Well I’m home, service in Hospital was better, but FREEEEEEDOM!

Hi all.

I am struggling with WordPress yet again.

and the Photo problems with Aperture.

BUT I do have lots of funny stuff to tell you, about getting home at last.


a national magazine is chasing Bronson the ‘wonderdog’s story, and wants to pay for it.

(Hmmmm, big donation to my new project of funding surgery for severely mistreated Dogs (oh and I suppose if needs be, some cats too).

So will attempt a decent post later today.

Unfortunately the wonder back is anything but … and is seriously misbehaving.

Drs insist  you take the dratted heavy hitter pills for the pain,

and get over imagining you’ll turn into a drug addict – not an issue when dealing with serious pain.

So, I get myself all geared up for the daily fight with WordPress, start a blog, answer some emails and comments, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Siggi Boyle has has tried writing the blog a few times, but none of you speak Chihuahua so I have not posted any of his efforts.

I have a heat pack on the bed, electric, great painkiller, and it’s become the true love of Siggi’s little life.

The laptop is sort of infront of the heat pad in my bed, I fall asleep and Sig manages to squeeze the heat pack out from under me, get himself on it, and finds his paws just fit on the keyboard.

Hence his new blogging career.

I will try to edit this today and add photos, so it might look a bit better tonight.


and love

to all




30 thoughts on “Well I’m home, service in Hospital was better, but FREEEEEEDOM!

  1. Hey B. Siggi B did not saved the world from Buring down. He needs to up his act if he wants a heat pad.
    Siggi B totally gorgeous, but (unfortunatly) not the brightest sandwich in the picnic basket either.

  2. Dear Louise, no matter how miserable you feel, you always make me laugh/smile when reading your lines. Well, this time I am not so sure … whose lines have I been reading?
    My restaurant for lunch has radiators up to the ceiling, on the wall in the back of the chairs. It makes me very sleepy. mmmmh. Speaking of which … good night! xx

    • Hi Paula,
      Oopsy, did I get too whingey, I really don’t want to make the blog sound like I am a grizzly old duck, I will try harder to concentrate on the funny stuff.
      So sorry I did not get you laughing. Be prepared for funny dog stories. Siggi’s posts – maybe one of his slipped through the system.
      It has been a bit of a struggle at home though, it’s impossible to lay still all day so I have been overdoing things then suffering for it.

      Re: radiators -you know, when we travel overseas, it’s always in winter – I love the snow and the cold weather. But I am always amazed at how hot they make the interiors everywhere in cold places. Even top of Norway and in Lapland – outside would be -30degrees C and I’d have to take all tops off down to singlet or tshirt once inside shops and restaurants – so I did not expire from heat exhaustion.

      • nonononono, this is a big misunderstanding. Your posting DID make me laugh. All I wanted to say with “this time I am not so sure” was “not sure WHO wrote them – you or the dog?”
        So I was not sure this time because this time it could have been the dog typing the text that made me laugh. Pouh, this is getting complicated.
        Yes, the heat inside in the northern hemisphere is amazing. My parents lived in a house with russian neigbours, they always turned up the heat to max, so the wife could run around wearing only spaghetti-tops. Problem was, the heating sytem regulated the whole building, my parents kept the windows opem all the time because it was so warm. The Transsiberian Train is said to be really hot during the winter months, 26°C inside. 😮

      • Whew pleased about that Paula. And am laughing my head off now.
        I’m so drugged up still with painkillers and the valium as the muscle relaxant to stop me tearing the brace off in the middle of the night – that there is a bloody good chance that Siggi could be writing the posts.
        No, I’m sorry, not possible, Siggi is very, very gorgeous and affectionate beyond belief, but not that smart. Poor Sigster is totally overruled by his brother Arnie who is as smart as a whip, Arnie now, could have written a post or two, but it would be all about why some bitch (that’s me and he doesn’t know it) keeps hiding ‘Georgie’ (the fake Galah).
        Arnie found her recently, and holey dooley did Georgie get shown a good time, Charlie Sheen and his bragging have nothing on Arnie’s stamina in proving how much he loves Georgie and wants to make baby Chihuahua cross false birds.
        I think, also, Arnie’s post would be full of the bitterness of being the FAT chihuahua who is put on a diet by the bitch (and in this case he does know the identity of the bitch that insists he stays on his diet).
        Glad you are still laughing Paula, and so agree with you about Northern Hemisphere Winter over heaters.

  3. Dear Lou, I think that drugs are the least of your worries regarding addiction. That heating pad, innocent item it may seem, is more addictive than many restricted drugs. I know of what I speak (well maybe not the restricted drugs bit). I used to have an electric blanket and used to have it on level 1. Before I knew it, I had to put it on level 3 all night. So even in Canberra in Winter (which a friend from Siberia found too cold to tolerate) I do no have an electric blanket (although we have one for guests). But this was all inevitable: I was cursed at my birth. My mother, a migrant, not being sure what to name me saw an advertisement for Linda electric blankets (‘Sleep wonderfully warm with Linda”) on tele and there you have it. Mr LiC tells me that never was there a clearer case of false advertising as my feet are always icy in bed.

    So please heed my tale, and move that naughty Sigi off the heat pad as you need it more!

    If you could arrange a translation of Siggy’s musings I am sure it would make an interesting read. love Lindaxxx

  4. Thanks Linda, God I needed that laugh. Don’t know the name of the heating pad, very important I find out, I too could be sleeping with Linda.
    In a short drug free moment just now, I managed to move the coffee table at the end of this bed, away from the bed, now NO-ONE with 4 legs can get onto the bed. Voila – 1 heat pad to self!
    Just took some photos of the new arrangements for sleeping, but am soooo drowsy (yep – I’ve just had the midday buffet of medications) I’ll do it tonight.
    I LOVED sharing the Mr LiC story at home last night – re port and starboard etc. made my day.
    Had 4 hour meeting with Adorable James (and gave him full report as reported to you, about the need to change his adjective from Little to Adorable. But not sure Adorable is going to attract the girlfriend I want for him. All and any James’ adjectives gratefully received.

  5. Hi Lou
    Well I hope the temperature in Townsville has dropped or do you have the air-con going full bore? don’t wish to read you have passed out due to overheating because of the heat pad. Very happy it is giving you much needed relief, that is, when Siggi lets you use it.
    How exciting about the national mag chasing the hero’s story. Do keep us informed. You are wonderful to donate any monies to such a worthwhile cause…brilliant idea.
    Tess is at the spa as I type (I fudged another day off due to yukky paint fumes) so will email before and after pics later. She is a real catch after having the works, the hero would be impressed.

    • I am going to take a photo of poor Bee (Bronson’s twin sister) – who was completely ignored in the Hero report (since she slept through the whole fire, including her own rescue). She’s desperately in need of a makeover. Then I will publish for you – just need to get it done. Tessie looks terribly royal after the Makeover.

    • I will email your the truth of the wonders of being at home A-M.
      I am not going to be a blog whinger, just an email whinger. Tee Hee.

      Nah, things are sorting themselves out now, I have much better accommodation than first night home. Am used to moving a bit more, don’t have to do stairs now (first 3 days they nearly killed me, I kept falling down them, I sure don’t learn quickly).

      First night home, in upstairs bedroom, my therapeutic bed looked like a JBHiFi storeroom with a new delivery unpacked. Someone thought a 3D tv with a million gadgets would be just what I needed. (I don’t watch much tv at all, and the only thing in Aussie that is televised live in 3D is ………. AFL Football). Had to wait hours for it to be unboxed and set up, and was pleading for pjs, pills and bed and got the usual male reply – yes, yes, I’m getting to that, red wire to red socket yada, yada, yada.
      Email soon.

  6. Hi lou YAY!! your home I am so glad I have been wondering how you have been doing while I’v been away & going around like a headless chicken (I need some organisation skills pronto) any way hope you got my e-mail.
    Hope the painkillers are working cannot believe its been all this time I bet you are so pleased to be home, I am off to read some of your other post’s I have missed 😦 (sorry) x

    • HI Elaine,
      Home is good now, you’ll get some of the homecoming dramas in comments section I’m sure.
      No I didn’t get your email, I did something weird to my laptop, and of course Geoffrey the IT guy has been away for a week. I am going to go hunt for it now, and get straight back to you. Somehow emails were going into odd files, where I would never have found them.
      Sorry your head’s been missing – is it reattaching itself now?
      Pinkillers only work when you take them – isn’t that odd. Still battling with that old female – oh my god I don’t want to turn into a drug addict worry.

      Have had long discussion with Little, now Adorable, suggested Juicy (Annie) James (our chief pharmacist, and on this blog we are currently hunting for the perfect adjective to attract the perfect girlfriend for him) and we’ve decided that if I become an addict I will find the most expensive glamourous anti drug detox, spa/rehab treatment place going. James thinks he might ahve to come along to supervise the detox and check out any movie stars/models who may also be there.

  7. Hee hee hee I’m still laughing hee yes found my head just about, wish I had’nt I’m off to the dentist to have my wisdom tooth out got any of those lovely painkillers for me I don’t mind been an addict for the day!! ( gosh arn’t I sad) its only a blooming tooth but I don’t like the dentist have a phobia ever since I was a kid when I was about to go under anersthetic & the mouth clamp fell into my mouth not a nice feeling, also my orthadontist was taking impretions of my teeth top & bottom at the same time & the phone rang I’m gaging & he’s shouting ooh calm down will you (boo hoo I was only 12) shall I stop now as you liston to be moan with a back brace on I’m nothing in the scale of things hey!! Hope you find a nice spa for James hee!!

      • Hi Lou, Gosh I am over my tooth extraction after reading what you was telling me about how you are doing, it must be so frustraiting, you will definetly have to do a major detox after taking so many pills, thank goodness you have some one thats knows about the right pills to take its just staying on top of it to be pain free but will be hard at home on your own I bet!!! Can you start any physio yet or is it to soon? Hope the roof got covered ok now you are getting all this rain too, we have not had it heavy in Mackay so lucky again for us. Don’t blame you for not blogging it must be hard to try being on your labtop & to consontrate too, Just rest & watch movies saying that, thats going to loose its a peal too hey? Take care Lou sending my wishes for you to make a speedy recovery keep me posted Elaine x

  8. Elaine,
    No physio, no nothing allowed yet, big goal set by neurosurgeon is to be able to sit in a chair for 10 minutes by next Monday. BAaahhh humbug, did that first day home last Saturday. As if a female is going to lie in a bed, all day at home alone and do nothing. I’ve shifted furniture (sort of carefully using my legs), cleaned out the linen cupboards, unpacked and repacked the dishwasher so many times, oh and zillions of other gentle things – true, I have been very careful.
    If there were nurses here, and a cleaning lady, and a tea lady – I could probably lie in bed and watch movies and read – but alas – none have turned up.

    Love your cushions, did you make them yourself, by hand?
    I think that is amazing – I might need sewing lessons.
    Hope your tooth socket is feeling ok now.
    We haven’t had that much rain either, till today. It’s just started really dumping down this afternoon. God, don’t you feel awful for all the NQlders who live north of us.

    • Hi Lou you go girl, you come from good stock, I think your right us women just couldn’t lie there its not in are blood, hope you impress the socks of your nerosurgeon when you meet up with him & Lou you could just watch a movie the weekend your allowed a little indulgence I love The Lake house, The Notebook & one of my fav’s is Jack Nickolson & Diane Keating in something gotta give her home is just amazing the stylist on that film was fantastic. I also have a soft spot for Keanu Reeves :))
      Oh the rain up north its such a shame I was watching Tully & mission beach on the news being pounded with rain & some people just moving back into the homes at cardwell to be flooded no words is there!!!!!
      Take care Lou Elaine x


  9. ooh bloody ell Lou no point me watching that movie now is there!!!! hee hee 🙂
    I might see if I can rent it just to see the kitchen do you watch Brothers & Sisters? i love all there homes especially Nora walkers!!
    shit just watching the news mother nature is certainly P@**ed off this year!!! my god got to go catch you later 😦

    • Tee Hee – watch it anyway. There is a reason the husband ends up dead in the garden and that could keep you guessing throughout the movie. And it’s nothing criminal or like detective stuff -so no clues there. But it means you can concentrate on the kitchen a bit more too.
      Don’t really watch TV – weird I know, I think I lost the habit with too much Uni study and assignments, reading, tutorial prep. etc. s don’t know Bros and Sisters. I have real Bros and Sisters – does that count?
      See email for comment on news,

  10. Lou
    Don’t worry about becoming a drug addict, just keep up the laxatives – you know what I mean. Love it that you have a couple of crazy chihuahuas for company and the rest of the household is so oh what are you thinking!
    Also, very pleased to hear that your medical attendant is a neurosurgeon -again you know where I mean.
    rest up take care.

    • Paula, Hello. Sorry to you too about being slow in reading comments and seeing yours. Welcome, sorry this is misery world blog at present. Next blog -I’ve just published is a full on female whinge! Psyllium and prunes are my best friends tee hee. But I have managed to stop the codeine against pharmacist husband’s orders. The codeine they prescribe is I’m sure the number one (well really we’re talking about 2’s) problem for you know what. Add a back brace that is tight right across your tummy when you have that number 2 problem, and it’s a whole circus. Tee Hee.

  11. So glad to read that you are back home – even if it’s with a ton of pain-killers. Kick the pooch off the heat-pad (or buy him his own!).

    How generous of you to think of donating the Hero mag story money to charity, that’s a very sweet thing to do.

    Ali x

    • HI Ali,
      Sorry so late replying, I’ve indulged in a full blown misery gutz mode over the last few days.
      Just got computer fired up, lovely to read your comment. The latest dog drama is that Mr iT is giving the dogs COD LIVER OIL for arthritis. It stinks, I nearly throw up smelling it, and it really sticks to the Bichons’ faces which are wool. So I am NOT sharing my bed or heat pack with any dogs until this Cod Liver Oil phase finishes. Actually, it’s nice to have the bed to myself for a while.

  12. Dear Lou, just catching up on all the comments here, so funny! Do hope back is Behaving. I laughed about Mr iT and the new 3D telly, I read that bit out to Mr B and he did not get it at all – he put on really bad Aussie accent and said “But everyone loves Aussie Rules Football!” he just could not see the problem! Definite male thing. Oh god, have to go, Mr B now going on about cars, he has been reading the motoring section, any chance I could have some of your painkillers? xx

  13. Email coming, have a laugh at comment above to Ali – about the firetrucking cod liver oil phase we are now experience. Even the Fire Hero is not sleeping in my bed stinking of cold liver oil. Poor Bronny, he hates is as much as I do, so he had a HUGE fight with Chris in the administration of said CLO – which means he wears more than he swallows.
    Bronny is now sleeping with Chris. Justice, vengeance, karma.
    Tee Hee

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