The Linen Cupboard

Saturday and I’m back to normal.


I have diligently answered all the comments on the last post.

They’re all there, read them all, comments and replies, from top to bottom (only if you are interested), the story sort of continues through the comments in sequence.


Linen cupboard photos as promised.

Sorry I didn’t have a before photo.



So this is stage one, part one of the Elisabethan of chez inTownsville.  I’ve cropped out the bits that aren’t done yet.

All linen was rewashed and ironed with linen spray from Dusk, then folded the secret special Austrian way, that you can only learn if you go to school in Austria.

I do not satisfy the requirements to learn the Secret Austrian Sheet Folding System.

“Ploos, Loooeesa, you haff ze broken back, you must nnnottt trrry to fold ze linen in ze furrst place!”

(Note from me: God, try writing an Austrian Accent!)

We have been advised we are allowed to take towels from the cupboard, but NEVER and I repeat NEVER are we allowed to put anything INTO the linen cupboard.



The George Boundaries Elisabeth vs Louise

I’ve spent 3 years of serious grovelling to be allowed to scratch his comb, run my hand down his back (other hand must be visible at all times), and just recently allowed to gently rub his tummy with one (ONLY ONE) finger.  I am allowed to kiss as much as I like, and in fact have to be wary of George’s tongue going onto my lips.  Go figure that one out – weird boundaries I’m the first to admit.

At all times George MUST remain on his perch.


The Elisabethan Boundries.

Yes, I will step up onto your finger.

Yes I will step up onto your hand.

Yes I will sit quietly on your shoulder.

Yes you can scratch and kiss any part of me, on my perch or while you are holding me.

Yes, feel free to pick me up and turn me upside down (the ultimate display of total bird trust).


Ooooh, ELISABETH you're here, I'm over here.

The Elisabethan George, placid, compliant, trying to look cute, and attract a cuddle.



The Garden Miner, she's resisting the Elisabethan Age so far.

My Dolce, she’s a Silver Indian Ringneck, and one serious wild child.

She’s survived 4 huge accidents/events that would have killed an eagle and is a tuff nut – like me.

Dolce will not co-operate with Elisabeth so far.

She is staying loyal to me, not that she’s obedient exactly, but I’m slightly ahead on the emotional scale.  Trouble is, Dolce is my partner, and in the Bird World that means I must comply with her.  She’s taken the upper hand in this relationship.

Dolce is currently digging a hole in the conservatory garden, interestingly enough, she dug a hole here last year (we filled it in for about to be obvious reasons).

Last year, in this hole she was bailed up by a snake intent on eating her.

She couldn’t fly away, as she was in her hole.

Fortunately, Dolce can be

very loud

is not afraid of stupid snakes

and has humans who understand that they must risk death or injury and remove any threats to Dolce’s life or limbs.


Hole dimensions this morning before ....

So, I calculated depth and breadth of Dolce’s hole today.  Worked out it was definitely snake trapping of Indian Ringneck dimensions, and sadly for Dolce, 2 weeks work (full time too) was trashed by Cyclone Shovel and Mr iT.

We’re used to natural emergencies round here.

Dirty bird protest against shovel intent on destroying her hole.

Dolce then suffered the indignity of a huge bath, dirt brown silver Indian Ringnecks not tolerated in Elisabethan houses, thought I’d better take action before Monday morning.


It’s 2:30pm, and my whirl of domesticity, answering blog comments and writing this one have required immediate retreat to my hospital bed, with electric blanket for back on high, room Air con on 20, and a cup of tea, and sigggggghhhhhhh – painkillers.


Hope you can see I’m over devastation day, angry day, getting my head sorted out day yesterday, and am fine today.




6 thoughts on “The Linen Cupboard

  1. A nice cheery post Lou. Loving the birdy pics. Maybe we could introduce Dolce who likes to dig holes, to the bush turkey intent on rearranging every shred of mulch in the vicinity of the house, into a gigantic pile.
    How easy is it to bath a bird?
    Linen cupboard is impressive and may I ask what brand of sheets reside in said linen cupboard? I likey. Elizabeth is creating wonders.
    Windows (we are talking every itsybitsy part) were being cleaned til 7pm last night and I felt like I could effect a criminal tanty. The joy/misery continues today.
    Enjoy your Sunday and don’t overdo it.

  2. Hey Annie.
    Linen is um, Sheridan 12oo thread count special Hotel something or other whatsy smart arse brand. We get them from DJ’s when they are on sale. The weigh a TONNE seriously, but a truly beautiful to sleep on.
    I’ll investigate brand for you tomorrow.
    Even Little James (at 24 and a boy) comments on how beautiful the sheets are at our place. So they must be good for a straight young male to notice. (Remember he was here petsitting for the time we we away Jan and Feb).
    Bush turkeys are so comical, one digs and scratches a nest onto one of the roads inside the campus at JCU, every morning. Everyone has to diligently drive around the nest, but the groundsmen dismantle it every evening. Of course, every morning, it’s back in place.
    Have no idea why Dolce is digging holes, must google it.

    I’m sorry your windows are traumatising you so much. They better bloody well appreciate all this effort and behave themselves when renos are completed.

    Very easy to bath Dolce, tea towel in deep ceramic kitchen sink, we have one of those up and over taps like restaurant kitchens so I make it work like a warm gentle shower spray, and madam screams for about 2 minutes then realises it’s seriously yum and relaxes and peacefully enjoy it. Then I give her a little warm gentle blow dry.
    Being a pet in this house is seriously no hardship.

    Annie, hope you have a fun week this week, can the windows look after themselves for a few days?

  3. Dear Louise, 1200 thread count! I think that it was about time you got someone who truly was going to treat your upmarket sheets in a manner to which they could become accustomed. I can imagine that a full renovation of the linen cupboard will be on the cards! In the interim, do you pull a chair up in front of the linen cupboard with a cup of tea and feel soothed? Lovely that Elizabeth is such a treasure. However, you should have a chat to your Vet to the Stars about nefarious means of re-establishing your position as George’s number one girl. Special bird cologne? Birdnip? Thank goodness that Dolce is stalwart. I hope that the doggies don’t turn too. love Lindaxxx

    • Tee hee to the 1200 thread count, I am just going upstairs to have a cup of tea in front of the linen cupboard. Funnily enough it next door to the disaster that is/was the bedroom destroyed by cyclone and me falling through the ceiling.
      I’ll take photos of both – I think you’ll enjoy the juxtaposition.
      George is really gay, he love Chris most of all, and then my pololo. Actually he almost turned into mush on Friday when my pololo visited, George really, really loves him -told you George is gay. I’ve given up on accepting anything but the crumbs from George.
      Dolce, redug her snake pit hole in one day, a mighty effort for one little bird.
      She’s very clingy now, got her wings clipped yesterday, as did Felix (despite name, girl alexandrine). Their behaviour was just off the planet after two months away then me in hospital and incapacitated at home for another 2 months. My vet to the stars gave them both a wing clip yesterday (she does a few select feathers both wings so they an fly short distances and stay stable). Behaviour has already improved 100%.

  4. So jealous of your linen cupboard. *Stamps foot* I want Elizabeth to come and sort mine out. Now.
    No comment on birds. Do you know I have a teensy weensy bird phobia? Possibly because Anastasia my Siamese ate Be Be the budgie when I was 14.
    Hope back behaving a little better and not being a PITA
    Kate Bx

    • HI Katey, I will ask Elisabeth if she would like a trip to the Gold Coast to do your linen cupboard.
      She arrives with home cooked Austrian sweet treats too.
      Sorry you have bird phobia, would not have been pleasant seeing a budgy eaten by a cat – what a catastrophe! Ours are worth all the work, cleaning, feeding and training. They are hilarious and full of fun and affection, they have a pretty good lifestyle here too.
      Wish I could help you get over your phobia.
      Back is loving being out of the brace, I seem to be having good days then bad days. ho hum!

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