Linen Cupboard update ….. well I’m sorry , but it’s that or else

I could keep writing from here


My desk, I have to share it.

about the


that I have taken to calling the inTownsville Back.






Yes the Elisabethan Age continues here inTownsville

It’s so amazing



I know, Elisabeth is a miracle worker.

But wait

there’s more,



I have to make the labels, because the label maker here is so flash it’s connected to Mr iT’s computer.




Tee hee, yesterday I accidentally asked a question about My Linen Cupboard

Eyebrows were raised, and

“Ooopsy, sorry Elisabeth” I grovelled, “I meant YOUR linen cupboard.”



I’ll tell you about that painting you can see a portion of, beside the linen cupboard

another day,

but here’s a teaser



Some people’s dogs are a bit famous in the Gold Coast Art World.

Lots of love





Special photo for Annie

Oops, upside down, typical of me!



I have told all friends they must call me Moana now – I keep reporting the unpleasant details of the latest medical stuff up.

(Tee Hee, at least no-one is getting bowel movement reports – that will really say I’ve died and gone straight to the decrepitude of old age hypochondria).



17 thoughts on “Linen Cupboard update ….. well I’m sorry , but it’s that or else

  1. Well I just had to comment today didn’t I on the perfection that is Elizabeth’s linen cupboard and the glass cabinet is sublime. May we have a tutorial from E on how to fold those pesky fitted sheets to make them sit just so.
    Ta for the sheet brand Lou, I thought they looked like celebrity quality merchandise.
    Am intrigued to hear about this artwork featuring the senior citz and dodgy bros.

    • Hey Annie,
      You better be reporting to me, that Annie World is fun and fabulous pretty damn soon! Those recalcitrant pesky windows are just too much. And I’m sorry about this post, it’s extremely thoughtless of me to show off the sparkling perfection of the glass cupboard, when I know you are having such a tiresome time with glass – well the window frames – sort of glass related.
      (Dear all, Annie is renovating an old house and is doing something that is too horrible for me to even imagine to the windows, or the frames, or parts thereof, that has taken weeks out of her happy life. I know it invokes blood , sweat and tears, and scraping and gouging with tools – yeeecccchhhh!)

      Annie, we ALWAYS manage to find those sheets marked down at DJ’s or Myers, and we don’t get to Brissie very often.


  2. Mega jealous re glasses cupboard. Did E work in one of the European Royal Households in a previous life?
    Sorry re your back. Please think about the new drugs. They really helped D.
    Kate Bx

    • Hey Saint Katey,

      E just continues to amaze me. On top of all this seriously systematic program of the Elisabethanisation of inTownsville, I copped a horror Monday night after physio loaded up new exercises. Ended up in bed at 4pm, unable to move or medicate self, it was that neurowhatsy path nerve la di da crapola they told me to expect.

      Seriously yuck, was drugged to gills by Mr iT and Jason, I couldn’t even lift my head, and GROSS I had to stay in the bed and slept the night in my day clothes and make up and dirty teeth. I mean, God, I’m a druggie seriously now.

      So Tuesday morning, had the pain hangover, plus the mega pain killer hangover, and got all teary. This is the first time I have had even one tear even when it all happened. Then Elisabeth arrived, and I took one look at her face and started the whole sobbing sook saga. (I NEVER do that).

      Next thing Elisabeth is giving me huge Austrian Mummy Hugs and gentle chastisement but in that lovely non chastising affectionate way. So, Elisabeth just continues to become more and more Real Royalty herself around these parts.

      Have had the new prescription filled, but it’s sitting there looking oh so scary at the moment. Promise to email about making the big leap.

      Hope you are till reliving the excitement of roar and snore.

  3. Lou, I’ve always been a believer that good comes from bad and in a bad situation you should look for positives…in your case it’s just a bloody shame you had to fall through the roof to find Elisabeth, but in turn you now have the best god damned organised linen and glass cupboards in the whole world!!!….see, a positive out of a bad situation.

    In your reply to Kate you say …”Have had the new prescription filled, but it’s sitting there looking oh so scary at the moment. Promise to email about making the big leap”….for goodness sake girl, NO MORE LEAPING, haven’t you learnt your lesson?

    Sending good wishes,

    • Hey Joy,
      Tee Hee, I really do have to come up with a topic to tickle your writing fancy and publish here.

      So the prescription that Saint Kate B is talking about is a neuropathic analgesic, compared to the opiod based painkillers I’m on at the moment. The new one is more suited to my pain problem, than the ones I’m on, but it has a teeeeesny side effect on a tiny percentage of people who take it, and I am obsessing about that. Saint Kate B, can see right through me, we call her the Louise Whisperer – and she is giving me the gentle reminder about this option.

      I am carefully log rolling out of bed now, to slowly and cautiously take the scary prescription off the top shelf and put it on the bottom shelf, to prevent any LEAPING as advised by you.

      I absolutely agree 27,000% with you, that for every horrible thing that happens in your life, somehow, at some time something happens that makes you grateful for the experience. One of the benefits of getting older, and also having a positive outlook on life.

      And yes you are right – Elisabeth is a Godsend – she and I were chatting about it this morning, because she only arrived in Townsville just before Cyclone Yasi, so is relatively new to town. I wrote the most bizarre ad ever for a housekeeper, that Elisabeth’s husband read and said “Elisabeth, this is YOU!” And it soooo was.

  4. Glass is a serious in Austrian housekeeping, too! You know the chandeliers in the NY Met? Well, every Austrian household must at least own 2 chandeliers, Lobmeyr or Swarovski. And you clean them twice a year. My mum struggles with a housekeeper who wants to clean the chandelier only once a year. I think she has no future in my mum’s household.
    This is a classic:

    Do you think a future upgrad is possible so Elisabeth will also entertain you with her cooking skills?

    Louise, please make sure, Elisabeth wont not take over the whole house while managing the household. Remember, you are drugged.

    I am so glad she is around you. I can imagine the joy of the linens. I ironed the dishtowels last week and the little pile in the chest drawer makes my heart jump every time I look at it.

  5. Hey Paula,

    You won’t believe it, but this house has two chandeliers. We haven’t even mentioned them yet though. I told Elisabeth you and I were having a bet about what would the next Elisabeth project be, we both guessed pantry, but were wrong, it was the glass cupboard.
    She said on Monday, “Loooeees, I can not stand these filsthy glasses , I must do at once!” (I wish I could spell the Austrian Accent).

    Plus, I have to be well enough to help with the pantry, I have to say chuck, keep, can go in the garage storage, all those important things. E knows I won’t be able to stand still and not help, so we are not doing it till my back is better. It’s been bad this week.

    Funny your comment about the house, Elisabeth is already a member of our family, which is exactly what I wanted, and obviously needed. Read my rely to Kate B about my Tuesday meltdown and the Mummy hugs -and you’ll see what I mean.
    She’s already binging home baked goodies to the house – but Mr iT who is supposed to be on a diet, wolfs them all down, so she knows she has to be careful.

    Tomorrow you’ll be seeing an example of Elisabeth’s baking skills.

    I agree with you about the linen, back in the olden days, before THE MINISERIES OF THE MISERIES OF THE BACK, I used to LOVE ironing teatowels and pillow slips and sheets. So maybe I’ve got a tiny bit of Austrian in me.

    Loving your pictures of springtime Vienna – and JEALOUS I can’ t go for a walk or a cycle round such beautiful city.

    Tee Hee, last night was Inspector Rex – Elisabeth disapproves of this tv show. Must get to the bottom of the reason for this.

  6. Hi Amanda,
    Of course, but she’s got some serious projects still to attack.
    This week is the pantry, and Mr iT and I are to be lined up and made to say chuck, keep, store etc. Easy for me, but the Mister is going to be wrangled I think. He’s a gadget man, and boy there are gadgets in the pantry – should do before and after!
    Hope things are going well for you.

  7. So sorry about the almond oil, but I can’t wait to. Hear the whole saga. I have an Elizabeth, she doesn’t have an accent but she is brilliant at sorting and tackling the piles of crappola that gather round the place. I may have to show her the photo of your linen cupboard. My eliz is great with dogs and she throws on a bit of obedience training and general dog loving when she is here.

    • Deb, I am sorry to tell you this, but I think our Elisabeth (she is great with our four dogs and 4 birds), has already started to throw in a fair bit of obedience training with us rather than the pets, and the loving bit as well. We are all starting to behave ourselves, Mr iT has turned into a bathroom angel – I have never seen such cleanliness and bathroom tidiness from Mr iT in 32 years!
      I’m the lucky one, I get all the good stuff. I’ve had a couple of meltdowns this week, the broken back has had a few wobbly ramp ups of severe pain and I’ve sort of lost the plot and gone all teary – Elisabeth arrives and gives me the best Austrian Mummy hugs, gets me calmed down and then I get the gentle chastising lecture about doing too much. Elisabeth cracks up when she reads the blog, and chats to her sister in Vienna, because I’m 4 years older than her.

      I’ll try to do my best on the almond oil post.

  8. Dear Lou, love your desk looks so warm and cosy! Your glass cupboard is a thing of beauty, and I like your blue glasses, really lovely. The linen cupboard is awesome and is having a subliminal effect on me – yesterday i attempted folding of Boys 1 and 2 clothes before shoving them into cupboard – ok, actually it was Boys 1 and 2 themselves I was shoving into the cupboard and they came out all red and creasy as usual…I really like the beach picture, it’s so colourful and cheery and I enlarged it to double check – the doggies are there in all their glory! And is that you under the parasol? You artist’s muse you! Must go boy fight has broken out…aaaaaagh!

  9. Hi Blights,
    The painting is much bigger, that’s a tiny bit of the whole thing. Will blog it in future.
    If boys are getting creased in the cupboard, then you are not folding them properly. I will ask Elisabeth if there is a secret Austrian Boy Folding technique.

  10. Oh I would like a post on that as well. Is there a different folding technique for girls? They don’t have all the extra boy bits?

  11. Hi Moana (hee couldnt resistLou ) well I am impressed with the Linen cupboard, dam I wish I could have kidnap Elizabeth when she was in Mackay!! :(( Mind you my cupboards not as impresive as yours so she would’nt have enjoyed herself!!!

    Love the dogs on your painting looking forward to hearing how they got to be painted on that colourfull scene! :)) x

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