Day 12 and I get a fashion Upgrade

New xrays yesterday


Dr says we think there are a few more problems we need to deal with….


You can have surgery or a back brace?

Asked the surgeon does he occasionally sneeze?

Well yes sometimes,

OK, I’ll go for the brace

(don’t want you sneezing while you’ve got a scalpel close to my spine)

So the Brace arrived with a charming young man

this afternoon.

Here’s the packet



Goody, look how great I'm going to look in my new brace.

And obviously, I’ll be running along the beach tomorrow.


Do I look just like those charming folk on the packet?

Somehow, the reality did not match the packaging.


God, do I need to get to the hairdresser, my mop looks nothing like the dos on the brace packet.

Much more exciting news, look what arrived from the big Brissie!

Annie (but you know her as ANNE-MARIE) AND I ARE TWIN DOGGYPHILES.

So Annie sent me this book to cheer me up.

How cool is the ribbon, and the bookmark(we have 4 birds as well)

Thank you so much Annie, I love my gift heaps and heaps,  and am having fun already leafing through it.

Then there’s my friend G

Vet to the Stars (you know I’m referencing FF here).

Look what she arrived with yesterday



He's a hospital rat

He’s got rat teeth too


Ratty pearly whites

And G aptly named him


Anti Yasi Rat

And there are flowers galore here,

they are all gorgeous,

but the nurse caught me hopping araound the room photographing the flowers from attractive angles.

Turns out that’s another thing on the list of

hospital no-nos

(well getting caught doing it is a no-no).


Here's a dodgy photo of half of them, before the camera was confiscated by Nurse No No.

So, it’s bed time for those of us in the back brace brigade.

Sleeping in this thing is going to be ……………..


If there is a post from me at 2am in the morning

you’ll know how successful the sleep is, or isn’t.


and thanks for all the wonderful notes and good wishes.




21 thoughts on “Day 12 and I get a fashion Upgrade

  1. what is it with advertisers and people dressed all in white? No sane mother would dress her entire family and herself in white (of course I do but that just proves my point). In fact they couldn’t even quite manage it for the pic, the small boy has obviously weed his pants or sat in something and so has had to change. It’s an impressive looking bit of kit that back brace, I expect soon all the other fashionistas will be wearing them. But you were there first. Love the doggy book and the Rat. The Rat is wearing a very snazzy waistcoat. Give my love to Nurse No No xx

    • God yes, I think Nurse No No might be getting a little taste of Blog de la Blighty.
      Oops -sorry your grace, The Duchess of Devonshire Tea.

      RE small boy and weeing – I can’t believe I am putting this on the blog, but guess what your bladder does when you land on your arse from 3.5 metres with a whopping great thump.
      I, of course did not know of this magical release, till I saw the photos that J took after the fall.
      Speaking of J – he was so shocked and distressed, I had to guide him through the whole ambulance call – reminding him of the number, our address, that there are dogs who have to be locked up before the Ambulance arrived, and yes I was breathing,and yes I could feel fingers and toes. Poor darling was incredibly distressed and I understood that, Mr iT was waging his own battles with the Penthrox breather – denuding it of any of the pain killing gas.
      Despite all of the above, the two of them managed to get photos clearly showing that I had peed my pants.

  2. This rat is the best “comment” on Yasi so far! I read at Blighty’s blog that you started downloading the books and you will eventually get to see the movies and series. I am curious to hear how you like 30 ROCK.
    Not 2am yet … Do you have any idea how many days you will have to stay/rest in the hospital? If I send a card to “Louise / broken back / Townsville Hosppital, would it arrive? Is there more than 1 hospital in Townsville?

    • Ha ha ha ha. Paula, are you challenging Blighty in the funny stakes. You are getting bloody good at it, I promise.
      2am – just went for the codine and lay in bed feeling miserable.
      I am going to email the wonderful G (Vet to the stars) about your Yasi comment – that will make her day. She’s another funny friend who’s story I must tell on the blog one day, it involves Hong Kong, so I’ll wait till FF has the Bub, and of course will have nothing to do all day but read blogs.

      I cannot tell you how much your comments all completely turn my miserable days around, thank you a million times.
      RE:Books, they are NOT on the bloody Kindle as ebooks- a national disgrace, far worse than the price of lamb that everyone else is banging on about.
      You can’t read Lamb!

    • Hi Paula, Loved the sawed in half mascara – but they do get full of digesting BACTERIA AND YOU SHOLD THROUGH THEM OUT AFTER 6 MONTHS. My address is best to use the work one:


      But the one in your comment was much much funnier, Lou

      PO BOX

  3. Sure is a strange picture Lou, must be the ‘after’ image, the manufacturer probably thinks a pic of a suffering person with broken back just wouldn’t cut it.
    I had visions of a full-on full body cast (like plaster) but this is so streamlined and fashionable (tongue in cheek). Can you return home now with this new accessory?
    Can you remove it to shower? How was sleeping in it last night?
    I really do feel for you Lou, I badly injured my foot several years ago and had to constantly swallow chill pills to survive the drawn out healing process. I suspect at times I was a virtual bitch on crutches. Who knew I would embrace Birkenstocks as the most comfortable sandals on the planet! (after I told the podiatrist I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing them).
    Enjoy the book and have a better day.

    • Hey Annie, LOVING my book, and the bookmark has had a few appearances in my hair as well. Annie, it’s a multi-tasking bookmark!
      Found an old mate on the blog -Deb G – go back to 15th Post (about the Jurlique) and read her and my comments. I just know you will crack up about the Catholic Schoolgirl remarks I made.
      RE Hair in brace photo – phone rang at 5.45am – Mark my hairdresser – appalled that I published my hair. Serious discussion about how to get into the salon in Brace and Wheelchair.
      Still not allowed home, trying for Tuesday next week, after an MRI.
      I can see me getting institutionalised. NOOOOOO, don’t make me leave, I can’t bear to parted from these green walls and that wonderful (spew) painting.
      You know, I’ve been counting my blessings, since the brace went on. It really is the pits. Just thought of another thing to be thankful for.
      Imagine if one of the Dodgy Brothers had been underneath me when I fell.
      EEEEEEk that’s something to be really grateful for.
      I love Birkies – Annie, they are not ugly, you can buy really groovy ones, that shop in the city (on corner of Queen and Albert St – I think it’s Albert – the St that Festival hall used to be in) has the best range of seriously funky Birkies.
      I find the cork makes your heels very dry though.
      Another great shop for feet with problems is Children of the Revolution, excellent range and service – the owner is a podiatrist. It’s sort of diagonally behind the back of the new DJ’s.
      How is your foot now Annie?
      Can you start hobbling and find those old crutches when the Renovating is less appealing than blogging?
      Lots of love

  4. Gosh marketing people/advertising are funny folk! Who knew that back braces were evocative of family walks on the beach. I suspect Dad is the wearer of the brace as his posture looks rather ramrodish!
    You’ve been spolit by your friends and family and long may it continue.
    You really are an extremely positive person Louise and you will live a long and healthy live so long as stop falling through the ceiling1

  5. Kate,
    That is code you know, and you know what it’s for.
    Remember, there’s a trade off, and I’ve already garnered permission from the great B herself to share.

    I promise to stay out of ceilings, off ladders, and off roofs. You know, seriously (this is not a joke) I was committed to starting horse riding lessons this year as soon as it gets cooler here in Townsville. Any comments on that?
    PS I wish you and your family a wonderful weekend.

  6. Dear Louise, so funny about the 2 men in your life turning into jellies and having to be helped by you through 999 process yet having presence of mind to get out camera and take pic (should I use flash do you think? No, take it from this angle, really good with that background..) so typical; mind you, Boy 1 would have been good at it: he called 999 a couple of years ago when I took Mr B to station early in the morning with Boy 2 – leaving Boy 1 asleep with Grandma W, also asleep; Boy wakes up, finds us gone, forgets the big G is there and so rings 999; I come back to finish conversation with policeman on end of phone – where I come across like shady dodgy mother just back from nightclub/crack den etc – good times! G slept through whole drama, of course!

    • And you said Boy I was not into writing and imagination?
      I beg to differ.

      BTW if the boys ever make it over here for a visit or a Gap year – you know snakes, crocodiles etc, remind them that it’s 000 here not 999.

  7. Of course, the dad is wearing the brace. Only just noticed his posture after Kate B’s comment. Too funny.
    Forgot to remark about the cool ‘rats to Yasi’ rat. He is cute.
    I think the world is full of us….ex Catholic school girls that is. How lovely for you to reconnect with an old school chum Lou.
    I’m going to leave the retelling of my foot catastrophe until I meet you L. Suffice to say it is almost as silly as falling through a ceiling. I still have twinges and believe it will never be 100% but hey the outcome could have been worse. I remember two practitioners gleefully telling me I would have been better to have broken the bones rather than straining the ligament. Any high inpact activity days are over, too scared of reinjury and the bones collapsing. Oh well.
    Thank God no dogs were under your point of inpact. I have another story similar, about Tess and an unsecured esky in the back seat. Tis funny now when I think back.
    Love your sense of humour.

    • Hi Annie,
      Did you have to play hunt the poodle in the back seat of your car, with Mr Annie, in the dark, up the top of the Mt Cootha parking spot?
      Sorry, I can imagine Tess and an esky may not have been something to joke about.
      Remind me to post the list that Deb G hauled along to our school reunion a few years back of the favourite sayings of the Mercy Nuns. It’s a total crack up.

  8. Dear Louise, The good thing about the brace is that it is white and is therefore already coordinated with your Summer wardrobe. Now, Louise, you must have stern words with Mr iT and tell him to source and probably sauce as well a favourite meal from a flash cafe in Townsville. You should have at least one good meal and preferably when he come visiting. We are now in Punta Arenas after two nights camping in Torres del Paine where the views are extraordinary. The girls loved the camping but I looked longingly at the five star accommodation down the road. Did you go to TdP? Anyway the thing about camping is that any accommodation afterwards feels five star – Mr LiC is quite genius this way. We saw two foxes yesterday and several eagles with a dead hare by the side of the road. No pumas or those oversized hamsters yet. I do recall the utter boredom and dreariness of being in hospital so I am crossing my fingers you heal quickly and go home to your beloved doggies soon. love Lindaxxx

    • HI Linda,
      Yes we did do TdP, but I’m sorry to say it was in the lap of luxury. (No that’s a lie, I was bloody glad not to be camping, we saw all the camp sites and not an iota of envy entered my head). The views there are truly worth it aren’t they? God, what a gorgeous place. And after all the hikes the fab showers, bars and restaurant meals were pretty damn nice.
      From today’s post – you’ll see that I did get to indulge in something quite wonderful food wise – toast, I have been CRAVING it for 3 weeks.
      Gotta admit, 2 hours at my fav cafe this morning, in brace and a wheelchair – was absolute agony, and I was desperate to get back to hospital. Sitting seems to be my nemesis, how sad is that?
      Wondering if hospital could send in a painter to recolour my walls here?

      We did not do Punta Arenas – did El Calafate, Puerto Natale, Ushuaia, Camp Patagonia, then Antactica. Oh and Buenos Aires of course – which I hated.
      Are you going down to Ushuaia?

    • Hey Annie,
      Sorry I didn’t see your message or even look at emails yesterday.
      I indulged myself in the most serious case of miseries/blues/poor me/I hate the world/who invented back braces/why don’t timber floors bounce like trampolines?
      2 weeks looking at this green wall may have also driven me a bit crazy.
      You’ll read today’s post and learn that I got a 2 hour leave pass from Hospital, which is a subversive way of letting you find out for yourself why they are keeping you in the damn hospital. (But they are not going to get me to admit that.)
      Brace isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and there are far worse fates in life, but it is really horrible to wear. I haven’t thrown it anywhere yet, because I know they’ve got heaps more where this one came from.

      Email coming, is that amazing that you won the cake plate or what? You know, the Universe was looking after you. I can imagine A-M and the boys really would have been squealing in delight.

  9. Helloooooooooooooooo!

    Sorry for my silence, I’ve been avoiding blogging all week.

    I have my RDO from work tomorrow (monday) hurrah.

    Would you like me to deliver a USB with movies to the hospital for you? Love & other drugs is on the list. The boy has also downloaded Black Swan, The Fighter (Mark Wahlberg with no shirt on – need I say more?), hmmm, not sure what else, but I can have a looksie. Any special requests?

    • HI Amanda,
      I had a day off the ‘puter as well. Was in misery land.
      Have MRI tomorrow.I’ve seen Black Swan, maybe on ‘puter screen it did not do it justice, but I thought it was over hyped.
      Love to see the Fighter, Love and Other Drugs, anything light and happy.
      Will email details now,

  10. Oh FF Don’t be sad, this is actually the best place for me.
    I had an excursion out this morning – see next post, and it bloody hurt – so I learnt a valuable lesson – they keep you in hospital for a particularly good reason. Healing.
    PLEASE tell me you will be taking it easy despite this being your last week at work.

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