before they would have let anyone out looking less than their best. Still, I thought that Camilla looked wonderful and that Prince Charles looked happy. I think that after all these years, it is probably a relief to move to another and happier phase of their lives. Well, must run. love Lindaxxx

  5. Hi Linda, thank you too for the compliments.

    I did not post the photos for compliments, more to show I am getting better, and what a happy day Easter was for me.
    Yes, those poor girls of Andrew and Sarah’s really do need the mini Linda in Chiles’ fashion advice and leadership. Plus the being barred from leaving the house in such a state.
    BTW, I can only imagine the pressure on you too, from those fashionable stylistas!

    Bronny is improving every day, gosh I am grateful for that. He is getting everything he wants, and more. He even gets cream on his dinner, to get him to start eating it.
    (I figure at 16 he doesn’t really have to worry about cholesterol). Because they are only 3, the Dodgies do not get cream, (or butter when they take their pills) and are WAY jealous!

    I agree that Charles probably deserves some happiness, and you have to give him credit for the two boys growing up without their mother with a lot of her direction in life maintained. She tried to get them to know about life for disadvantaged people and to be not just aware of the less fortunate, but proactive well.
    Charles did not have that in his upbringing, he probably had a dreadful childhood, so I do feel credit where credit is duet him to maintain what Diana started.

    Wow that’s a serious note for me to end on. I’m off to bed, after hearing about the demise of bin Laden. I don’t think his afterlife is going to be what he imagined.

  6. I agree with Linda: you look very glam on the cake-cutting photo and I am glad you did not take off the glasses, I like them!

    As for the cake, I had no idea we bake Easter cakes. Chocoloate truffles for breakfast sounds like a real feast. Austria is moving forward – a colleague got a spinach-cake for her birthday at work. Spinach!! Believe me, you can taste the spinach. I am confused. Might need some Sacher cake to reset my synapses.

    As much as I love the “kaputsky”-word, I feel sorry for the camera. Could this be the true reason why dogs are not allowed on beaches on most parts of the world? For their own safety?!
    I fear Bronny is in such a miserable state you don’t want to share recent photos, this is sad.

    Louise, many people mentioned how clean Vienna looks. Last weekend Mr Paula and I did a clean-out which is going to be posted soon. It was fun!
    You must know, Vienna is the City of Freud and Freud focused a lot on anal fixation and those people tend to invest a lot of their energy into … guess what: CLEANING.
    I am still fixated on laundry and the detergents from The Laundress did nothing to decrease this lust.

  7. Hi Paula.
    Elisabeth cannot believe that you do not now about the Mole Cake for Easter! She’s pretty horrified actually. I will have to get the recipe and send it to you, as you must add this to your list or Viennese skills. I believe it’s mandatory according to Elisabeth.
    But Elisabeth really approves of your cleaning fetish. It’s sure happening around these parts. I must go to THE LAUNDRESS

  8. Hi Lou, finalli got on my computer been sewing my little heart out for a craft show I just did the first one in Mackay, (about bloody time) it went really well, any way less of me I am so sorry Bronson hasnt been well poor darling, how is he doing? 😦 so the carpet got christened then!! dam there is a spray you can get called orange (I think) its good for doggy accidents on carpets I will have to go read the label to tell you whats its called. Lazing in bed at mo (well its mothers day) tee hee.
    The easter cake looked dilicious I bet it didn’t last long my mouth was watering looking at the pick, talking of that did the camera servive the drop in the ocean?
    I watched the wedding wasnt it great Kate looked so beautifull I had wedding madness that evening & was glued to the box (yes sad I know) but couldnt pull myself away. I agree with the hats but then who’s there mother I guess they had to try & get a bit of attention & new they would by choosing there outfits. (meowwww)
    Noticed you changed your photo at the top cute did you take that pick?
    Well I shall sign of & carry on with my lazy day 🙂 Hope you are getting better with your back & med’s working have a lovely day x

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