Townsville Bulletin SmartEdition

Townsville Bulletin SmartEdition.


12 thoughts on “Townsville Bulletin SmartEdition

    • Hi B, will try and get a proper post done about this, soon.
      No point in not blogging it when Chris gets it on the front page of the local paper hey?
      Cuteness – I can’t wait to publish the before and after photos of the Hero.
      He did not look like that on Tuesday night. Emergency grooming was actioned (FF2010) yesterday morning.

    • Yes, and I had a setback with the back last week, and haven’t emailed you properly. Watched one movie so far (pain killers make for fast sleep while watching movies).
      I’ve reposted the story again above.
      Can’t use Aperture – new installation, and our IT Guru is on hols.

    • Tee Hee, I taught him everything he knows.
      Full story posted above words only, can’t master pics in Aperture – I long for iPhoto to magically reappear on my Mac.

  1. Dear Louise, Bronson is a very handsome hero. While I know he lives the life of Riley, did Mr iT go out and get him a down pillow to lie on and many juicy morsels after this wonderful effort? Did you have a stern word with the other doogies via your mobile? Are you having a good day today? Tonight is the last night of the holidays. I will be twiddling my fingers tomorrow!! love Lindaxxx

    • Can you believe, I was completely ignored yesterday. Not one visit from family. Now they’re all media stars, and I’m just an old duck with a BROKEN BACK, I guess I just don’t figure in the importance hierarchy anymore.

      Bronny got a day spa treatment – a major one, I can’t wait to get iPhoto back and ditch this damn aperture that doesn’t download photos to blog, so I can show you the before and after photos of the Hero.

      No stern words with the Dodgy Brothers about lack of Fire Security nose jobs – haven’t seen them, still being forgotten here again. They’re all probably off at the TV studios today having interviews.

      But I have the full attention of everyone here in the hospital, he’s a major media star here, so I am too by association.
      Last day of school holidays, OMG, I’m doing a writing course at Uni – want me to send you some of my homework?

  2. Hi again Lou,
    I read the article with no problems….the paper offers a one day membership, all that’s required is to sign up which only takes a couple of minutes then you have access. It’s far less painful than laying in a hospital bed with a broken back!!!!!

  3. Hi again to you too Elizabeth.
    Thank you so much.
    That sounds eminently sensible I feel like my brain is stuck in my missing vertebra.
    Thanks for that good advice, will give it a try.
    WE get it delivered at home, so no worries reading it there.
    And by the end of today, the hospital staff must have collected about 20 spare copies for me. Plus they HAD FRONT PAGES POSTED ON ALL THEIR NOTICE BOARDS.

    I think I’m, going to be pestering you with all those tricky techno questions if you aren’t careful!
    And Bichons certainly do rule.

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