Well, bragging about no broken bones ……… I got my comeuppance.



Back Louise has really, really, really


One of those damn irritating Lumbar thingamies

did not hold up during the GRAND DESCENT.

And something is broken in there.

My friend G

the Vet Fantastic


I have to have CAGE REST for 6 weeks.


I am not allowed to do this

Shopping at Max Mara Helsinki

No jumping up on strangers.


Running in Lapland

No pulling sleds.

Posing for family photos, Rovaniemi, Lapland 1926

No sitting on stumps looking cute.

Walking in the park St Petersburg

I must not walk without assistance


Dog meets horse St Petersburg,

I’m not allowed to bark at horses.

Dressing up to go out for ice-cream, Northern Norway

I’m not allowed to do tricks for ice-cream.

Guarding the Shop in Venice

No barking at people in shops.

Shopping in Venice

In fact no shopping with the girls at all.

I’ll keep you posted on what the human Dr says.




35 thoughts on “Well, bragging about no broken bones ……… I got my comeuppance.

  1. HI A-M.
    Are you ok?
    The back – fractured a vertebra, and crushed another one.
    Can’t believe it, I really thought I’d escaped any serious damage.
    Lots of Dr stuff has to be actioned (FF2010 tee hee) now.
    It’s very boring lying in bed, with the house being demolished around me.

    • Oh dear, that sounds really really bad… so how long are you going to be out of action and more importantly, how bad is the pain? are you drugged? A-M xx

      • Hi A-M
        Drugged Me? You betcha! I have 3 medications. I even have a Restricted drug, one that has to be kept in a SAFE. I feel so IMPORTANT!
        Pain, well, it’s pretty gruesome if I don’t take the drugs, and the surgeon has just been in saying I MUST take them regularly every 4 hours, so I am happy to comply. I was freaking out about becoming an addict, but they tell me that’s not going to happen.
        If I lie very, very still it doesn’t hurt too much.
        Out of action – they say months, but I’m thinking if I lie very, very still for the next week, that’ll do it. You know, sort of like getting credits in the back bank for later on.

  2. Oh no!!!!!! You didn’t!!!! You poor, poor thing!!! I’ll stop whinging about my pulled muscles, right this instance. And when I feel a whinge coming on, I’ll think “fractured vertebrae – shut up Amanda”.

    Again, if I can do anything at all, let me know.

    • Hi Amanda,
      You absolutely must whinge about the pulled muscles, no-one will know how much you are suffering if you don’t.
      Thanks again for the offer, I am going to think really hard for a task for you.
      Tee Hee – it could involve chocolate, and baking, with icing.

      • Well I just went to the physio, and I feel like a million dollars. (sportsmed up on the hill). Should have done it yesterday!!!!

        Chocolate, baking with icing sounds awesome 🙂 That with a coffee and a girly magazine? Wish I was at home instead of work now!!!

      • You’re not in hospital!! You poor thing 😦 Can I download anything for you to watch? Need to catch up on a tv series or anything? I could deliver on a USB or DVD, if that helps? I feel for you!!! I’m in all worlds of pain with just some pulled muscles, I can’t imagine how awful you feel 😦

      • Do you have any suggestions, I don’t watch a lot of tv, so anything you suggest would probably work for me. (OH, except all that Vampire and Bloody Lovey stuff).

      • Ohhh, that’s hard because I don’t know you that well! Some of my favourites are Gossip Girl (awesome hair, makeup, fashion, bitchiness and Chuck Bass), I’m a bit of a sucker for Glee, The IT Crowd is funny, especially if you know some I.T geeky types. I also currently have Grand Designs downloaded, all of the seasons, so if you’re into your architecture, housy stuff?

        Also have latest movies – Black Swan, Tangled, The Fighter, True Grit.

        Let me know 🙂

  3. Heavens above Louise how awful. I had to admit I felt sure you must have done some serious damage with such a fall. It maddening to think how your life can change in a few seconds when all you doing was trying to ‘get on’ with life after the storm.
    I suggest you buy Apple TV its brilliant. Then open a USA Apple account ( I can tell you how) and you can watch all your favourite shows that haven’t been show here.

    Kate Bx

    • Great idea Kate, I’ll take you up on that offer to tell me how to do it. I’m hopeless with computer stuff.
      I’m guessing you buy apple tv online?
      Hmmmm – do you think I need an iPad too. And a Mac with a really big screen?
      Tee Hee.
      I’ll keep you posted on the acquisition of apple TV.

  4. Louise, sorry to read your bad news. This definitely is too much – the cyclone, the water and now you need to rest in the house that is still not fixed.
    I am glad you had a splendid vacation and photos you can look at. I will do my best to entertain you with upcoming postings. xxx

    • Thank you Paula. This blog’s going to get very boring with holiday photos I’m afraid. Nothing much to photograph or comment on here, except the gradual demolishing of half this house.
      I’ll be counting on you to do lots of Viennese posts to entertain me.

      • Louise, I am planning to write a posting about this youtube channel:
        the other day I have been searching for anything but botox to reduce and slow down the line between the brows. You know, the brow furrow you get when you read that Louise fell down from the roof and ended up in the hopsital where they diagnosed her wrong in the first place … yep.
        so here it is, and am sure you have time to exercise in bed. If your back or something else hurts when you lift your arms (for this massage), ask your family to do it for you! hehe.


        Oh yes, and she demonstrates a lot of partner massages – foot massages … Maybe you should hand the link over to your husband so he can prepare himself for the next visit?

  5. Oh Louise, what a terrible thing to happen….I know first hand how very painful it is, I had a fall several years ago and fractured a bone in my back – I feel your pain…Apart from the actual pain, the ‘falling’ sensation is a terrible shock.

    I know it must me hard for you to take the advice and rest for 6 weeks at this time but it’s the best thing you can do.

    • Tee Hee Elizabeth, I am quite happy to be caged up for 6 weeks at the moment. I just tried to make myself a cup of tea – big mistake. Had to scream my way back to bed. I am not moving from here now.
      I hope your back has recovered, and that you don’t have any residual problems with it. Do you think it’s like childbirth – you forget the pain when it’s all over?
      Thanks for the first hand advice.

  6. Oh Louise I’m so sorry to hear this but you know, when I saw that pic of you lying on the floor I thought if L hasn’t damaged something then she is made of rubber.
    Backs are tricky blighters. Whatever the treatment I hope it has you on the mend quick smart!
    I’m having a delayed start to the day (should be at the house by now..sanding window frames) but told the other half I needed to acton (FF) some domestic duties here so here I am, commenting, thats important isn’t it?
    Will check in again tonight to see how your day progressed…or not?!

    • Well, there’s been a development. I’m now in hospital.
      Apparently the damn vertebra compressed then burst then fractured.
      How weak and fickle I say, and extremely inconsiderate.
      Apparently, I am not to be trusted at home to lie TOTALLY still, and not bend, twist, walk, sit, lift anything, roll over in bed, prop myself up with pillows, or a host of other things I’ve forgotten.
      So, I’ve ended up in a sort of a cage indefinitely anyway.

      Plotting my escape as I type.

      • just when you thought things could not get any worse. I will do my best to cheer you up with upcoming postings.

        Please, feel free to use my comments-section as a post office. That’s entertaining.
        Metscan would have to change the settings, I will leave her a comment and ask her to take a look at her profile/settings. 🙂
        Be carful with the plotting, the W-LAN is not very secure, make sure the nurse doesn’t log in from the kitchenette.

  7. Oh Louise You poor thing!!!!! Proper Bedrest with nothing to do… hmm I would definitely get that Apple TV thingy- it sounds fab! Can you knit?? crochet??? read with a kindle (no page turning!). I wish I could offer more help but wishing you the best for the next few week! OZJANE

    • Hi Ozjane,
      I canNOT knit or crochet. I am absolutely no Faux Fuchsia!
      Can’t and won’t cook or bake either.
      I have a Kindle thank goodness, it’s wonderful.
      I believe you plug the apple tv into a real tv, which is hard, I don’t have a tv. I need something I can watch on the computer.
      But I will be able to read and investigate lots and lots of new blogs.
      Also, unfortunately, I can still work from bed, and have ended up doing work all afternoon here in the hospital.
      Thanks for the good wishes,

      • I have a mental picture of you tapping away on your laptop which is resting on your tummy. Just think of all the marvellous blog time you are going to be able to clock up!
        Hope today was bearable Louise.

      • That’s exactly what’s happening Annie. BTW Read FF remark about OLE Paddy and my answer, tee hee.
        Today was bearable, it actually flew by, with work, texts, phone calls and visitors I didn’t even get a nap.
        Might give you a call tomorrow,

  8. am so sorry to hear this you Poor Thing!!!! I was hoping to see you at the Jean Brown sale on Thursday too dammit. I hope you get well soon.

    You and Ole Paddy are the only sisters on my blog list whatsy x

  9. Dear Louise,
    Poor you stuck in horrible hospitial with such a scary break.
    You can get a USA Apple account and download all your tv shows to the Mac ‘puter
    Email me and I’ll let you know.
    I’m scared Apple will find out and arrest me for having a fake address!
    Take care

  10. Dear Louise, I just heard! I am so sorry for you! It sounds awful but I hope with this enforced rest you will start getting better soon. I have been thinking of you as we proceed on our Patagoniam adventure. We had to wait in a queue yesterday for 9 hours for petrol as the petrol station had run out. Welcome to Argentina I say. We are back in Chile at Coyhaique – and it is lovely to understand what people are saying again. It feels as if we are speaking to Glasweigans in Argentina. Who knows what they are saying? Take very good care of yourself and enjoy all the pain relief! Love Lindaxxx

    • HI Linda, Is it too late to post some Patagonian photos on the blog for you?
      Not much else to talk about here in hospital.
      I could discuss the merits of morphine, codeine, paracetamol, Brufen anti-infammatory, diazapan as a muscle relaxant, penthrox puffers as anaesthetic, but they could be a touch of a no-go area for public blogging.
      Think I’ll do a blog about Patagonia and show everyone what you the LiC family is off to see.

  11. Dear Louise, so sorry you have been caged but it was about time you stopped jumping up on strangers and doing tricks for ice cream, to be honest it was getting embarrassing what with the police coming round and all.. Re audio tapes – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel – got that for a friend, think it’s good; or Love in a Cold Climate, Pursuit of love, or what about Cold Comfort Famr by Stella Gibbons, that’s a laugh. Also I just read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, it’s short so would be good as audio book. Re Patagonia where Linda is going – have you and Linda read the Bruce Chatwin book “In Patagonia” ? Could be interesting? I have read it but never been to Patagonia, sad. Chin up my dear, and are any the doctors cute? I have noticed they are getting younger and younger these days, average age is about 12. Weird. xxx

  12. Dear Louise, Please do do a post on Patagonia – Mr LiC wants to cover so many kilometres that sometimes I find myself having a nap – another sign of old age – so I may be missing things. We like talking books too – we just finished a Bill Bryson one – he is always interesting and often very funny. The next one is Rumpole of the Bailey- which I have read and watched on TV a million times but quite fancy. Now on to more important things – how is the food? I had to stay in hospital for 10 days before my eldest was born because I had pre-eclampsia. I would spend considerable time thinking about what I was going to eat next and should I have the lamb or the chicken? Should I be healthy with a piece of fruit or go the apple pie with cream? I agree with Mrs B, I want to know whether you have a young handsome doctor. Actually, I think my cousin who is very young and handsome is doctoring up your way. Anyway, I am thinking of you. love Linda xxx

  13. HI again Linda.
    Sorry, My Doc is even older than me – and that’s saying something!
    But the Docs at the Townsville Hospital – where I went in the Ambulance – the night of the GREAT EMERGENCY are all much younger. They are all from India and Pakistan.
    Mr iT sat beside me for 6 hours in emergency, and got to watch everyone in action. His take on the Emergency Ward – it’s a Courting Carousel. There was a lot of action on the who’s stalking who, nurses and young female interns after Docs, Docs after nurses and young female interns.
    Mr iT was amazed at the engineering feat needed for the interns to actually get their jeans on. He wanted to ask did they hurt, how did they get them off, could they possibly have put anything on that was tighter? The girls wearing dresses – were referred to as the ones in headbands or pelmets.
    My Doc at the public hospital (an intern) looked 16, and declared me fit and healthy with no injury to the back. Go home and do lots of exercizes and stretches she said.
    Next day, bossy husband demanded a scan – which showed the broken/compressed/fractured/burst vertebra(s).
    Hosptials huh – not too different from the tv hospital soap operas I think.

    Patagonia pics starting tonight.

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