Jurlique Giveaway – it got interrupted by the Grand Descent.


This “competition” is really to amuse myself,

the sillier your answers

the more fun I have.

Remember, the hospital room still looks the same



A quick post to remind you that on D BACK Day

Saturday 5th February 2011

The day of the BROKEN BACK

(feeling sorry for me yet?)

I was bored with Cyclone Cleanup

and found these photos


What shop window was this in? Clue: London

and these


Which Street did I illegally take photos of these shoes? London as well.


Competition is back on.

If you read the comments section on the 5th and 6th (I think)

only one answer is correct.

Not telling you if it’s the ring or the shoes though.

Guess away in the comments section

and I have a Jurlique Pack (suited to your skin type)

for the correct answers.

1 for each.


If lots of people guess the correct shop/street

there’s a giveaway in a draw, for all those who did guess the correct answers.


The wonderful J (our General Manager) is going to have to sweet talk the Julique rep into contributing to this – tee hee.

But, you know, I have a BROKEN BACK, and so I can do no wrong.

Triple Tee Hee.





11 thoughts on “Jurlique Giveaway – it got interrupted by the Grand Descent.

  1. This is hard Lou, I was last in London 2 years ago and unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to sightsee in upmarket jewellers. My daughter and I checked out every fashion shop though but even she is stumped about the shoes when I showed her your pic.
    Thought I would outsmart you and google London jewellers but there are lots! It would take me all night to find that blessed ring!
    Did you have a better day?
    I’m covered in paint.

    • Annie, give me Mr Annie’s email address immediately, I must have a serious discussion with him re: this wife/slave labour.
      Hint – googling WILL help with the Jeweller – I checked and it’s there, and their window looks just like my photo.
      I did have a better day – I got a nice big nap this arvie, first time in over a week.

      How are you getting the paint off?

    • God, you got it in one. I bet you were an international corporate lawyer who travelled the world prior to blessing the world with Boys 1 and 2.
      Has peace still reigned between 1 and 2 since the sleepover?

  2. I am not having a go at your giveaway as I have no idea, being a ‘non consumer’ and all, I am just writing in to say again that I am so sorry about your broken back, you poor love. We take mobility sooooo for granted when we have it don’t we. A-M xx

  3. I know A-M, you are just too sweet, I must say, I am seriously under impressed with this damn back. What were they built for other than to cushion landings from on high?
    What about the Angels, I bet they didn’t stuff their backs every time they came down to sit on our shoulders and remind us to be good.
    I was a Guardian Angel in primary school, we had the red capes and all – they DID NOT obviously teach us correct heaven to shoulder landing skills.
    How are you going?

  4. I am pleased that we are able to keep you amused Lou by playing your London whereabouts guessing game. How about these two answers? Jewellery store is Graff Jewellery and the boots look like they belong in Carnaby Street.
    Can’t say you are looking much of a fashion plate with your new ‘fashion accessory’, but if it does the job instead of surgery it is worth it. Have you thought of just asking for a kilo of cake icing to be brought to you instead of cake and icing?
    Must say you are doing well to keep your sense of humour.

    • Hi Deb (this is Proserpine Deb everyone, we’ve known each other since Grade 8 at Star of the Sea Convent in Southport – and no we were schoolgirls there not nuns).
      I am going to announce the winner of the Jurlique tonight – so hold your breath till then.
      YES PLEASE – I am sure where there is a will there is a way to get a kilo of icing, without the cake, to Townsville from Proserpine.
      (Note to Blighty, go look at the map, Proserpine is a real town too).
      Deb, I wonder if Carla still has those Grade 8 Photos, that would be a hoot to put on the blog. I cannot describe to my readers how UGLY I was. Hilariously Ugly. Hairdressers back then thought that the way to deal with curly hair was to cut it all off – forgetting that it would grow back, in alarming ways.
      Also, dear readers, the Star of the Sea School Uniform could possibly have been the ugliest one on the planet.
      I feel another blog topic coming up.
      Cheers Deb,
      so lovely to hear from you,

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