Day 1000 and I made a run for it ….. the big escape!




So first you need a wheelchair

Doesn’t fold or collapse, so

Ring Adorable James to bring the shop van


Adorable James - tests safety of wheelchair.

So I’m loaded in Car, Wheelchair in shop van

Look who’s in the back seat of the car?

His Majesty, King of the Bladder Stones Surgery



And Serious Coffee Shop Afficionado

Yes, that’s his own  chair, his own cushion, his own puppychino.

When you are 16 (in March 2011), have a serious Heart Murmer, Breeze through 2 hour surgery, and are deaf -so you NEVER know you are in trouble,

the world is your oyster.


Health Inspector readers please note –

this shot was taken in Cafe Pupparama


Western Australia.


Did you know that in Hospital - there is NO TOAST!

So, I had 3 serves.


you can have all your fancy dancy brekkie gourmet delights

but 3 weeks without toast

is too much to bear.


Others opted for these dishes

But me

it was toast all the way baby.



How's the back brace going Lou?

Glad you asked, we’ve added a little extra.

The most wonderful lady at Wooly Fleece here in TVL, cut and sewed lambskin onto the chest piece yesterday, in 20 minutes.

What a trouper, it was almost closing time, and she said it was no trouble at all.


Mr iT and Adorable James congratulating themselves on getting rid of me me back to hospital , but I've Got to tell you the truth ..................

2 hours into my grand adventure

I was pining for my bed in the hospital

and some serious painkillers.

But God, I did not miss these green walls.

Even though yesterday, the Adorable James

Used one of his iPhone Apps (you know the thingy that tells you if things are straight – is it a plumbob?)

and straightened up that grossly ugly painting.











18 thoughts on “Day 1000 and I made a run for it ….. the big escape!

  1. Oh I was so excited at the beginning of this post as I thought you got out for good. Still looks like it was a great day though. Thinking of you. A-M xx

  2. At first reading of the heading I thought you had gone home. Still I suppose a few hours out of that room was bliss even with the associated pain.
    Thought you may have been undergoing tests yesterday or having an attack of the miseries, I worry when this blog goes quite!
    I feel humbled after reading of your agony. It’s revoltingly hot here and today I was sorely agitated and felt like hurling the paint brush at the wall/husband/anything.
    Lovely to see His Majesty enjoying some froth in WA. Will make a mental note to watch 60 mins for the delectable James. Great idea sewing sheepskin on the brace, certainly would make it a bit more bearable.
    Whats the world coming to? No toast in hospital!

    • OOOpsy, sorry about the silence yesterday – I just had the shocking miseries. Not like me at all.
      Don’t be humbled by the agony, it’s just pain – we all get pain sometimes, and remember I’m female – imagine if I were a man? We all know that MANPAIN of any affliction or ailment is at least 10 times wore than any female pain (of course except football injuries).
      Re the renos – why didn’t you hurl the brush at the wall, the husband, or anything (oh not Tessa though)? You would have felt so much better. Just tell ’em I said to do it. They can’t come and get me because “I’ve got a broken back”.
      You have no idea how handy that saying is becoming. “Don’t you realise I have a broken back?” Or “Oh sorry, I’d love to help you out with that document but I have a Broken Back”. “I’d really love to listen to your complaints about x, or y, or z, or a, or b, or c, but sorry – I’ve got a broken back.”
      See – there are so many positives to this.
      Lots of love

  3. I thought you had finally been released as well. Never mind, at least you had a good brekky. Are you sure you are not Susan Sarandons younger sister.? You have that look about you from the teeth down.
    Aren’t apps amazing really they have changed the world. It amazes me though that people would think to look for a particular one. I wish there was an app that convinced children that their parents are not mean when they send them to bed on a Sunday night without letting them watch all of Bondi Rescue. Can you please get James on to it?
    Hope you sleep well back in your colourless room with the very straight picture. Sorry for the lack of punctuation, too tired and not really my strong point. Deb

    • Hey Debs,
      Are you getting the feeling that there’s something particularly evil about my postings? Get you all geared up for some great news, then crash, let you down with the horrid reality.
      Sorry, feel free to tell me I’m a teasing witch.
      I had to sit up and watch the whole of 60 minutes to see the gorgeous James in his spectacular starring role in the new Climate Smart Ad.
      So, I will have no compunction in tasking him with finding suitable child appreciation of Parental Concern in early bedtimes on Sunday nights App for the iPhone.
      The really clever Geoffrey (another of our wonderful staff) who is a computer Whizz – can help James with this project.
      I’m sure you’ve read FF tonight – I sooooooo want a Broken Back, Brace Wearing Barbie with Curly red hair and stripey PJs of my own. Am pondering now on how to kidnap the Wonderful H.
      And she doesn’t even have to make a papier mache tummy for mine.
      Sleep well in your own very gorgeous Bedroom,

  4. Hello you – thanks for popping by m’blog the other day. Glad to see you out and about and getting tore in about enough toast to feed the 5,000.

    I think your dog and I have soooo much in common – the gallstones, the deafness…..

    Adorable James is just that, isn’t he? Never seen anyone using a phone to level a picture, but then, I do know someone who used the inner cardboard tubes from kitchen roll to ensure that his shelves were level, so I’m not about to criticise.

    Keep getting well!!!!!

    Ali x

    • HI Ali,
      Sorry I was slow getting back to you. Had some stupid back issues, then I stuffed up the photo storage on my ‘puter.
      Adorable James is the best – he’s just soooo wonderful I am being the bitch from hell in making sure he only ever gets the PERFECT girlfriend.
      My excursion today out of hospital included a pedicure – that beat the other 6 hours of work hands down.
      I’ll visit soon,

  5. Dear Louise, Did you stay at the Hotel Explora at Torres Del Paine? I am sitting down – I can take it if you did! We drove to Porvenir in Chilean Tierra Del Fuego today. If it was not the end of the world, I think it was only a short bus trip away. We are back to Puerta Natales tomorrow and then we are taking a nonluxury (sigh) ferry with cattle etc up through the fiords to Puerto Montt and the two days driving and then home to Santiago. I do know what it is like going without toast. I am a catholic boarding school girl (Sisters of St Joseph) and one memorable Lent my table gave up toast. I do not recall anything as delicious as toast that Easter Sunday. I am very sorry to hear about the ongoing pain. I will be thinking good thoughts for you. Love Lindaxxxo

    • HI Linda,
      Adorable James is the Chief Pharmacist at our Pharmacy in Townsville. We have so many James in our lives that they had to be categorised.
      Adorable James has worked for us for so many years, right though his uni years, that because he was so young (not small) we always called him Little James.
      Then there is my best buddy in the world James the Artist, who is a Uni Lecturer and a wonderful communicator. He also has a warped sense of humour (like moi), is very precious, and gets away with murder and mayhem – so he is My James. Then there’s Bad James (won’t go into that too much in case it gets back to him, but he was a disreputable tradesman who cost us about $50.000. There are three other James’s, all with other categorised monikers.
      Back to Adorable James, it’s my life’s ambition to find the perfect soulmate for him, he is a girl magnet, but the wrong type – bossy controlling little bitches. I decided Little James is not going to cut it in the perfect girlfriend stakes, whereas – Adorable (which is certainly true) James – is seriously going to attract just the girl I want.
      I know, I’m wicked.

  6. James, his app and your room – great shot!!

    I am so happy to read you are still in very very good humour. Is it hard to trust this wheelchair. It looks quite … moving.

    If a toaster isn’t totally against the hospital-rules, why not bring one along? Or ask James. This advice comes from someone who carries the bulky 35 years old Panasonic kitchen radio to the Styrian alps so I can listen to my favourite radio programme saturday afternoon. (the modern guest rooms provide TV but lack the radio). What is Georgie’s opinion on the new fellow, Rat?

    I have no idea at what time they show 60 minutes, you are probably watching right now. Have a good night after this toasty day!

    • Paula – hospital read the blog, and are making toast with grilled tomatoes – specially for me.
      Isn’t that so nice.
      The kitchen and food service staff here at the Mater in Townsville are wonderful. I’ve taken to putting love notes on my menu order every day, jut to let them know how much I appreciate them.

  7. Dear Louise, glad you got out and achieved Toast Input. Love that little dog. Mr Blighty continues to focus entirely on the Wrong Thing – for this post he noted the splendour of your car. Nothing else. I despair. Hope your morale is better now and the pain less. You are definitely entitled to feel blue. Though you do have a nice car – go away Mr B, that is not helping xx

  8. Hi Lou,
    Hope you are going ok up there and feeling slightly better?!
    I almost got sent to Townsville for work this week, so could have smuggled in some toast for you! Glad to see you managed to stock-up on lost carbs during your outing!
    I see you are fond of very cute little white dogs – I was just visiting the blog of Raine and Sage, another Brisbane-ite and she has a new little puppy called Curly! Very cute indeed!

    • Hi SSG, sorry this is a slow answer, have been MRI ing again. Mongrel things they are too – never give me the result I want.
      Will fill you in on the Dog Situation Chez my house, it runs to a lot more than 1 cute white dog.
      Maybe a post soon.
      Please let me know if you are coming up to Townsville – a coffee would be fun!

  9. Louise – I’m so glad you made like an episode of Prison Break and broke your way out of Dodge. Those green walls were getting too damn depressing.

    The toast thing would bug me. Why do hospitals not serve toast? That’s just ludicrous!!

    The puppy looks like he’s in good hands and remarkably spritely for 16. I bet he’s glad to have you home.

    You won the hot chocolate on my blog competition! Congratulations! I know you said you didn’t want to enter but the cat’s decision rules. Pop over to my blog for more information.

    Fingers crossed the drugs arrive post haste,

    Kitty xx

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