After the Cyclone ……….. Crash!




It started out so well.

Still no tarp or SES

but we worked out how to get some tiles into the gaping holes.


J on the outside steering the tile into place



Mr iT inside the roof placing the tiles.

and me


Me - well I was up there taking photos for the insurance company


I thought they'd like to see the view


When suddenly the inevitable happened.


Down came the ceiling.






With me in it!

You can bet I was sucking HARD on that green pain killer thingy.



So thanks to Townsville Ambulance,

they are absolutely wonderful.

I can’t show you photos of the ambulance trip

or the stay in Emergency for a night and a day

or even the XRAYS

that show


Am I amazing or what?

3.5 metre fall straight onto my back


I repeat



I sure don't care that the floor is doing this now.


or this

So I am thanking the powers that be,

extending the Jurlique giveaway from Saturday’s post

for a few more days, and now I’d better

ring Mum and Paddy

before they find out about the grand descent here.



PS  Yes it hurts and I can’t walk or sit  – YET.  But I’ll be fine.


14 thoughts on “After the Cyclone ……….. Crash!

  1. Oh Louise!!!!! Thank goodness you are OK. Please please don’t try any more stunts like this, I spoke to Daniel’s agent and they already have enough stunt guys for the next Bond movie. Ouch. Hope all the bruises and aches go away soon. Please take care of yourself . Oh, and there wasn’t a chihuahua underneath was there?? Sorry, am cheeky cow – oh, you already noticed…

    • Dodgy Brothers all intact.
      Ticked off with Jason for taking a photo that made my bum look so big.
      I’d only just come-to, and didn’t realize I was being papped.
      Bugger, I was really hoping for a scene with the sexy DC,

  2. Oh no!!!!!!!! Scary crazy!!! You are soooo lucky that you didn’t break any bones! I predict a future appointment with a physio though (wanna join me – I’ve destroyed my lower back!).

    And it’s really good to see as well that the camera survived the fall 😉 Out of curiosity, I wonder if the insurance company would have covered it if it didn’t? 😉

    Again, I extend my offer of help! Do you have running water yet?

    • Hi Amanda, Yes water came on late Saturday night (I was in hospital of course and they had plenty of water there), and the power came on at 4am this morning. That’s a blessing.
      Thank you again for the offer to help, there’s not much I can do except lie on the bed. Will go see my own doctor today, and have scans etc.
      I agree about the physio, SM near the Mater – here I come.
      Sorry to hear you trashed your own back, it’s such a drama isn’t it.

  3. Oh my god Louise I felt sick when I saw you lying there, thats all you need!! The comment on the previous post about the diamond ring that size you would get more than a new roof a bloody house I reckon 🙂
    Now stay safe & no more dare devil photo shoot’s please!!
    About the weather yes we have been so humid in Mackay I actually just walked around in my under wear all day (at home that is) it was so sticky but I’m not complaining with what you guys are having to endure, please stay safe x
    Ps the wooden block flooring 😦 I could cry for you!!

    • Elaine, Yes, that was some Diamond, it’s little sisters were beside it, an emerald and a sapphire. They were not the ugly stepsisters either. Huge I tell you, huge!

      Floor – yes it’s sad isn’t it. It’s looking even more weird today.

      Dare Devil days finished – can’t actually do anything but lie on in bed now.

  4. Oh my goodness Louise how awful for you. This really is too much! I can only imagine the terror as you realised you were falling and your loved ones must have been beside themselves as they scampered down to see you.
    Please rest rest and rest! Take Arnica it works! Daughter has wisdom teeth out and hardly had any bruising at all and was out having quiet non alcoholic drinks with friends 4 days later. Husband a GP says it bunk but we know better.
    Kate Bx

    • Hi Kate, I must admit I had visions of wheelchairs as I lay on the floor waiting for the ambulance. I remember screaming out PAIN, PAIN, PAIN and in between each set of 3, I yelled importantly – “I can feel fingers and toes, can feel fingers and toes” Tee Hee.
      I think I was yellfully willing everything to be ok.
      I agree with you about Arnica, the ointment is good too. Must order some from my (temporary) slaves. Tee Hee to Dr knows best, especially your own inhouse Dr.
      Yes the others were terrified, I had to calm them down, tell them what to do, what to say to, all that. I think it’s a male thing.

  5. First I thought you were sucking on a asthma-inhalor. I wish you were just taking a rest on the floor after all the mopping …
    I can not imagine the pain, falling 3,5m on a floor. I hope, you can eat as many pain killers as you need to kill this pain right now. Best wishes! Paula
    PS: at last I figured out, how to add you and other wordpress-bloggers on my side bar.
    PPS: somehow I don’t fancy this new year – the year of the rabbit too much at this moment. Hope it improves sooner than later.

    • Hi Paula, the green thing is an anaesthetic inhaler for emergencies. Pretty good too, but it doesn’t last long.
      Painkillers are right here beside me, think they’ll be the staple diet for a few days.
      I’m being cheerful, and thinking of all the housework and cyclone repairs I can’t do now.
      One of the dogs has a “sympathetic stuffed back” too, so he has to stay in bed with me, so I have good company.

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