The grass is always greener …. but sometimes the wives are a bit meaner.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been off the air for a few days and I owe comments and emails aplenty.

Lots of apologies.

By some mysterious process of horrid osmosis my body has been invaded by

a really, cranky, mean old duck who gets very angry at the drop of a hat.

Mind you, a bloody damn site more than hats get dropped around here

which could be contributing to Mrs Crankybum’s bodily takeover here inTownsville.

Mr iT had a footballers (we sponser an AFL club here) preseason BBQ organised (months ago I’ll admit) here, which co-incided  with

  1. My first day out of hospital after almost 5 weeks
  2. 4 days after the fire in the house (saved of course by Bronson the Hero Bichon)
  3. No cyclone damage repairs yet (admittedly mostly upstairs, not down where guests would be)
  4. The lawn area where everyone was supposed to eat and mingle etc – was exactly where all the firemens’ hoses had been hard at work -which meant lawn was a swamp and plywood had to be laid over it all so people could walk across the lawn
  5. Oh and the day before I came home Mr iT gave the cleaning lady notice.

See – I’ve turned into a dobber – I really am cranky and mean, I should never be a blogger dobber.

So now here’s the good news.

So Having got all that off my chest, and STILL fighting Apple Aperture (preventing me from posting photos), what’s to say.

WE are still AMAZINGLY lucky, despite all of the above moaning, my stepdaughter (for more than 30 years) and her Japanese husband and the grandkids live in Tokyo, and my Son-in-Law’s Brothers and their families all live in Sendai.  By late this afternoon, every single one of them has been accounted for.  Step-daughter, hubby and kids, finally got through to us late on Friday night, some of the in-laws by late Saturday night, and just received email that a few nieces and nephews of my son-in-law have all turned up.

I’m amazed that out of all the horror of this year – my family and our dramas have been so fortunate, and I am hoping and sending whatever good karma to all of you that you and your loved ones have escaped the latest disaster thrown at us.

I am cranky because I figured my back would be better by now. Poo Bum it’s not.

Also cranky because I thought I’d be off the heavy duty painkillers, and now my friends have finally admitted that I slur my words when I have to take Endone – and I cannot leave the house without taking Endone.

This amuses them terribly, but I’m really cranky they didn’t tell me till this weekend.  I suppose I’ve been very entertaining as Mrs Slurry.


Oh, I should have started this writing this blog days ago, I have actually been very, very  depressed (SO not ME) though the Dr warned me painkillers do this, plus being  cooped up in house of ill repute -housekeeping wise is v. depressing.

But, having a chat to you all on the blog, and doing the big dobber dobber act right at the top, then sharing the family luck re: Japan Earthquake has cheered me up.  Ad I’m not in POOR me mode anymore.

I’m off to go read your blogs now, even though it’s 11.19pm Sunday night.


Dr’s Appointment and more Xrays tomorrow, fingers and toes (FF2010) for me please







23 thoughts on “The grass is always greener …. but sometimes the wives are a bit meaner.

  1. Dear Lou, so so glad that your Japanese relies are all ok, it’s just so dreadful what has happened, those poor people, the images are just shocking, unbelievable. So sorry that you have been dumpers, dob away i say! Oh – and Mr B wants to know what make of TV Mr iT got. don’t worry I will thump him in a minute. Don’t worry about slurring your words, it’s very cool to slur, uber cool, means you just are sooo cool you don’t need to enunciate – check out Daphne Guinness on YouTube… Well I am off to check out the big G – she is definitely on the mend as gave me full run down on catering – salads good; but their cooked veg is dreadful; she continues cunningly to elude Nurse Poo. Big Kiss B xx

    • Hi Blights,
      Dr said all the right comforting things to me today, so appropriate I’ll blog them for you.
      Tell Grandma W – I am betting on her any day to beat Nurse Poo.
      Also would like to offer a Grandma W vs Ward 5 challenge – order and have delivered a pizza for lunch one day, I’ll pay up £20 for photographic evidence. That’s a bet and a deal!
      Don’t know Daphne, don’t know uber cool, am off to YouTube to learn about both.
      Tel Mr B – I just whipped upstairs to Mr iT’s room where the platinum plated 3d AFL broadcasting TV is – to find out it’s a Sony. Obviously one does not stint with these items. No glasses purchased yet, so of course it has not been used as a 3d tele.
      I’m downstairs (to avoid the strain on back from too many stairs) ensconced in the palatial Mr iT office – which is palatial compared to mine – and have noted the convalescing 3D tele did not make the move downstairs with me.
      Much more cheerful today, weekend was just a bummer, lots of pain – self inflicted due to utterly disgusting house, partic kitchen -I just couldn’t help myself cleaning it properly.

  2. Dear Lou, I would be cranky too. I hate disorder, pain, guests when I am not superprepared and overall lack of control. We are at our favourite cafe for brunch. Brunch must be one of my favourite meals, that and Yum Cha. Drugged up or no, I think it is good getting out. I imagine you had a few very horrible hours after the earthquake and tsunami so I am glad that everyone is okay. We got lovely news from Japan today – my brothers-in-law are there running a ski lodge – anyway, my new sister-in-law is having a baby! There is always a silver lining in every cloud. Mind you I often look for the cloud in every silver lining. Are the doggies doing any funny things? Does Bronson let you out of his sight? Sad about the loss of the housekeeper but I am sure that Mr iT had good reasons. Sometimes domestic assistance can be more trouble than it is worth. I love our housekeeper but have to spend time channeling her to think where would she put the thing I am looking for. I am crossing my fingers and toes that tomorrow brings you some good news. I think you are overdue some happy news. love Linda and las ninas.

    • Oooooh, clucky clucky Linda, what lovely news in the face of such horrible destruction and loss of life.
      Very happy for your baby news, you know FF says they are the new Black (or something like that).
      Housekeeper needed the sack, but Mr iT kept forgetting to re-advertise. I’ve done it myself today so will have applications by the end of the week, I have been practising my Malula skills and doing well. Lots of laundry done (properly), kitchen scrubbed, bathroom really done over (but only my own) all that good stuff that exercises one’s back. Saw Surgeon today, he had a fit, but bloody well didn’t offer to come and do any of the cleaning himself!
      Very good news from Dr and delivered in typical specialist manner so I’ll blog it for all to read tonight.
      Bronson till on super guard duty, dares not let me sleep alone in the magical therapeutic bed, but is VERY fussy about the angles I have the back and the legs adjusted. He’s quite fussy at the heights – and would you believe – I make the adjustments to suit him.
      Chris is giving Bronny and Bee (at 16) Cod Liver Oil for their arthritis – pheeeeeuuuuuuuwwwwwww, it stinks, and sticks to the wool around their noses and mouths. So lots of face washing before bedtime now. I wash mine too, but I don’t have Cod Liver Oil – no way baby – that it the (FF2010) Devil’s Work that stuff.

  3. Hi Lou I am so pleased all the family has been accounted for over in Japan after watching all the terrible images on the TV they have been truly lucky!! Hope they stay safe as I am sure there is going to be many hurdles to cross in getting Japan back on it’s feet :(((
    You go on the dobing its good to vent & why not!!! I would have been screeming, I have to be organised if people are coming to my home so I truly would have spit my dummy out, I have fingers toe’s legs & arms all crossed for you today Lou!!

    • Hey Lainey,
      Will blog the Dr Story -too funny not to share with all.
      Specialists, they are a breed apart.

      God Japan, another nuclear reactor blown up, this is just getting beyond any way of comprehending for us.

      Saturday of the “Party” I took all my painkillers plus a few, and slept from 10am till 6pm. So did not co-operate or contribute to any of it. Not that they expected me to, but it was a great way to not stress about what the house looked like and how things were being managed. Turned out to be a great coping mechanism (I was pretty sick that day so the sleep was actually exactly what the Dr had prescribed).

  4. Hey Louise, good to let it all out 🙂 Don’t they say you end up with cancer if you don’t vent? 🙂

    Poo to guests when your house is in disarray. I hope Mr iT is back on the job of finding a new housekeeper QUICK SMART, because you aren’t able to!

    Good to hear that the family in Japan is all safe, it’s just tragic.

    • HI Amanda,
      None of the guests were informed of my situation naturally. In the end it worked out fine, because it’s a club and they are all used to chipping in and helping. They knew about the fire on the Tuesday so were prepared for the house to look ruined, which luckily it didn’t.
      And of course, I took a painkiller and went and spent 2 hours chatting to all the guests, who were naturally horrified that the party had not been cancelled. So I got my own back. Also tried to give away the Dodgy brothers to two little girls who absolutely fell in love with them (the chihuahuas), but their mum kept reminding them that they live in a no pet unit complex so they knew it was a game we were playing to stir up Mr iT.
      But I sure am going to avoid cancer in future by venting. Thanks for that very wise advice.

  5. Firstly Lou its wonderful news that all relatives are well and accounted for. It just beggars belief that mother nature has caused so much devastation and my heart goes out to the Japanese people.
    Now to you Miss. Gosh how awful for you to be still in so much pain and you have every right to put your crankpants on!
    It must be incredibly frustrating to know your not ‘yourself’ due to the meds and being cooped up even if it is with a superstar lifesaving dog.
    Being down is completely normal and please don’t beat yourself up over it.
    We’re all here for you to have a vent and take you mind off your situation even if it is for a few minutes. Hope the Apple TV has been actioned (FF 2010) and feel free to email me if you want to debrief!
    Kate Bx

    • Hey there Kate,
      I do have some news for you, will email it tonight or tomorrow.
      Thank you for being such a sweetie, you always make me feel terrific after reading your posts and emails.
      Apple TV has not happened of course, Mr iT bought a Sony 3D tv for me to convalesce with. It’s naturally not for me, but for him to watch AFL that is broadcast in 3D.

      I’m actually having trouble watching tv, or movies, or reading – must be the drugs, but I can get going with the blog and emails which are far more rewarding and fulfilling.

      Will update you by email,

  6. Hi Lou
    I sensed you were not having a cheery time of it over the weekend. You are amazing because even though the miseries are on your shoulder your sense of humour always shines through. That is a bummer about the medication side-effects but whats the choice, none really, severe pain or no pain, I know which I’d choose.
    Japan- I have kept away from the tv but looked at the news again last night and more tears. Shocking and unbelievable. The Japanese will power on in their way, no whinging, complaining or blaming and start to repair their beautiful country, one determined step at a time. So pleased your family are ok!!!!!
    Tell Chris I said you need a cleaning person Pronto 🙂
    Everything crossed lovey for Dr appointment and a good report.

  7. Hey AM,
    Dr’s report will be blogged tonight.
    You got another email today from me.
    Pain – I think those bloody catholic nuns we had taught us to suck it up or something horrendous. There’s such a guilt thing with women and taking pain killers.

    I told Chris we need cleaning person and got an ad done for Wed and Sat papers. His beautiful assistant the Magnificent L got it into the paper for me, and even told me it was a very clever one, so i’m happy. It’s awful saying this, but Chris is a total Grub – he cannot see the messes he makes -frustration city I tell you!

    Talk soon if my email suggestion comes off,

  8. Oh Oh, I will have to look for it, it could be in the drafts column. Will go check.

    Annie, this is to make you laugh. At the moment I’m in a spot of bother – pain level is off the planet, and the cause is funny.
    I may have been over enthusiastic about the dosage of prunes and psyllium for the last few mornings (the self prescribed anti codeine side effect stoppers). Had what I thought was a very small dinner, and am currently lying on the bed yelling and screaming and swearing a lot. Those awful griping pains, but they seem to direct themselves to the fracture and everything doubles. Despite really being in agony, this is hilarious. I have taken all my mighty powerful back pain pills – all the big guns, but they are not stopping this terrible griping pain. Aren’t our bowels powerful organs!
    No way I can go and tell the neurologist about this little hiccough. My new self prescription is 3 prunes only in the morning, and nothing more than soup at dinner time. And definitely NOT a hot cup of tea. Just remembered I also had a cuppa after dinner tonight.
    This stupid back is making me lose all my dignity and privacy on the blog. Well the dizzy brain is not helping much either. But I guess if anyone else ever has to go through this, they’ll learn all the things NOT to do.
    As soon as the screaming stops I’ll go hunt for the missing email.
    Easing off, yay annie, you’ve had that peaceful calming effect on me again!


  9. Oh my goodness Lou, prunes AND pysllium! I know folk who swear by that pyslliy stuff but not moi!
    You poor love. Me thinks you should be taking notes to write a guide book for broken backs.

  10. Lou
    I am feeling personally responsible for your predicament with the overdosing of prunes and psyllium, having recommended the need to keep the laxatives up whilst on those codeine based pain killers.
    I second Kate B’s comments feel free to vent – you really are in the wars.

  11. sad to hear you are down- so not you- hope your fam and you are all on the improve. Come and visit me in Vegas soon. Thinking of you Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey FF, I’m on the Coast, but can’t get to BrisVegas. Back won’t cope.
      Hilarious story of having to come here, and how and why, and what the idiotic Neurosurgeon who said I’d be better off here at Broadbeach for a Pharmacy Conference, than at home alone, thought I would get up to at home alone was thinking, I do not know.

      It’s so ridiculous I will blog it.

      A nice man in the Apple shop at Robina (phone was smashed in fall so they very nicely repaired it for me) thinks he may have shown me how to get photos out of Aperture and on to blog. Hope it works.

  12. Dear Lou, am sending anti pain vibes over the interblog; Grandma sends her love, loved your comments to her; remember: Prunes are Evil. Fact. I suspect Nurse Poo’s coven is full of prunes, talking, cackling ones with little arms and legs, the stuff of nightmares. Lots of love Bxxx

  13. Not doing the prunes and psyllium again. But did I tell you about Coloxyl? Let me know if I didn’t – that’s another good one for the Big G. Some smart pharmacist who obviously thought his nursing skills were not being appreciated gave me a coloxyl the other night – I swear I thought I was breaking the rest of the damn back.
    xxxPS Photos may be coming on to blog soon, going to Apple Shop for Aperture help- wearing brace and looking hideously broken and in pain – as I don’t have a “Genius Bar” appointment. And apparently you are NOBODY in the Apple Shops without those appointments.

  14. Dear Louise, I did not know painkillers can lead to depressions. I would go mad if Mr Paula did a BBQ the day I got home …
    Interesting, somehow I like your postings without any photos. I guess the Apple people did help you out and there will be photos soon.
    Sorry I don’t post anything cheering these days. I have been watching way to much TV, which is time consuming and depressing. Plus there is this really nasty virus taking over Vienna, vomiting and vomiting. After 4 days my father took my mum to the hospital, she was probably already dehydrated. She gets cranky in an instant, for example when they don’t serve the meal she chose. She hates being in a hospital. Where do you spend the days? In bed or on the couch?
    xx Paula

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