Sorry, small break in transmission… bit like this silly back I guess.

In wonderful and positive news I have a new toy,

It’s Aperture

a new photo storage and loader and thingy

from Apple.





no photo blogs from me for a few days.


The News from Townsville

Still in Hospital.

no photos, they’re stuck in



the room looks the same of course.

I have very sexy new back brace

it’s one for the shower –

strangely showering and drying off are up there with sitting

(in the pain magnification scale).

Lucky no photos –

cannot describe the mirror view of me, naked, with the new plastic shower brace that sort of frames the outline of the body, with all the rudey bits framed, pushed out and very highlighted for any viewers.

PROMISE – there will be zero viewers of this scene!

Still going out every day for an excursion to get ready to return home.

Supposed to be 2 hours max, but of course, Mr iT thinks we should

just pop in to Head Office and answer a few emails.

7 hours later, still in the Office, I start walking like a 98.7 year old who’s lost her zimmer frame.

Ever observant, Mr iT says to all an sundry

“Isn’t she doing well!”

YeAH – NOT!!

BTW The hospital

rings Mr iT after the “allowed” 2 hours are up, wanting to know where I am,

and he tells them

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I can’t get her out of the pub!”



Hmmmm, what else is happening,

The food service workers in Mater Hospital are ACE,

they look after me like a princess.

Yesterday I was a bit of a tragic (painwise) and must have been medicated (a lot) when I filled in the menu for today.

The gorgeous girls in the kitchen and food delivery

changed all my orders.

TEE HEE – I ordered 3 prunes for brekkie

a tomato for lunch

and a breadroll for dinner.

Duh – what planet was I on?

So the food angels added in the essentials

knowing what I like and hate, with big signs ALLERGIC to EGGS all over everything.

You girls rock.

I’m sure going to take a photo of them and do a blog about these angels.

What else,

Vertebra is 40% gone and won’t grow back.

I hope they weigh a lot, quick way to lose weight.

The Vertebra is fractured – so time will heal that.

Fracture is now misplaced, brace for 3 months – some fashion challenges ahead I feel.

House is a disaster – upstairs totally wrecked – ta Yasi – watch out A-M – you are about to receive LOTS of questions from me.

Dodgy Brothers told I’m coming home, so they are waiting at the door from garage every day.

Dolce the Ringneck – who owns me, will need a wingclip, as she is going to insist on sitting beside me for the next three months.

The wingclip is necessary as she’s an escape artist, and has had some major adventures – enough  for another whole blog.


Gosh blogging is dull without photos everyone,

my sincere apologies, I do try to be interesting and fun,

Love to all




14 thoughts on “Sorry, small break in transmission… bit like this silly back I guess.

  1. Dear Lou
    So good to have you back on the air with or without photos. Speaking from personal experience, there is nothing like a welcome home from a pining chihuahua, they make you feel soo loved and special.
    Rotten news about the back, it looks like the dodgy brothers are being joined by the dodgy back.
    Take care.

  2. Hey Paula,
    Geepers Creepers, you are so fast.
    Cheered me up already.
    Will try and post photos of the Dodgy Brothers, Dolce the ringneck and the other stars of this blog asap.
    Hope you are well, and it is warming up for you way getting ready for spring.
    I cannot believe this stupid back, I am very angry at it, feel like getting a tattoo on it – recalcitrant and extremely unco-operative back!
    thinking up Hospital Stories for you – start thinking of ?s you wnat covered.

  3. Ha, you don’t need photos to make me chuckle. So still in the pub hey!
    Not good news about the vertebra.. and unfortunately they weigh nothing!
    Home coming is not long now? I hope the food service staff continue to spoil you rotten in the meantime. A-M xx

    • Are you sure? Really?

      Not even a few kilo?

      Shocking day today painwise, I’ve been the pill gobbler extroadinaire, so (quoting Asian nurse) “you no go homee today girleeeeee”.
      Dr suggested a gentle and short walk -so the Dodgy Brothers are coming up to the Mater for a walk around the garden later this arvie.
      Hope I get some fun photos for you, as they haven’t seen me for 3 weeks – oh – it’s my three week anniversary today (at 5:30 pm). Break out the bubbly. Errrr, I mean Brufen.
      Siggi – is absolutely and positively going to be so excited, he’ll wet his pants -must remember to take tissues and wet ones. Arnie, will do massive investigation for treats (that would be the one on the diet of course).

      How was the trip? And even though I didn’t land on my head, I can’t work out who’s doing rock, paper or scissors. Will need lessons when we get together.

  4. Hi Lou
    It’s always a good idea to get on the right side of the meals/kitchen people and your lot sound like absolute gems. How awful if no-one had taken initiative and changed the order and all you ate that day was prunes, tomato and bread.
    Gee 7 hours in the office, thats a long haul. Are you standing the whole time?
    Oh the poor little Dodgys’ waiting by the door, lets hope you are soon back home to give them lots of cuddles.

  5. HI Annie,
    I thought the food order was just such a crack up – I must have been really druggied up, or (far more likely) yakking away to the food service ladies.
    You know, they seriously are the nicest bunch of people you’d ever meet. All full of beans, happy, worry about you, try to do the best for the food based on their budgets and the health restrictions. The service ladies (and one boy) and the kitchen staff all get on fabulously -so refreshing in a hospital.

    Dodgies coming for a visit this arvie – I’ll do an iPhone photo if possible and text it to you. See comments above to A-M about the Sigster and one of his slight foibles when over excited.

    (One could not say the same sweet relationships exist between nurses, wards, departments, casuals vs permnents). Though, I have some gorgeous nurses too.

    BUT NOT TODAY – nurse no no is on the rampage.

    Back to the food and my silly menu, the kitchen girls read that stupid menu I filled in and thought – is she serious? So they left the odd, 3 prune, brekkie order in tact and delivered just that. Then arrived up here enmasse about an hour after breakfast cleanup – with cake, pikelets, cut up fruit – the works. So gorgeous! Naturally with the homing instincts of a dieting Chihuahua (Dodgy Brother) Chris arrived within 2 minutes to polish 3/4 of all of it up.

  6. Dear Louise, Clearly you would charm everyone in your midst – glad to hear that the food people have your best interests at heart as nothing is worst than days and days of poor food. Have they solved the mystery that is the lack of toast? I think that husbands can be very poor when it come to TLC. I recall feeling dreadful and then having to show Mr LiC a thermometer that read 41 degrees before he stopped insinuating that I was malingering! Seven hours answering emails at work is beyond the pale! Besides accentuating your assets, is the newer brace more comfy? I imagine even sitting down it would be lovely to have a hot shower. We are waiting in a port for Mr LiC to drive our car off the ferry. Imagine how much fun we will have driving 10 hours to Santiago! Hope things look up tomorrow. love Lindaxxx

    • Linda,
      10 hour drive to Santiago – gosh, you are living the high life aren’t you?
      What a shame the ferry doesn’t go all the way back to the big S. What was the ferry actually like though? The one we did from the top of Norway (Kirkenes) to the South West (Bergen – gorgeous city) was seriously dodgy. I called it the floating German Nursing Home with good reason.
      Must blog some photos from it one day.

      I had a great blog started on the last part of Patagonia – where you should have been, when Geoff at work changed the photo programme on my Mac -and of course I can’t work it out. Will give it another go now.

      I has been a berry sick and cranky patient – even gave up korrect spelling. Was suposed to go home yesterday (Saturday) – and I’m still *&^%%$ – (extreme rude word not suitable for mini Lindas to read,) here in hospital.
      Off to xray again tomorrow, and more tests – I have demanded that unlucky Bobby the ward porter – is not allowed to wheel me to xray, because he brings too much bad luck. Bobby maintains that if he doesn’t take me – all the results would be double worse than they are. So we are at a stalemate.

      When you showed Mr LiC the thermometer at 41 – did you hold it under hot water for a while? Tee Hee

      Welcome home when you get there eventually. I just know you are going to greet your washing machine with unmitigated love and affection!

  7. Oh Louise! How annoying that you are still in that hospital! Can the Dodgy Brothers not break you free?? It’s good that they are coming for a visit, but I think they need to take matters into their own hands, errr paws…

    Nice to know that the ladies at the Mater are taking very good care of you.

    • Well Kitty, they gave it their best shot, but interesting smells completely distracted them, and rescue mission was abandoned for small walk.
      Showing incredible self restraint- Siggi B managed NOT to wet his pants when he first caught sight of me. Huge cuddles licks and doggy messages – and I, my clothes, and my brace all remained Siggi Pee Free.

  8. When I read “Aperture”first, I thought “ah, that programme that convinced me to get a PC and not an Apple for my home-office. Of course Aperture is a wonderful tool, just not for me.
    40% loss of the vertebra? How far are you from transforming into a invertebrate?
    The Annelida looks nice:
    Sorry, I might be a bit insane right now, having watched too many Natascha Kapusch Videos on youtube, including her cellar. The case will be reopened again, state attorneys might have cooperated with the criminal/s and the police might have received orders from the very top, not to go after concrete hints. Very disgusting.

    Are you alone in your room? Sometimes I find company in a hospital room not so bad, someone to talk to. I am looking forward to seeing the photo with your angels.

    • WEll those two links have given me quite a choice to identify with.
      Will consider calling myself an invertebrate if “I’ve got a broken back” wears out its sympathy factor.
      Are those youtubes too yucky to watch?
      Have room to myself – would be impossible for me to share with anyone else – I’m pretty high maintenance. (And intolerant of annoying people, and their visitors, and their children, and I do actually get a fair bit of work done here on the laptop – so like being on my own.)

  9. Dear Louise, finally I get to read and do you a comment – Mr B was there with me at the IPad and took control man-style and read your 2 latest posts with great interest and insisted on enlarging all the photos by accident and generally got in the way in a really annoying fashion – oh, and once again commented on the nice car. He has now taken refuge on the sofa as he has been to the dump this morning so that is his work all done for the day…anyway, I have a message for you from Donald “Duck” Archway, our local Bucks porn king (motto – Ducks in Bucks to sauce up your f…relationship) – can he please have some pics of you in that shower back brace, please, there is definitely a market for that type of thing… don’t for goodness sake mention to him the problems with your aperture though. Love the sound of the lunch ladies, I bet everyone in that hospital loves having you there are you are so nice and funny, could you try being grumpy to see if they let you out earlier? I loved Mr iT’s quip about the pub, so did Grandma W, she thought that was brilliant! Re missing vertebrae, wasn’t there a rumour back in the 80s that Cher had some ribs taken out to give her a more slender silhouette? could that be true? Would she not just go a bit floppy and wobbly without the support? Important issue, I feel. xx

    • I just found this comment now, a day later.
      My ribs are hurting from laughing so hard.
      You are wicked, I might need drugs now for rib pain.
      Glad Grandma W liked the pub comment – the nurse who rang looking for me, was a serious old sour puss, and even she totally cracked up when he told her that.
      No money ever, would convince me to send Ducks in Bucks a photo of me showering in the shower brace. Hmmmm, this Aperture may have a little gadget where I could change my face. How high do you think you could get the big (and hopefully very rich) Donnie bid for one of those photos?

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