A Room with a view ………… of Patagonia

The word on the street is I could be here

for a week

or more.


or possibly 2 weeks.

It'll still look like this.

I’m lying here thinking – what would a really nice hospital room look like?

Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia

I’d like to look outside my window,

and see this.

I was here exactly 12 months ago, and Linda in Chile is on her way there now.

Lucky Linda, wonder if she’d like to swap places with me?

It’s so beautiful here’s another look at it.


Perito Moreno from another perspective.



As for the room itself.


I think this would make a nice hospital room.

It’s a Yurt in Camp Patagonia,

much nicer than my room here.

A Yurt would suit me me fine for the next 6 weeks!

Outside the yurt is not to be sneezed at either

That's a lake in Patagonia

And the animals are pretty cool too.

Linda should meet some Guanacos

I LOVED the guanacos,

wish there were a few here to play with.




Of course I couldn’t do this

You do a lot of hiking in Patagonia

Because I can’t walk yet,

but I wouldn’t mind sitting in the Yurt

waiting for the others to come home from hiking.


I miss my dogs, and I asked mr iT

to bring one of the Dodgy Brothers up to the hospital

they are so small

no-one would know they were here.

That no mow grass border is about as tall as my index finger.

See, they are really little.

Siggi (the red one) likes to hide under the bedcovers

so he’d be fine here in hospital with me.

This is the dog Mr iT bought up to the hospital

Mr iT is a bit of a whimp when comes to  it to

smuggling live dogs into hospital.


Gotta go

places to go

people to see

appointments to keep.






PS  If you are wondering how the Dodgy Brothers got their names

they really are siblings from the same little

(do you think they could have different fathers???? – Mum was a bit of a slut)

Arnie sneaks into bed with Bee when she's asleep, she bosses him around a LOT.

And Arnie’s teeth are very splayed, his tongue pokes out because his face is too short and the tongue sticks out to one side because his teeth are splayed.

Mr iT wants Arnie to go to the orthodontist (yes the human one) and get braces.





16 thoughts on “A Room with a view ………… of Patagonia

  1. Wonderful photos ( I mean of Patagonia, though the hospital ones are good too). That reminds me, must get Boy 1 back to the orthodontist. Would your chap do a two for one on him and Arnie? At least one of his patients would be house trained. Hope you managing to sleep ok, bye for now.xx

  2. Dear Louise,
    Gosh they do a partiularly stylish and luxurious hospitial room in Far North Queensland. I’m loving the crucifix on the wall and don’t get me started on the moody (faded) print on the wall and the septia tonesw of the wood work are bang on trend!
    Poor you.
    I hope someone smuggles your doggies in . I bet they miss you as much as you do.
    I think there is room for an new vet speciality what with the Bionic Vet show how about the Cosmetic Vet/
    Kate bx

  3. Dear Louise, I think we need to do more 10 hour drives to get to the Patagonia of your photos. We will be on a ferry for 4 days (horray – no driving!!!). I think your accommodation was a bit more up market than Mr LiC likes for us. Actually we are often so exhausted that a bed, any bed sounds wonderful and pity about the bathroom. The guanaco in your photo looks as if he is going to tell a very funny joke. No guanacos yet but llamas galore. I hope the time flies until you are reunited with your doggies. Linda xxx

    • Yep, Just started arriving today. Will post photos.
      Compiling list of t/movies for you too.
      Been too bombed out for the last two days -mucho drugs being prescribed for pain. They’d like me to start walking asap.
      How’s the physio going for you?

  4. Hello Lou
    So wonderful to see you have posted and your gorgeous humour is shining through every word. Are you going slowly insane in that awful hospital room. And where is the giant plasma screen. How in God’s name are you supposed to focus on that itty bitty TV on the wall?
    I have a b & w border collie stuffed toy like the one hangin on your bed, our last dog was a border and I love em to bits. You know we could be twins!
    Tessa’s tongue sticks out a bit like Arnie’s due to teeth extraction and it cracks me up. See even our dogs are twins.
    Never mind me I’m bone tired and the two glasses of red have kicked in. Anyway I’m going to email you right now.
    Thinking of you always

  5. HI annie, two glasses of red needed here, right now!
    Miseries have set in, and pain is seriously yuck.
    Dog is the Footrot Flats Dog – whose name of course was Dog. WE have had him for 25 years.
    Arnie tried to make love to him, but I rescued him, he’s too precious.
    How are the renos going?

    • OMG ours is the Footrot Flats dog too bought in NZ about, oh, 25 years ago! Twins!
      The renos are progressing well thanks L but I’m too old for this make-over nonsense. Climbing a ladder a squillion times a day is NO FUN.
      Hope you sleep well tonight. If I lived in Townsville I’d visit and probably make you laugh and then we’d both be in trouble!

      • Hi Annie, well obviously we are TWINS, except I don’t have to do sanding, and painting and renovating.
        I get to lie here and contemplate ………… that revolting blue painting on the wall.

        BAD day today (sook, sook), washed my hair – it had 45,097,632,876.5 knots in it. I’m prostrate from hair washing agony.

        Poor Tessa is she old? The Bichons are 16 and have lost so many teeth. It’s the wool, everytime they lick themselves, tht fine wool goes in between their teeth and flosses it – and wrecks their gums. The Dentist Vet at Underwood (he does the Tiger’s teeth at Dreamworld) says all woollen dogs should ahve their faces shaved permanently to stop this.

        Funny thing about the missing teeth, you can’t shove their meds in their mouth and hold the muzzle shut till they swallow the tablets – they have so many gaps they just slide the tabs out the side. We have to crush tabs and mix with butter.


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