details on that previous post

Hi everyone, I am hopeless trying to get a photo from the Townsville Bulletin onto the blog.

I didn’t realise I’d actually sent that page to publish. Apologize – it’s not very easy to see.

Still also having a murderously hard time with bloody Aperture on the Mac.  Cannot get it working – so here’s the story in words.


On Tuesday night Chris snuck Bronson into the hospital to visit me, he’s been really fretting (Bronny not Chris).

Bronny climbed into bed with me, surfaced for a bit of dinner, then hid back under all the bed covers.

There was a major extraction required to remove Bronny from my bed and take him home.

(Getting the picture that Bronny is a bit clingy to me?)

9:34 text from Chris, Bronny wouldn’t settle, everyone tired and in bed early, but Bronny pacing bed, whining, stressing.

Dodgy Brothers (Chihuahuas) asleep in their bed, Bee (Bronny’s twin) out like a light.

More texts, cuddles suggested, etc etc.

10pm, STill weird behaviour from Bronny.

Maybe pain – so Chris goes down to the kitchen for Metacam (dog anti-inflammatory medicine).

Jason just heading up to bed too.

Medicine administered, Bronny still carrying on like a pork chop.

Chris and Jason do house inspection.

Can’t smell anything, go outside, look at roof, smoke POURING out of roof.

By now they are expert at dialling 000.

4 minutes – 3 Firetrucks, 3 police cars, 1 Ambulance, and Norqeb (electricity suppliers up here)

Now 10:15pm.

took Firemen 15 minutes to locate the fire – it was cyclone damaged ceiling in weird part of laundry roof. Light transformers ignited and ceiling beams well alight.

All extinguished, order restored, reports written.

Ultimate advice from boss Fireman/Police/Norqeb.

If it had been left another 30 minutes, when everyone would have been fast asleep, the fire would have spread very quickly into the ceilings of the bedrooms that are useable, insulated and have acoustic tiles instead of flat ceiling.

That 30 minutes would have meant everyone in the house would have been asphyxiated and would have died in their sleep, and house would have burnt down.


So, Bronny, at 16, deaf, can’t see too much, arthritic, and a Mummy’s boy saved everyone’s lives, and the house.

Our Hero.

I’ll see if I can get any help from Apple to get pictures on the blog to show details.

On top of all that, I was lucky to be here, wouldn’t have been able to get out of the house yet, as back still not strong enough to cope.

So, another scary but good luck story from Townsville

Who knew Townsville could be so exciting?





7 thoughts on “details on that previous post

    • Well A-M, I do not look like your glam photo that’s for sure.
      But boy, when I finally get to Brissie – for the (probably 30 coffees we’re due by now) we’ll have plenty to chat about.
      Hope the photos I just posted about the big hero finally give a bit more depth to the story.

  1. pfouhhhhhh. This is too much!

    After the first lines I wanted to ask who is Bronny and how many dogs live in your house.
    Having finished reading I still can’t believe what I just read. What an angel your dog is!

    btw: how many dogs live in your house? I thought there were 2. But this makes 4?
    “Dodgy Brothers (Chihuahuas) asleep in their bed, Bee (Bronny’s twin) out like a light.”

  2. So Paula, isn’t Townsville turning out to be a most interesting city!
    It’s 11:30pm, I’m stuffed and mightily pain killered up by nurses.
    I’ll answer all these important questions, and try to include photos of all of them, because there are 4 dogs, and 4 birds and 3 people.

  3. I sit here and just calculated, counting with my fingers, the hours you are later than we are here in Austria and I figured out it must be really late where you are.
    Have a good night sleep.

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