We interrupt this interruption to blogging .. with an iPhone supplied blog.

All photos still locked within Aperture in MacBook,

so that’s it for me folks.


Eureka, got some photos out of my iPhone today,

1 Blog coming right now.


Dodgy reunion at mater Hospital yesterday.

There's our mum, yippee, AND, that big puddle is actually not the result of Siggi wetting his pants in excitement.

They are brothers, litter mates, born (and witnessed by staff) at RSPCA, name Dodgy Brothers might make sense to you all now.

Look, real clothes, real shoes, and real Dodgy Brothers. The sit outside lasted 4 minutes. PJs on and in bed within 10 mins.

I’m practising how to cover up the brace – the Dodgy Cuddle did help.

I will post (like FF tee hee – NOT)

my hilarious attempts to fashionista a back brace in time.



At least another two days in hospital – what is it with this place?

Even I can tell them it’s just a broken back,

won’t be any less broken at home!!!!!

Found this little gem in the iPhone photos I just downloaded. Mr iT must have taken it.

Ambulances and hospital Emergency Departments do very little to make you look acceptable for husbands with iPhones.

This Chihuahua is not trustworthy at breakfast tables

That’s all folks,

I’m been medicated for the night,

this will get weirder and weirder if I continue.





15 thoughts on “We interrupt this interruption to blogging .. with an iPhone supplied blog.

  1. Hi there, love the interruption to the interruption! Lovely photo of you reunited with the Dodgies, and it never crossed my mind for a moment that the huge puddle had anything to do with them!! Do not think they have that much cubic capacity. Do hope they let you home soon but would you be allowed to bring the lovely lunch ladies with you? They sound essential. Bye for now, do hope you get a good night. Grandma W has been thinking of you, she has been rather unwell with a flu thing and in bed for a few days, and thought of you in your bed and bad brace, she sends her best wishes as do the rest of us. xx

    • Hello B.
      Hiya GRANDMA G I’m sorry you haven’t been well, lots of love to you. I wish I could come over to the Cotswolds and make you cups of tea and pore through art books with you.
      Yes sleeping with the BRACE truly sucks.

      In DISTRESSING NEWS I love the tea and lunch ladies, they are making this rather extended sojourn in Hossie so much more tolerable, but the food is cr2p. (Not their fault).
      I’ve just read the FF baby shower post – and since everyone else is telling FF how fabulous the shower is, the food, the presents, her friends etc, I thought a change of pace was needed.
      So I’ve asked her to send Amber and M an MUMFF to Tvl for a week to look after me. Imagine morning or Arvie tea served by Amber and M, and the wonders MumFF could do with nurse NoNO.
      Lots of love
      PS Will dig up some car info for Mr B – just to spoil his week.

  2. so glad you got to see the dogs! My mother is devoted to her dog and misses him terribly when she is away from him. Cannot believe you are STILL in hospital you poor girl. Hope you can come home soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx PS Malene Birger will work well with brace, or voluminous Easton Pearson x

  3. Tee Hee, read the post I just put on your blog, closely related to answer to Blighty above.
    I’m thinking of me!
    I have that exact same Marlene Birger dress you wore to last day at CoalFace. You are right though – the MB’s will cover a multitude of Brace sins. So will Easton Pearson.
    Now that is definitely something I need to work on. If you have a broken back – you DESERVE a wardrobe full of Easton Pearson frocks to wear with your brace.
    FF – you are a GENIUS, i tell you, a GENIUS!

  4. OMG that back/neck brace contraption looks like torture. Your neck is all scrunched up!
    Mr A was intrigued yesterday about constant texting when he was waiting for his tea and I informed him friends with dogs and BROKEN BACKS are top priority. Will email tonight, I’m supposed to be hitting the road hunting down taps and toilets. Wish I could wriggle my nose to get this house finished.
    Have a better day!

    • Tee Hee Annie – you got the Dodgy Bro news first.
      Imagine Mr Annie wanting tea when you were scooping the pool on Dodgy photos?

      Hey, I must check at Head office if the Viking has arrived yet, I posted him from Bergen on about the 5/6 January – thats a long time for a Viking to get to Tvl. Maybe they expect him to row himself all the way – like Hagar.

      Re the emergency ward photo (I didn’t know he’d taken it till I downloaded the iPhotos last night into Aperture – which is SLOWLY starting to become legible to me).
      Could you believe that there is so much skin in/on your neck that they can scrunch it up so much?
      I was amazed when I looked at that photo last night – I thought all my fat is/was on my bum,. Sigh – just found another source of excess body mass.

      How was the food at FF Junior’s Bash? I’m worried he’s going to be born with a sweet tooth. Nahh – I’m sure K ate some sandwiches as well.

      Taps – well Annie, I have even more bad news for you – somewhere in Xray dept – I read an Italian magazine that had taps that light the water as it runs from the tap, red for hot and blue for cold.
      You seriously must get that tap. I reckon it would beat an elephant who changes colours – though I covet the thought of a Hippo light the same.
      Will look for the tap source.
      You know I’m so busy here, such a schedule, you’d find it hard to believe, but I will put aside my million other chores and do this right now.
      Lots of Love

  5. Dear Louise

    I am glad that you were reunited with the Dodgy Brothers – I hoped that they kissed you within an inch of your life. I would be sad too if I were without my girls. What a very nice pedicure you were sporting – what was the nailpolish? I am glad that you are keeping yourself nice in what are very trying conditions. My youngest has just seen the photos of the doggies and thinks that they are very very cute. We are now home and surrounded by washing etc. I have just made some chicken phở as the perfect antidote to too much Argentinian/Chilean food so the kitchen is a bomb too. Rather than attending to this as I should, I am writing to you and reading another Josephine Tey mystery. Have you read any of her? The most famous is The Daughter of Time. Mind you, I do recall when I was sick in hospital I had the attention span of a gnat. Are you reading or watching any movies? love Linda xxx

    (BTW the ferry had a goodly cargo of live cattle and horses – ah the aroma… The girls had a blast but the conditions were basic. You have no idea how hard this is for a girl who used to live in the best hotel in the world…)

    • Hmmmm, Ferries with Cattle and Horses? or with Nursing home Germans – it’s a bit of a toss up if you ask me?

      I’m glad the Linda Juniors had fun checking out the Dodgy Bros. I’ll dig out (when I master Aperture) some even cuter ones that will make your life hell in Children begging to have their own Chihuahuas.

      Hospital reading is pretty tricky – there has been a teensy bit of discomfort and I’m on Endone (synthetic morphine) and Codine, plus a plethora of other drugs and stuff. But – IMPORTANT BRAGGING POINT – the Endone and Codine live in the DANGEROUS DRUGS SAFE. An two nurses have to administer them. They even have to call over the loud speaker for the RED KEY to get my DDs. The upshot of this is that concentration on reading is not easy.
      But Josephine Tey is now on my Kindle list of purchases.
      Movie watching is good, but does send me ByeByes fairly fast.

      Last week I had excursions out of hospital in preparation for going home on Saturday. (Which obviously did not happen). We went to work (Mr iT “not to work, to WORK, he just had an email or two to catch up on”, naturally I did manage to catch up on lots of work in a comfortablish sort of fashion. involved much talking to all our staff). Mr iT took me to one of those Korean Pedicure salons that had comfortable recliner chairs. And they were wonderful – did a beautiful pedicure, polish is OPI something or other -well it’s a fire engine red. BUT – they now have a top coat that goes on top, then sits under UV light, and polish stays on for 6 weeks. Very impressed!
      Then Mr iT thought I needed new Birkenstocks – as heels are not going to be permitted to Brace Wearing Broken Back old ducks – so got new red Birkies to match the toenails.
      See – life teaches you that there are ALWAYS positives, even in Broken Backs.

      But most importantly Linda – what is chicken phở? I might need some. Along with Amber and M’s superior Baby Bash Arvo Tea supplies.
      Would love to post some of your funnier photos if you ever have time to email some. Am thinking of the ferry full of pooping horses and cows in particular.

  6. Glad to hear there are only about two more days left of “Mater Hospitality.”

    The Dodgy Brothers are very cute indeed and did a stellar job of hiding your brace in the shot of you outside, I actually had to re-look quite hard to even see the brace in the photo.

    I love that MB white with gold smock that both you and FF have.

    The countdown is on, you must be getting excited now!

    • HI SSG,
      I replied to you and have lost it?!
      Wasn’t even very drugged at the time either.
      So, Dodgies did a good job, but I like FF’s suggestion of Marlene Birger and Easton Pearson, gonna give that one my best shot!
      Hoping to go home this week, seriously cranky person each evening when loved ones tell me to cheer up, and that hospital is the best place for me.
      Some words starting with F have been used.
      Probably need the Bishop to come and do some more annointing – oooh that’s a story I haven’t told you all yet.

  7. Oh boy, I bet you can’t wait to get home. Well done supplying the photos… touching reunion one and oh dear that brace looks so uncomfortable. I say you should have kept blogging with the drugs… would have made great evening reading… I wouldn’t have need to watch ‘House’ tonight. A-M xx

      Tomorrow, in your honour, I will do post while well and truly medicated to the gills.
      I found hundreds of old photos on my phone – I had never downloaded – so there are some potentially very weird blogs possible tomorrow.

  8. Dear Louise, Chicken phở is Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. It is a wonderful restorative and makes you make happy noises as you slurp the rice noodles up. Regarding the doggies, I am already under considerable pressure but thankfully we have a no dogs or cats policy in our apartment. However, my youngest commented that if we did have chihuahuas in Australia they would probably like it that we could speak Spanish to them (albeit with Chilean rather than Mexican accents). I have to hightail it to the kitchen now as I promised Mr LiC that if he made me a cup of tea which he did last night that I would do the washing up and it is now getting up time and I will be rumbled! love Linda xxx

    • Oh My God, I am a terrible mother – I have not taught either of the Dodgies any Spanish/Mexican. How terrible.
      please send translation for :
      Many thanks

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