I’m on the Gold Coast – getting here, is getting me over the fear of the pain killers

Off to the Apple Shop.

They are going to fix my broken iPhone 4 (of course it was in my pocket when I fell) and

they are going to give me the secret password on how you get photos out of Aperture

and onto my Bog.


Details to follow later today.




You’ve all encouraged me to vent as a pain relief mechanism

so be prepared for the evil deeds of Mr iT.


Was telling Paula in previous post comments,

he’s dug a trench through the house and wears a tin hat, crawls though the trenches in case I catch sight of him.

I occasionally catch him peering over the top of the trench, tin hat and all, trying to get to the kitchen or somehwere important.

Rest assured, my vocab on poor nursing skills is expanding.


Chat later today, hopefully with photos.

Little, Adorable, Gorgeous, Juicy, Dreamboat James

is at conference too.

Still don’t think we’ve come up with the perfect girlfriend finding adjective.





14 thoughts on “I’m on the Gold Coast – getting here, is getting me over the fear of the pain killers

  1. What about “Unavailable” for James, girls love that! Or Wicked James, or James the First, or Calamity James?? Excellent news on trenchwarfare, hope Mr does not start singing Roll Out the Barrel; will you let him out to play football with you on Christmas Day? Tell him to watch out for rats and trenchfoot, and don’t go near those French girls .. xx

    • Blights, those James’ adjectives are going on trial tomorrow at work.
      What I a shame I didn’t read this till just now, I could have tested them out on girls, and James’ mates at the conference Do’s (is that a grocers’s apostrophe?)
      Mr (I think I emailed this to you already) is now known as THE BAD MAN the conference conner.
      He wouldn’t be game to put a foot wrong this week, you can be sure of that!
      I hope there are rats in the trenches, remember I still have the photo of the snak (Blighty spelling) that tried to eat Dolce (one of our birds) that the the BAD MAN killed and found a completely intact rat inside. Be very happy to post or email this photo to you.


  2. Dear Malula! What On Earth Are You Doing Gallivanting? Still, I hope that you are having a lovely time on the Gold Coast and I think you probably needed a whippersnapper to help with that photo thingy. Well, the Hun had better accommodation for much of the war so that is something. Please go easy on the mustard gas and remember that early morning barrages can be most bracing! As for James, I do think that Blighty has a point with Unavailable. Maybe Dark and Brooding – that tends to go down well too. Must go and attend to the washing up. Hope the pain killers are doing their thing. love Lindaxxx

    • Linda, you got a big email this morning, so I’ll make this quick.
      Love your James’ advertising campaign.
      Will add to Blighty’s, and forgot I get to try them out at Football Functions as the season starts soon, can test on footballers and WAGs .
      Mustard Gas – what a good idea for the BAD MAN next time he suggests a conference. Do you have the recipe?
      I got over being worried about becoming a legal drug, pain killer prescription drug addict while I was away. They were taken religiously, would never have coped without them. The phone is programmed to tell me what to take and when – wonder if that’s the first sign of addiction?
      I cheated today, and copied the email I sent you to Blighty (saved a lot of typing) about the schedule I followed down the Coast, please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves! Grandma W, I’m sure, will have lots of ammo and suggestions to deal with the Bad Man, and I hope she loves Francesca.

    • Annie, You will cop a huge email tomorrow. Going to be a nice break from reading resumes. You saw for yourself why Mr iT needs that hard hat.
      Back held up till last night, the missed 5 m drop landing last night (by unnamed airline) did it no good at all. And the bloody bird died anyway.

    • Lainey, lots of dobbing and whinging to follow in next two blogs.
      Mac shops are flash, but service is painfully slow.
      I have your box on my desk – I did not want to spoil it and open it today while I was in a truly foul mood today. That’s a clue about Fancesca (Blighty and Linda have to tell the story).

  3. Blighty,

    Firstly, interestingly enough predictive text on my phone tried to change the word Blighty to blogger – some things are just meant to be. As for my adjective. Perhaps ‘unobtainable’ creates a deeper sense of a challenge. ‘Unavailable’ might attract the homewrecker type. That being said I don’t want to appear to be too snobbish and create too big of an expectation of myself only to have let down the female and have her label me as ‘plain’ James or ‘disappointing’ James. Annie/Anne-Marie, I still maintain that ‘dreamboat’ has come back in to fashion (well at least for me it has). Ps I want everyone to know that Louise isn’t slurring her words any more and is a wonderful travel buddy, especially while she has a broken back because it means we can all get special treatment. 

    (insert perfect girl-scoring adjective) James.

    • Hmmmmm, only just read this now.
      Think the response to this comment could be verbal and face to face. Do you want a homewrecker? You’re not getting one while I’m in control of the girlfriend choosing issue.

      Annie and James have now met face to face, so they can use this forum to debate dreamboat and it’s current use. Annie thinks it’s old fashioned, and James and his mates all think it has retro chic.

      James, what do you think of Linda’s suggestions?

    • Competer and phone played up on Wednesday and Thursday. Computer was apparently Telstra’s fault.
      Phone was the dramas at the Apple shop in Robina.
      All sorted now, talk again v.soon,
      lots of love and fun getting junior into Brisbane.
      As soon as you see him, tell him Louise says hi to Brissie, but Townsville’s better.

  4. How are you Louise? Hopefully Apple did not leave you devestated? If you can – by any chance – please start watching Arrested Development. It is a show where I can watch an episode twice a day (first time when waiting for Mr Paula and the second time when he arrives home at midnight).

    • OK Paula, I’m going to try AD.
      Most of your ?s are answered in next blog (today’s) and a (hopefully) funnier one with photos tomorrow.
      Apple were very good about the phone, but not really about the Aperture. I bought a tutorial pack – hope it works.
      I’ll visit you tomorrow.
      I’m still crankypants today, and it’s nearly 11 pm so I’d better log off.

      Chat on your blog tomorrow,

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