Home in Townsville…….a word of advice if you are going to break your back

Hi everyone,

Sorry no posts and still no photos.

I promise I have not forgotten you.


Guess what? No matter what anyone ever says to you

Do not go to the Gold Coast for a Pharmacy Conference, 6 weeks after you’ve broken your back.

No matter now many promises are made (by caring and concerned husbands and staff, including the generally SAINTED Little James) that you will not have to

  • attend lectures
  • go to trade shows
  • look at dispensing machinery
  • just pop in to the Welcome Function for the Trade Show
  • just spend one hour at the Gala Dinner on Saturday night
  • catch up with colleagues you’ve known for 30 years
  • and because you are wearing a back brace, repeat the story of how you broke the damn back 76,852 times
  • go to the Apple shop at Robina twice to get your phone fixed
  • first time to replace the back that was smashed in the fall
  • second time to have the phone replaced because when they replaced the back they stuffed up the computer inside the phone (that had survived the fall)
  • be told you will need an outfit for the Gala Dinner and Welcome reception

Guys, am I getting good at this dobbing  or what?

I was supposed to lie in bed and rest, do water walking therapy in heated pool, and catch up with Mum and two super cool friends you read in the comments section -Annie (Anne Marie) and Kate B.

I will write the real story tomorrow.  Today I was the walking “I am so sorry for myself, so sore, so tired, so hard done by, so conned, misery gutz” anything I wrote would be depressing.

Tomorrow you will finally get the real story, and I will make sure you get to see the funny side of it all. I managed to see the humour of some of it by tonight, despite playing the “victim of travel and conference abuse all through dinner”.

I have photos on my brand new iPhone that I can post – so that’s at least something.  I’m sure you’ll really love the photos of some of the trade show stands – the Constipation one was particularly tasteful.

And a dishy little 25 year old Apple Genius hunk thinks he’s solved my problem on how to get photos out of Apple Aperture and on to the blog.  In case I did not concentrate properly, I bought an Apple One to One ,membership, which they promise, has video tutorials that make all apps easy for 6  to 90 year olds.

I’ll be sure to report the honesty of that boast after I’ve watched the Aperture one.

Tomorrow, I have over 200 cleaning lady application letters to read – promises to be a fun filled day.  Am contemplating my drug hoard to decide which ones will kill the pain but keep me alert – could be a bit of a problem.

Hi to everyone who had emailed – there’s been a pretty consistent theme going on: Genuine concern about my health, and demands to know WHERE ARE YOU, WHY HAVEN’T YOU BLOGGED?

Answer: Mr iT, who is becoming referred to by me as THE BAD MAN after the Conference Con, set such a cracking pace, I virtually did not even turn on my laptop for the 5 days I was away.

Linda in Chile, an Blighty can tell you all about the new woman in my life, Francesca.   they’ve both heard a LOT about her!

Love to all

Can’t wait for photos to get back on this page,




14 thoughts on “Home in Townsville…….a word of advice if you are going to break your back

  1. Dear Louise

    African literature is full of the misery that befall men who take on a second wife. Mr iT simply cannot afford Francesca (albeit she does sound quite exciting) as well so he had better front with the flowers, dinner delivered to you in bed on a tray lined with a cloth.

    Somehow your Pharmacy tradeshow reminded me of the show that Kenny (did you see the movie- one of my favourites) visited in the States – I think the constipation display put it in mind. I bet the Bad Man was a pig in the proverbial. But, I am glad that someone goes to these things because it is nice to find exactly what you need when you visit a pharmacy.

    Good luck with the applications – I hope you find a real treasure who is finicky about skirtingboards and makes an excellent cup of tea.

    I am glad you got the aperture thingy sorted. One simply needs whippersnappers!

    Have a lovely sleep. Love Linda and the girlies.

    • Hello Linda,
      In true BAD MAN style, Mr iT managed to find a full day’s work for me to do, (and it was tricky legal stuff) at home on computer, as well as the cleaning lady resumes.
      The pain ramped right up so it’s not been the best day today.
      Should not have told Mum I was suffering, got a 35 minute lecture on being a back Manula (bet I spelled it incorrectly).
      Physio sang the praises of Saint Kate B, the Louise Whisperer who ended up convincing me I need a 2nd opinion. Bought a tens machine too, that’s going to help with pain and reduce the pain killers – that’s my plan anyway.

      I will post the photos from the trade show as soon as I get time, I’m so far behind with work, but I am starting to catch up. Then it’s blog city for me.
      Don’t believe the aperture is fixed until you see a photo then we’ll know the whipersnapper knew what he was talking about.

      Chasing Linda junior jokes for you too.

  2. I for one can’t wait for the pic of the Constipation Trade Show Display; it’s exactly what’s been missing on all these fancy schmancy Sartorialist Jak and Jil Garance What not type blogs. ….cannot offer good advice on choosing cleaning ladies except do not go for the one I would pick, I have disastrous track record with cleaning ladies and the last one sacked ME – the shame!! Say hi to Francesca – if she can just stop screeching and throwing things for a minute…Cruella would say hello too but she is busy with the chainsaw and some kittens at the moment (PEOPLE – RELAX, AM JOKING) xxx

    • Francesca had a ball today. I was in pain all day, and the pain killers just didn’t give any relief. The BAD MAN gave me some legal work to chase up for him, plus I had the resumes to read, plus some workmen in the house, and Franny really came in to her own. the whole damn lot of them copped an earful. Our really nice handiman who was mowing and had a problem with our complicated couch roller mower, just popped inside to make conversation and tell me there was a part broken. He was about to phone the mower fixer uppers, and I was so nasty I said I’ll just go outside and fix it myself, broken back and all. Huff Huff Huff. I was horrified and Franny disappeared for a few moment while I apologised profusely.

      I’m thinking about the constipation pictures -perhaps we could start a whole new blogging issue. Trying to post photos, just so behind with work it’s a bit hard at the moment. (Tee Hee)
      Did you make kitten stew?

  3. I was thinking about you last night! Good to see an update. I hope you aren’t just teasing up with promises of a Constipation trade display! That would just be pure nastiness. I can hardly wait to get home from work tonight in the hopes that you will have uploaded it.

    Computer issues, phone issues, back issues 😦 I think the cleaning lady hiring is sounding like an easier part of your day, and even that is not going to be fun!

    • Amanda,
      So sorry to ruin your night, I’ve ended up working all day on computer, doing the stuff that pays the bills. Plus the cleaning lady resumes.
      I will get the constipation picture up, I’m just so slow at the moment.
      Unfortunately I’m copping a lot more pain and it’s really interfering with getting things done.
      Off for a second opinion on the back, thanks to Kate B, I think it’s probably necessary as I seem to be getting more pain, and crankier by the day.
      Hope things are progressing for you re work discussions, I need to visit your website, asap.
      Hopefully constipation may make it onto the blog tomorrow.
      Fingers crossed,

  4. Well now I thought you may have been recovering yesterday after the cracking pace applied at the trade fair.
    Early start at the house today so must fly but will check in tonight. Good luck with cleaning lady interviews. I was never much good with cleaners cause I would clean the house before hand but if I had a broken back I’m sure that would not have been an issue.

    • Nope you wouldn’t clean with a broken back.
      Whatever you do, and I’ve tried most things (but we won’t tell Linda in Chile), they all have pain consequences and Francesca shows up and makes life here in Townsville pretty miserable for all the inhabitants of this house. Even the Dodgy brothers steer clear of me/Francesca.
      Can’t wait for more House of Annie update photos.

  5. I have just been catching up with the goss. Gee Blighty has me scared with her chain saw kitten massacre! I am in fact rather superior when it comes to choosing cleaning ladies. Ours is fab and she has initiative. She takes it upon herself to rearrange and de clutter as she sees fit. She even hangs the towels on the washing line to my strict standards. Yep am very strict about minimum vs max. fold over allowance on towels to prevent dips. Bored yet?
    I actually can’t wait to see continence stand. I once went to a fascinating talk by a continence nurse who must have been sponsored by movicol. I nearly bought some although I was actually there to get tips for my work.
    So glad to hear you are out of hossie but sorry the pain sounds pretty blah.
    Mind you I can’t believe you had a little whinge about footballers coming over, I mean really, all that eye candy. You could be majestically reclining and they would totally all get the pain and torture thing. It would be very amusing.
    I am off now to look at the blog with rude words in it.

    • Hey Deb,
      I am well aware that I owe you a big email.
      It’s coming eventually.
      Continence – well my photos are constipation – but of equal interest really. I was flabbergasted that they had a whole stand on constipation at a trade show.
      Hopefully the pain issues improve with my new Tens Machine, bought today at the Physio – supposed to stop the muscle spasms.
      Then I can get my work done, and follow up all my blogging debts.
      Can’t believe I’m expected to work while suffering so badly as well, might have to resort to crying tomorrow.
      Love the towel story, but we don’t have a clothes line – so ungreen I know.
      Have had some lovely applicants – my ad was really good, should blog it -it’s successfully all the sot of people I really wanted to apply.
      Can’t wait for help in the house, will free me up to blog properly, respond to you, and read everyone else’s blogs.
      Sheesh these broken backs make you very busy, I’ll tell you that.
      Hope you have fun on the rude word blog – I know I laughed.
      talk soon,

  6. hi louise,

    what are you talking about? you are cracking me up here. anyway i didn’t know you were looking for a cleaning lady. is it too late for me to apply? i’m v good and organized and i’d work for v little money. and is linda in chile referring to kenny from the eastbound down and out show? omg, you watch that linda?


    • I replied to you here Janet, and I lost it. It’s night time and I’m drugged to the gills -they really ramp up the painkillers for this broken back at night – probably want me to sleep with the brace on. They did in hospital, and checked every night – but tee hee no nurses here to see if I have the back brace on in bed.
      I’m not making any sense now, will reply properly tomorrow.
      PS I know you got my emails so not too worried about leaving you in suspense about Kenny.

  7. Hi Lou,
    Phew so glad your back home sounds like it was a bit of a busy time for you!!! hows it going plowing through all the cleaning ladies? Hope you find the right one & they tick all the right boxes for you!! Is the teens machine working? Hope so I feel like your not improving at all you must be so over it by now!!!

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