a few more dodgy iPhone photos found today ……husbands should not have iPhones in ED

I found this photo in the phone, Chris must have been having a ball taking photos with the phone








He was obviously impressed with these colours.

So impressed he did the other side as well.How many photos did he think were needed, my current thoughts now are

Chris was still snapping away, I'm now wondering what they thought I'd need my reading glasses on for in the EDre.

Why they thought I needed reading glasses? I'd had so much morphine I could barely remember my name.

To Satisfy A-M who wanted a weird Druggy post (had all my meds tonight so am very “loose brained”)

The T Hospital sent me home with absolutely no injuries to my back, the next morning.

These two highly trained Medical Porfessionals administered Mexican Back Cure


One night at home since the big crash - the dodgies were administering special Mexican massage.

With affection - but sheese that is one ugly shot of me!


Hi and good night all,





19 thoughts on “a few more dodgy iPhone photos found today ……husbands should not have iPhones in ED

  1. Ouch thats some bruise. Gee you are a trooper Lou.
    Ta for the lighting shop tip, might check it out. Will I need to remortgage the house to afford some spot lights?
    *FF don’t be fearful, it’s all good.

    • MMM – that’s why I thought check out the expensive one, then go and look at Ikea.
      FF – I’m with Annie, stop worrying, I must say, getting the Dodgy Brothers did not hurt one little bit!

      You too Annie, missed the final post – I stuffed it up so many times, it’s only jsut finished.

  2. Dear Louise, Those photos look very scary! May I say that very few of us would look good in such circumstances. I am sorry to hear that the pain is still very bad. I am pro pain relief. Do they make you feel a little queasy however? I am lolling about disgracefully today. The girls will be in with lists for us to attend to in minute – better than social secretaries they are! Lindaxxx

    • WEll Linda, they also have drugs that stop you from felling sick from all the drugs they are giving you. Some sort of schedule happens, I don’t pay much attention.
      Loll Linda Loll – get a much lolling in as possible before the social secretaries get your day planned out (probably a bit FF style).

  3. Louise, all the medication! Make sure, you install an autologin to wordpress, you are going to forget all your passwords soon.

    I remember the strangest moment after having taken a muscle-relaxing pill when I had severe pains in the back and I wanted to switch my mobile phone on but could not recall the PIN-code. It was …. GONE. I watched myself and thought “Wow, the brain is really mushy right now”.

    I am not sure if your husband was making fun of you. The photos remind me of some jackass videos.

    Thinking of you being in the hospital bad makes me feel sad.

    • Paula – I posted the photos because I think they are funny. Not sad or sympathetic, I’ cool don’t worry.
      What’s a WordPress autologin? I’m so far behind on the technicalities.
      I think Chris took the photos mainly so I’d know what happened after the night in Emergency – I couldn’t remember any of it, but when I saw the photos last night – it started to come back to me.
      PS you are a fount of info – waiting to hear about Autologin.

      • Hi Louise! How was your day? Mine just began.
        Autologin means the browser logs you in – you are inside wordpress, gmx, gmail whatever – without entering your passwort and username. Not recommended on public computers, very practical on your private laptop. But not save.

        When they send you home at the end of the week, will you take the bed with you? And a nurse? Or two?
        Have a good night!

      • HI Paula,
        I’m petty sure I have Autolog loaded and functional, I just click on desktop image and blog is fully loaded and ready to go.

        The frustration is in commenting on anything other than wordpress.
        To comment I have to enter comment, then select something called OPEN ID then type in my full blog address, then preview, then press comment, then type in the letters that come up. Takes ages and very frustrating. These are blogs I’ve subscribed to as well.
        Any ideas?
        PS Supposed to be going home on Friday now. L

  4. Ha, ha… Mexican Back Cure! Go the drugs! So pleased to hear you are escaping! What a journey… bloody Yasi… sure has a lot to answer for. A-M xx

    • Yes, idiotic blog thanks to your request! I was really in loonly land.
      More importantly, how glam do you look on your web page? Woo Hoo, wacky doo, one sexy looking babe!

    • Annie, A-M referring to Sunday’s escape to the carpark in the Mater – with the Dodgies.
      But, I am supposed to be allowed out on Friday this week.
      Got the news from surgeon late last night.
      Might be complications, see email.

  5. Donnie Ducks says last chance on the shower brace pics – otherwise he will go with Flossie in Berkhamsted who has got a Zimmer, some fishnets, and her own teeth.
    I have photo of Boy 2 looking like that when he was given morphine when he broke his elbow, and my dear friend D took photos and made him up book so he could remember afterwards his big adventure…at the time the look on his face said “leave me alone” and then when the drugs kicked in :’WOOOO! Whatever dude! I’m COOOOL!”
    Off to get boyz from school – 2nd day back = novelty worn off, I predict Very Grumpy, Force 7-8;. Tin hat at the ready.xx

    • I’m sure it was you guys who invented the saying, never lift your head up above the trenches. Follow that advice on cranky school days.

      Strangely enough, that is a comment used OVER extensively in my house by MriT.
      Usually along the lines of “I does as I’m told, and I never lift me ‘ead up above the trenches!”
      So UNTRUE too.

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