Medication review, Birthday Party pictures, and news from Blighty

Hi everyone,

If you’ve been reading the comments over the last few posts

you’ll know I was very scared of changing medications for


(new name for the Broken Back).

So with the help of a wonderful blog friend Saint Kate B

I took the leap

and switched pills.

I had to show the evidence of actually taking the damn pills.

 Because I had so many great friends and pharmacists encouraging me to take the leap

and switch to a different type of medication.

So first thing Saturday Morning they got this texted to them.

Gross hey? An early morning shot of my mouth and tongue.

I’m pretty sure I cleaned my teeth before  I took the pill and photo.

Yep its gone, down the gullet.

 How revolting, on three counts

1. I’m in pjs, had not done anything to the wild thing I call my hair

2. Who wants to see down someone’s throat at 6 am on a Saturday morn.

3. How much I’ve been a moaner, that I had to provide evidence to my supporters!



I did not get invited to this birthday party,

because I’m a prisoner

can’t drive, and get around much by myself,



It was really a Dog’s birthday party.

The Guest List was exclusive, you had to have manners like these folk.

I’m thinking you might be starting to get a clue

about who owns these dogs.

Theres some serious puppy discipline going on at this party.

Although one guest did remove his hat.

Don’t know why, I thought he looked charming with his hat on.

Everyone got presents at this party

even though it was Zamori’s first birthday

He got more presents, which he unwrapped himself.


Don’t think the people of inTownsville missed out

they were hand delivered birthday cake

the next day.

See, I was telling the truth.Yep, real cake for dogs

and Yes of Course

it’s a secret Austrian Dog Cake Recipe

Everyone at inTownsville who likes dog food got to share the cake.

Dodgy Brothers got there first of course.

But the Fire Hero and his sister, the 16 yr olds, got some too.

Someone always gets a bit more than everyone else.

Of  course the birthday party was for Elisabeth’s dog Zamori.

A Bernese Mountain Dog.

SUPER well trained.

On Wednesday, Elisabeth is going to attack ze pantrrrry!

We all have to be on standby to call

keep, store, throw away.

I’ll give you before and after photos.


well trained like Zamori

who helped his mum make his birthday cake.


and thanks to all



PS   Joy,  I did not leap at all taking the tablet,

PPS  Note to concerned animal lovers

This Brithday cake contained all dog stomach approved ingredients.


37 thoughts on “Medication review, Birthday Party pictures, and news from Blighty

  1. Dear Louise, In the words of Ms FF, the Glamour never ends! Firstly, I am glad to see that you are taking your medicine – it generally is more effective that way rather than looking at it in the box. I am crossing fingers and toes etc that they make you feel better but I do have a laugh for you which will show something my family has known for sometime – I am slow on the uptake: Moana, I simply pronounced as if it were an unfamiliar Spanish word, Mo-Ana. It was only today while reading Mrs B’s blog, I realised it was Moan-a. Sad, I know. I am an embarrassment. Great to hear about the pantry- I love an ordered labeled pantry. I think what with all this order and a love of animals, your Elizabeth ist ein Schatz. Must turn out the light, it is 1:30am. Lindaxxx

    • Hi LINDA!
      You got to see the blog before it was finished, I was doing it at my desk aka bed.
      And the electric blanket was on, a bishon at my feet, and a dodgy beside my hip, I sort of fell asleep before I’d really finished the blog.
      Whew, glad you are the only person who has seen the messy post I’ve just fixed up.
      You know how mad my world really is, and that I’m really a Malula.
      I did laugh about the Moana and your interpretation.
      Am going to link this to Mrs B right now.

  2. Seeing as Linda took the plunge and confessed about her interpretation of Moana then so should I Lou. Likewise I was thinking something else too…exotic palm tree hawaii sashaying Mo-arn-a/Louise from Townsville and wondering how the heck this name goes with a crook back. Yep, realised after reading Blighty’s blog. Sheeeesh!
    Truly thought the doggies belonged to your vet friend until you said these well behaved cuties are Elizabeth’s. How does super E find time to bake a doggy cake. I do feel slack. I see a little dodgy in your house is partial to cake.
    Fingers crossed the meds are now doing the trick.

    • Tee hee Annie, I can promise you there have been no swaying palm trees round here at Broken Back Palace.
      And G, my friend and Vet to the Stars (FFishism circa 2010), will scream with laughter that you thought these were her dogs.
      She will be amazed that someone thinks she bakes such fabulous cakes, that her own dogs would be so WELL behaved, and that she would have the time to put on an afternoon tea party with designer party wear, fabulously wrapped gifts, and decorations to boot.
      I am sooooo going to drag here her to read the blog and the your comment (like all my friends they don’t GET or even follow anything to do with Blogging.
      Elisabeth is just superhero, I have NO IDEA how she accomplished so much. Must be an Austrian thing I think?
      Yep, Arnie could have eaten the whole piece of cake if he’d been allowed.
      Tee Hee!

  3. Wow, that birthday party looks amazing. Luckily Audrey didn’t get invited. She wouldn’t have waited for the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to finish before she ate any cake, nor shared any. Wearing of the party hat would have also been a challenge for her. Though she might be forced to be on her best behaviour in front of Elisabeth. As your personal Pharmacist, I am confident the pills will work. I can testify to having seen a change in you already.

    • Dear Little James,
      And Audrey’s behaviour and manners would have outshone Siggi and Arnie by 1,000%!
      (readers Audrey is a standard Daschound).

      Thank you for your confidence in the new PILLS.
      (Yes readers, Little James copped the tongue/pill photos round 6am on Saturday morning.
      OH and by SUNDAY night, Little James struggled valiantly to find a polite way to tell me that I’m normal again. Unfortunately, that comment has been made by ever other person who knows me.
      So you can imagine how curious I am now, to know what I was REALLY LIKE on the Oxycontin and Endone pain killers, all I can say is that I must have been somewhat entertaining.)
      Thank you for your confidence in the changeover, I’m normal, but hurting like hell! Ouch!!


  4. hee hee Lou well what a great party, its all happening in Townsville my dogs are just so dissapointed I never made them a cake like that for there celebrations!! Mind you never made them a cake at all. They all look gorgeous.
    I hope taking the plung with your meds will bring you a lot more comfort & mobility, nice picks thank goodness I finished my tea ages ago hee!! xx

    • Hi Lainey,
      Post earthquake, which was not felt anywhere in the inTownsville house, but thanks for your concern.
      My dogs don’t get cake, not even my family gets cake, I am NOT a cake maker!
      And now, of course I have the perfect excuse!
      And yes, Elisabeth’s dogs would have to look and behave perfectly wouldn’t they, my linen cupboard and glass cupboard are testament to Elisabeth’s standards.
      Meds have been a horrible transition, I am Mrs Misery, I have even cried (a LOT), there it’s out in the world, I am complaining!!!
      But, we had to expect going from REALLY strong opiod medication to Lyrica which is a neuropathic drug without any of the opiod ingredients, meant I’d have to feel withdrawal from the feel good meds, so I’m just going with the flow. I have to say I’m lucky having two pharmacists constantly checking on me and how I’m coping (or not). God, can’t imagine going through this week without my own personal pharmacists.
      So, I’m not too bad really, I can still see the positives and things I am grateful for.
      TeeHee, I am almost living on my v shaped hospital bed, with the electric blanket on HIGH – it’s the best pain reliever, and lucky to have laptop I can use on bed. As I type now, there is a dodgy, UNDER the laptop tray across my legs, he’s wedged in between my legs, nesting in to the heat from the electric blanket. I am amazed at how much heat a chihuahua can tolerate, Arnie must be simply roasting on this blanket!

      • Hi Lou, Yay finished work I have a week off loads of time to catch up with the blogging world!!!
        Well been reading some of your replys, I am in agreement with Mr T regarding the beach episode, (sorry) I feel a trator now 😦 well it seems such a shame to upset things with your back when you are getting the med’s right by the sound of things?
        So glad you got of the drugs that made you feel not yourself cannot remember the name begane with an E gosh I sound like I’m on them I’m sure alsimers (ex dancer carn’t spell my brains are in my feet) tee hee!!
        Its true I picked up my friends son from school on Tuesday not only was it the wrong day we had cancelled me having to do it any way due to her being okay to get him on the Wed so as I was driving out the school gates his dad was driving in thank god I saw him he would have been worried sick wondering were his son was I felt a right idiot!!! I can laugh now but not at the time!! I think I need some extra fish oil capsuals.
        Any way will leave you in peace hope the electric blanket is helping & looking forward to seeing the pantry I need some inspiration for mine, happy easter!! x

      • Hi Lou, Been reading your comments with your fellow bloggers I am so sorry easter hasnt been too good with the pain relief, I was hoping your pills would have been able to help 😦 hope it gets sorted soon so you can start getting your life back to normal so sorry xxx

      • HI Lainey,
        Coming along ok now, at least I finally got a new post up on the blog.
        Hope everything is going well down there in Mackay.

  5. So glad you are taking your pills nicely, and good to see pictorial evidence thereof*. I just love that cheeky little Dodgy getting an extra bit of cake! Is that the phantom coffee drinker Siggi? or Arnie??? xx * don’t worry, will whack myself on head now so should stop using fusty old verbage forthwith – ouch!

    • Hey Blights,
      That is Arnie the one that thereof drinks the coffee and tea. He hath no manners, really!
      I loveth this Elizabethanish talketh and herewith with demand more such.

  6. A light bulb has come on in my head!! No mean feat let me tell you.
    The reason (bear with me Lou) I thought of swaying palm trees, exoticness etc is because the last time we visited Rarotonga in the Cook Islands we stayed at a place called MOANA Sands. I kid you not. Just confirmed this flash of recognition with Mr A, hence my word association with Moana.
    God I need a life.

    • Oh Annie,
      My James and I play this game.
      Last time I was in ………..
      We are forever trying to top each other, with last time I was in Jaipur, or Last time I was in Aspen, blah, blah. I think I’m probably winning but not sure, because My James spent an night in prison in Egypt. A fabulous story I need to get refreshed in my drug addled brain, so I get all the components correct before I share.
      God I’ve sidetracked (new drugs not working, so we just doubled “em this morning, I really am still a complete pharmaceutical experiment and research project on pain management still).
      So what I was going to say was, I’ve never been able to say Last time I was in Raratonga. In fact all my boasts of Last times should correctly be The ONLY time I was in wherever!

      But I know you are so truthful, and that you really have been to Raratonaga several times (along with lots of other glamourous o/s destinations) so I am declaring you the winner, and will notify My James of your victory.

      Text me if the above does not make any sense!

      • OhOh, am thinking Linda in Chile might have a TRUCKLOAD of really exotic places that she could genuinely say, eg “Last time I was in Moscow”, “Last time I was in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, or if you prefer Петропавловск-Камчатский”.

        maybe we should check with her before we declare ultimate winner of “Last time I was in …..” bragging rights!

      • Oh thats funny, I did sound like a toff with the ‘last time I was in’ line. There are still many countries I’ve yet to visit so really I would not win that game Lou.
        I cannot imagine the trauma of spending a night in jail in Egypt. Can Delectable James please explain?
        I’m naughty cause I should be packing household stuff and instead I’m here. Mr A may want to see evidence of activity so better go and be productive. Groan.

  7. Dear Louise, I have already alerted you to the terrible terrible addictive qualities of an electric blanket and you know I would know. Frocked up in my dressing gown over my clothes as I key because this apartment is so cold, I am thinking I could go and get an electric blanket from the shops. It would be just this once. I can stop anytime…

    • OOOH, how cold is it Linda? I will have to look at a map to work out how far North or South you are to decide on your autumn temperatures in Santiago.
      I can whip in to Target or Big W here and grab a Linda (single? double? queen?, or king?) and post immediately.

      If I did it, it would mean that you did not succumb.


  8. Dear L,
    Pants to the new meds not doing the job it really is not fair. Obviously the change over was always going to be a bit tricky but this pain malarkey is the pits.
    Any news on the Bowen therapy yet? maybe ring Colleen to get her take on it.
    Hope things improve for you and that Easter heralds a new beginning for you.
    Kate Bx

    • Hello Saint Kate B,
      What a week!.#%$@*&^%%$!!!!
      But, I knew the changeover would not be simple, so I’m soldiering on. (Tee Hee to my pathetic and attention seeking language).

      So, of course in the middle the changeover, and all going to hell with pain relief, and dosage not enough, and physio exercises still ramping up the pain blah, blah, blah, Siggi Boyle decided to run after a dog being held by a woman who was TINY holding on to some sort of big dog, with a look of sheer terror at the approaching manic chihuahua who we are now certain has kelpie in him.

      We’ve been going to the off leash beach here, with all 4 dogs, each afternoon about 4ish, (that’s when the sort of miseries set in -so beach with 4 dogs is good place to be, no room to wallow in drug induced patheticism).

      Well the Sigster, continued to run up to this huge dog, that must have obviously had “issues” with other small dogs going near him judging by his owner’s face, and the tension and strength she was exerting in holding this dog. With visions of a chihuahua munched into three pieces in 2 seconds flat, I had too run after him in soft sand, bending down. Probably about a 30 meter run in circles.

      With Siggi saved, Mr iT said “That was a stupid thing to do, now you’ll have stuffed your back!”, me – no answer possible (like “and you couldn’t run after him because ….?)

      So the following day was of course, spent in my bendy bed with the electric blanket on high under the back, in misery of pain. Lots more drugs, but NO ENDONE – so I’m very happy that I have not had to take that again. (Me flexing muscles to show valiant strength in the face of beating Endone).

      Everyone, still saying, “Oh you are back to normal!” Really getting nervous about what I was actually like on the Endone????? (Lunatic???)

      Anyway, I’ll give you a call when I have cheery stuff to tell, no whinging about bloody pills and stuff.

      The pantry project is currently under way, and I have been “allowed” to participate. Should have photos by tomorrow. With commentary of course.

      What a good idea about ringing Colleen, ta for that!
      Talk soon,

  9. Dear Louise
    I think the most obscure place I have been was Guinea in West Africa, I do remember thinking when I was told that it was the 20th poorest country – what were the other 19 like! But I don’t think you get bragging rites for places unlikely to be mentioned in Vogue so I am out!

    Santiago is, believe it or not, uncannily like Camberra in climate. Currently at 6am it is 8 degrees but we will have a max of 25. It is just that I can’t understand how to work the heating!!!!

    • HI Linda,
      Wow, 8 to 25 so obviously layers.
      I’m imagining the 8 degrees is in the morning, this must make getting out of bed and having a shower and showering children, without heating working, bloody challenging.
      Yuck, love cold wether, but not inside the house/unit!

      Did you go to Guinea in Africa, several times? How horrendous it must have been!

      I can say dishonestly “Last time I was in NEW Guinea.” – but it was only once!
      The Airport in Port Morseby was not very Vogueish, but the Louisiade archipelago, where we had been sailing was the most amazingly beautiful place, totally primitive traditional living (which I found challenging) but glorious reefs, water, beaches, palm fringed islands, and diving.

      I could imagine an amazining Vogue swimwear shoot there.

      No winner to the bragging comp decided yet.

  10. %%$#@+*& Dog and woman. (Not you the other one)
    The Universe was not looking after on the beach! At least you know your legs work and you can run but what a shock for your body to be galloping down the beach.
    Hope things are much calmer over the weekend and am tingling with anticipation at the thought of your tidy pantry.
    Kate Bx

    • Hey Saint Kate B,
      I am about to post a blog about yesterday which was a cracker of a day thanks to 8, yes you can tell Mr Saint Kate B and watch him go white, Brufen on top of the Lyr. dose doubled. We did space the Brufen out all day. But in case he’s worried, took Nex..m for the tummy. Tee hee.

      Can’t believe after all the dramas of starting the new med, it’s not working, even at double the dose.

      Physio shocked that it’s not working, but he’s great, he’ll be phoning the Spinal surgeon first thing Wednesday when SS comes back to work after being away for 2 weeks. Great that I don’t have to do it myself, or that Chris doesn’t have to and appear to be a meddling pharmacist.

      Pantry is coming along beautifully, I might throw a little teaser in to the post later today. It OBVIOUSLY took a lot longer than Wednesday, though we did start it on Wednesday.

      Happy Easter,

  11. Hi Lou, how are you feeling today?

    I was flicking through the CM to check out Paddy’s latest finds and lo and behold there was Delectable James with boxing gloves smiling at me in his famous advert!!
    What a star!

  12. Hey Annie,
    Having a much better time of it over Easter, taking anti inflammatory medication, great for pain but bad tummy and liver. But it’s a short term solution till I see the Doc again.
    Must pop over to CM and see what little sister is up to, thanks for the heads up. and I know I owe you a phone call, it’s coming I promise!

    • Hi K.
      No not feeling better, just fell in a hole outside the Dr’s Surgery. Can you believe it, I go to the Spinal Dr, then walk outside not looking where I’m going, and walk off the footpath into the gutter. Big lurchy fall and all my own fault for not looking.
      But like all things – sigh – drama – violins – THIS TO WILL PASS.
      K. Where do you get your energy from???

  13. Louis, it IS weird: your earlier comments did not show up. grmmml.

    Will you show us your successfull pantry-procress?

    Mr Paula and I am totally sugar-coated, this Easter was very sweet. We oscillate between hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia.

  14. Pantry still happening Paula, more labels to be made, and some more containers to be organised. Elisabeth will not let me take a photo till it’s finished.
    I MUST do a post, but I have had the week from hell, new medication not working and pain levels are up high plus tears and meltdowns.
    But this week will be better, so i promise a post!
    xxxxVienna is looking beautiful!

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