Not back to you, back up plan backed up, back to the back saga.

Hi everyone,

bad news this week,

went to Spinal Surgical Specialist

and original diagnosis was wrong,

as well, the treatment was totally wrong.

The healing process has been established and is too far gone for the Spinal guy to go in and fix it.

Probably a life long problem now with present pain levels likely to last another 12 months.

Got the news yesterday, was sort of devastated but not able to process it.

Today I was very sensible and vented like fury, wonderful friends rang, and despite dire warnings of the possibility of maximum swearing, they gamely listened to the whole disaster. So done the devastated day, and now the Angry day, tomorrow will be … hmmm don’t know.

Better do a funny blog I think.

Elisabeth, the Austian housekeeper is finding her way around here like  a dirt and mess seeking missile.

Tomorrow I will post a photo of our linen cupboard,

we have been forbidden access to it.

We are only allowed to open the door and admire it, but if we need anything from the cupboard,  we must ask Elisabeth and she will remove what we need.

None of us are trustworthy enough to handle the masterpiece that is our reorganised linen cupboard.

Photos tomorrow I promise.

I know actually writing a blog will really kickstart me back into action, and luckily my funny bone is not in the dunny house that is my back now.

(that’s research for you non Australians).

Love and kisses

apologies for being a prize misery gutz, going to reform tomorrow



18 thoughts on “Not back to you, back up plan backed up, back to the back saga.

  1. So sorry to hear about this, the misdiagnosis and all, I do so hope the pain gets more manageable soon. Lots of cyberlove from me and Grandma W (now back in her own residence and regaling her friends with lurid tales of A&E and poo seeking matrons).
    Can’t wait for the photo of the linen cupboard, Elisbeth is the Lady of the Linens, you will need to come as supplicant with candles and offerings to be allowed even to glimpse the magnificence of the Linens. The beauty of the Linens is too much for mere mortal eyes…must go, am rambling, here is sunny, such a shock, think I may be delirious from sunstroke..xx

    • God, I knew you’d pick this up before you got the email I just sent. Have a read of the big email, it explains everthing. I’ll try and call you on the weekend and let you know I’m ok again. Love Lou

  2. oh i’m so sorry to hear this. a few years back i was flat on my back for 9 months straight after a horrible auto accident that hurt my back so bad i thought i’d never be the same. it was awful. so much pain and meds never worked. i really feel for you louise. i was very lucky and did not need surgery. traction is what did it for me. every once in awhile i still have to use it when things start hurting but i’ll never forget that awful pain. so the fact that you are even blogging at all is a miracle to me b/c all i did for 9 months was cry. i love the sound of your new housekeeper. i think i’d like her.


    • Hi Janet, it’s Saturday now, and I’m over Wednesday the Terrible. Have thrown of the brace, as advised but surgeon. Been to the new physio, who is teaching me to do core exercises – that’s a whole blog in itself – really weird, you do it with an ultrasound showing you your gutz muscles (my term obviously) and you move about 1/2 inch. Doing it without the ultrasound is impossible but I’ve been told to anyway!

      I’m in normal headspace now, and coping fine, seeing the funny side of life. And the dreadful setback, has not made anyone else who lives here, any tidier, more thoughtful or more helpful, so regular life goes on here now. Tee Hee.

      What an awful experience for you and your back, traction must have been hell on earth. You must be incredibly resilient! The drugs are such a worry though aren’t they, they are so strong.

      Everyone’s cheerfully telling me I’ll have to go to Betty Ford to get off them. I think I’d like a little more luxury, say Palm Springs for drug detox/rehab?

  3. Oh Lou, I am so sorry. I am praying that the pain prediction is all wrong and you get pain free asap. Never say never. Trust life. A-M xx

    • Hi A-M,
      As above, it’s Saturday now, and the miniseries of miseries (god that’s a blog title I’ll have to remember) is over.
      I’m cheerful again, getting on with life, and dealing with the things I can do and the positives now.
      Thanks for thinking of me, still got lots pain meds, not changing to the new drug the new Surgeon wants me to use yet, it has a FULL PAGE on the patient notes, warning about thoughts and risks of Suicide, and warns patient and carers and others around the patient to watch out for any indications of this while on the drug.

      Yeah sure, I’m happy to try that one out – NOT!

      It’s a neuropathic pain reliever so is much better for my pain than the opioids I’m on now. It will be an issue as the physio and rehab ramps up to really painful levels, so I won’t address is till then.

      I have neuropathic pain apparently, thanks to the wrong diagnosis and wrong (lack of) treatment, but I’m not going to blog about that, far too miserable and pathetic.
      I’m just showing off today that I can spell it. Tee Hee

  4. Hi Lou, thought something must have been a miss as not heard your humour on the air waves for a few weeks, well thats not good at all, how can they make such a huge mistake well thats not on!!! I hope you will be able to get some compentation or something if thats what you have to live with it makes my blood boil you put your trust in people!!!! Any way I won’t start you off its the case of staying more positive now & trying to get strong could you try acupunture to help with the pain relieve???
    Sending big hugs x

    • Hey Lainey,
      I know you were worrying, got a few serious and comments about Lack of Lou.
      Thought I’d better come clean and confess on the blog, despite my hatred of looking pathetic or miserable or attention seeking (well attention seeking for anything other than showing off or being fully/silly).
      I realised that not posting, while going through the miniseries of miseries (just invented that in my comment to A-M above, and a seriously impressed with myself, does make people worry, so I have to get over myself and think of others.
      Blog world is so unfamiliar to me, I would never have thought anyone would read, let alone care about my stuff.

      Thanks for your concern, I’ve been prancing around (well hobble-prance) in my glam headband, and shock horror STILL HAVE NOT WRITTEN THANKYOU. It’s there waiting for me to do it though!

      The surgeon said Bowen Therapy not acupuncture – don’t know why, and haven’t had any yet, all will be revealed as I find out.

      As usual I have not been visiting my fav blogs, so will pop over for a visit, I hope there’s some house news.


  5. Dear Louise, Poo to the miserable doctors! Actually, a similar and related word which a very gorgeous little Australian girl of nearly 5 uses often here is poto! (always needs an exclamation mark) which means bum and is to be used when adults are being tiresome – mind you is best used followed by a sharp turn emphasizing her point. So poto! to the lousy doctors too. An organised linen cupboard is a thing of beauty. Hopefully, however awful things are, your home will become a haven of order and comfort thanks to Elizabeth. Does she make a nice cup of teas too? Thinking of you. love Linda

    • Hey Linda,
      OOOOH I’m going to be poto!ing my way round here from now on, particularly with sharp turns. This is going to really mess with the head of the BAD MAN, who is wavering between excellent and bad. In the tidy stakes, of thinking of others re: leaving his stuff EVERYWHERE, bad is winning.

      Elisabeth is wonderful, going to be a blog treasure trove.
      Yes clean, orderly, she’s currently waging war on the shower screen in the master bedroom. It has horrible calcium spots on the glass and nothing has shifted them. She’s used about 15 techniques that should have worked, but is on a mission to win this war. I’ve even taken an interest, and (OH GOD, YOU ARE GOING TO GO BALLISTIC) while I was up a ladder this morning cleaning out the cupboard in the laundry, while doing many loads of washing (it’s Saturday morning and no supervision, yaay), I found some hidden secret weapons for the shower glass war.
      I’m going to see if I can beat Elisabeth to win the battle of glass spots.
      It will be a major coup, because she is really psyched up to conquer this recalcitrant dirt/stain.
      See how positive I am, back be damned, I have laundry and shower cleaning to do!

      I’m geting so many good words from you, I’m going to have to start recording them. I’ve forgotten naughty girl, but am fairly confident you are going to remind me.

  6. Jeez Louise, what a bummer!!! I’m so sorry to hear of your misdiagnosis….Good for you to vent your fury, you have good reason.
    It’s good to see that you still have a sense of humour…….
    I have a vision in my mind of Elisabeth and your linen cupboard….I can just hear her saying “Touch zis bluddy cupboard und I vill cut your bluddy hanz off!”…….God, I hope she doesn’t read your blog!!!! ……oooops!

    Keep your chin up,

    • Hey Joy,
      I owe you an email, I read your email with and to Little James out loud and we were screaming with laughter.
      I really need to thank you for that.
      Boy oh Boy Joy, you do spread Joy.
      I will have to email and get permission to share most of that email (and it’s background) with the readers, it was just funny and witty beyond belief.

      Elisabeth is soooooo going to get to read that comment above too.
      We are already asking permission for all sorts of things round here.
      Read my comment to Linda in Chile (above) about the shower screen. you’ll see how cheered up I am now!


  7. Wrong diagnosis. Pretty sure I would be crying buckets Lou.
    You will handle this in your own special way and just ‘get on with it’. A sense of humour is a cherished gift and your gift will help you soldier on.

    I need Elizabeth. Does E cook too? Takeaway again tonight. One should not action rubbish takeaway involving chook, chips and lashings of gravy while watching Biggest Loser :/

    Mr A and I have decided to work as a team on the horrible windows but we’ve been extremely clever at avoiding this job by finding other tasks which are imperative (yeah right).

    • Nope, do you know, I didn’t even cry once.
      I was sort of dazed and devastated and didn’t know how to think, or what to think. Brain wen’t down to about 10% operational.
      I think I may have thrown a wobbly when the Mr did not say the appropriate things, he was probably in just as much shock, but I channelled serious bad actress – say the level of Neighbours circa 1980s, and announced that I was “crippled and disabled for life”, and you don’t say those sort s of things to us “crippled and disabled for life” sufferers. NOTE – that description is highly overstated for dramatic effect, I am not crippled or disabled for life. Just got a “different” sort of stuffed back now.

      Elisabeth and cooking are like dogs and bones, or fish with chips. Yes, she LOVES cooking. Brings Austrian sweet things that are devoured before I even get to see them. Cooking at home here is self sufficient, the boys are fine with cooking, it’s basic, but as I’m not a foodie, it doesn’t worry me.

      I’ve been thinking about your windows, and thought perhaps some criminal might have to do the job as community service?


  8. I’m so, so sorry. The thought of this level of pain for another 12 months must just be…… frightening and heart-wrenching. I remember after my car accident they told me I wouldn’t feel the full amount of pain until 18 months after my accident, and I didn’t believe them. I forgot about it, until the 18 month mark when I was in all worlds of pain and not really coping on a daily basis 😦 Pain is not fun, especially chronic pain.

    Will call this weekend.

    • Amanda, Boy, 18 months, that’s mind blowing, sort of makes want to have nothing to do with cars ever again.
      That was so sensitive of the Drs to tell you that as well, did they preface it with ONLY 18 months more pain. Wouldn’t surprise me with some of them.
      Hope everything’s fine now.

  9. Two words for you Lou. “almond oil” apparently according to Shannon Lush your shower screen has glass cancer. I know, sounds shocking. Apparently you rubit with almond oil and it goes into remIssion.
    Please disregard if you have tried it already. Actually I would like to know if it works . I know the glamma of it all .
    Major bummer about your wretched doctors and poor back. But I guess you already know that. Sounds like you might end up with excellent abs though.

  10. Hey Deb,
    You know, Linda in Chile suggested that and I didn’t remember, this is a message from the blog gods, I am off to source (FF 2010( Almond Oil for my cancerous shower screens.
    Elisabeth and I have been competing on this front – neither of us has scored anything.
    Shhh, I’m not going to tell her about the A.O.
    What doesn’t Shannon Lush know? Wow!

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