Lazy me .. taking ages to blog. Photos at bottom.


I’m on  a mission to do a blog in response to Blighty’s comment about the

Movical stand at the Trade Show.

Little James (the pharmacist) and I are doing this as a joint effort.


We met to today to nut it out,

came up with some amazing stuff

gross (diagrams not images)

but somehow we actaully did about

4 hours of real work.

I can assure you it was an accident

and we will not let work interfere with the blog again.

Movical and PBS post is coming I promise.



THINKING OF CHANGING MY NAME TO MOANA, still totally not in love with my back, I think it should have fixed itself by now .

And boy am I over wearing this  Brace.  Supposed to have sleeping in it, which of course I have not been doing.  Gave it a try last night – promise it’s not going back on any night again.

So guys, promise me, never to break your backs!

Seriously interferes with blogging and sense of humour.

The upside of Broken BackI can only wear Birkenstocks 

I can only wear Birkenstocks - for balance and support

So, I needed


4 new pairs.


6 thoughts on “Lazy me .. taking ages to blog. Photos at bottom.

  1. Dear Louise, I like the second set the best. But where are your fancy red ones? Are they all safe from being chewed by doggies? But just a minute, aren’t you supposed to be lying down ie sans shoes/sandals etc? Did you get some new pjs? I quite like getting new ones from Sussan’s (this goes with that). Can’t wait (but a little apprehensive) for the post on the movical stand. Lindaxxx

    • Yes red ones you’ve already seen. They’re up in the cupboard (due to cyclone Yasi is really only half a cupboard)
      The top pair are black with black crystal beads , seriously gorgeous but don’t photograph well.
      Lying down, yeah, and easy to do, physios, drs, xrays, meetings with lawyers, staff, real estate agents, at local coffee shop, unfortunately life must go on, and don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but I seem to be an integral pat of all the family business. Without my input, lots of stuff
      ups and wasted money.
      Got BEAUTIFUL PJs from Sussans here in Tvl a couple fo weeks ago, and the clothes were amazing, 1/4 of price I normally pay, wonderful service, and a little cotton cardi in mustard yellow, when I had coffee with Kate B at Broadbeach, had a NOLITA twin that was 10 times the price and IDENTICAL!
      Sussans have really lifted their game.

      Movicol post, the longer it takes the worse it’s potentially going to be. We might have to put a look away warning at the top.

  2. I also like the second pair best and I am not just saying that to copy Linda, honestly! I like all of them, though, they are excellent! Can’t wait for your Movical number, are you going to do Send in the Clowns? just for me! Your back needs to pull itself together, literally! you are being very brave and jolly about the whole thing, amazing, I would have turned permanently into Eyeore by now. You are in Huge Trouble with the Bog G, she says you must stop Galloping About – this is serious – in Grandma world, Galloping About is a bigger sin than wasting food or frittering money – and only one step below the very serious Sparking About – in Grandma world No Good can come of Galloping About, Mark Her Words….. i used to get accused of said Galloping About to such an extent that I now believe I am a small pony and eat all meals via a nosebag….xxx

    • Grandma G, but my very special Bog G, needs to come here and attend to the reason for the gallivanting about. The obvious reason is Mr iT. Boy could my Bog G give him a bloody lecture or two.
      I think it’s unforgivable that you and Bog G live so far away!
      I need you.
      And she better be getting better or else, I’ll be sending a lecture or two her way, pretty damn soon. Warn her!
      Grandma very clever to teach you to eat via nose bag, must have saved washing a lot of bibs when you were a bub.

  3. The second pair are my favs too and I meant to comment on them when we meet. Who knew Townsville stocks such nice styles. Very rock chic and so are the first pair. Now Lou do you have the Birkenstock Kork-pflege which is the stuff you periodically paint on to protect and nourish the cork soles? I do but am lousy at this maintainance regime so must get onto this pronto, my soles are looking a bit jaded.
    I read your comment with great amusement about the Dodgies running down/up the street, naughty boys. Yes you had forgotten to tell me this story. Did they get into trouble?
    Glad to hear you escaped with the vet for a day ‘galloping about’ (Grandma W).
    Good luck with choosing the new housekeeper today.

  4. Hey Annie,
    The Birkies were all from Robina, you know, that day I totally overdid it shopping, getting phone fixed etc. I’ll blog it.
    Sorry I forgot to tell you about Siggi’s grand escape, he was in big trouble, but you can’t yell at him, too sensitive, he knew he was in trouble, so spend entire day with comfort sock locked between his jaws. must be shared verbally though.

    Cleaning Lady Housekeeper, and probably surrogate Mum decision has been made.
    austrian lady Elisabeth, she is going to have us all under control within three days. Me especially, I can predict the “Should you be doing that?”, “Now didn’t you tell me an hour ago you were going to finish those few work emails, then have a lie down on the heat pack”.

    I think we’ve been lucky enough to score a gem!

    Text when you’re ready for a phone call, later in week, will have lots of Elisabeth stories to share. Have one already. And it’s about the naughty Siggi.

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