Saturday inTownsville after the cyclone ………..dreaming of…..


Today in our part of Townsville

we have

no power or water, and the rain is still coming in through the roof, and there’s not a tarp to be found in Townsville.

I have got the miseries,

I shouldn’t because we are not badly off.

But last night I missed Mum’s significant birthday

with Paddy and the Brothers

down at Main Beach.

So of course I’m feeling sorry for myself.


Some of this might help.

Or this perhaps?


One of these would be really good!

One of these would cheer me up while I mop, again!

And cleaning in these would surely be fun?

So down to tintacks,

I’ve noticed that good blogs give presents to their readers,

So to cheer myself up,

I’l give 2 Julique gift packs away to the first readers who can name either:

1. The jeweller in London where I saw the big diamond.

2. What street in London I saw those groovy shoes.

EDITED: Also Everyone who picks the correct Jewellery Shop, or the correct Street, goes into a draw for a Jurlique Body Oil.



Leave your guesses in the comments.


and I am already feeling more cheerful after writing this.



PS  I will post prizes to winner.

I’ll announce the winner Sunday night 6th february,  9pm Greenwich Mean Time.

To the winners, I’ll check with you what skin type you have, or which body oil you’d like.




22 thoughts on “Saturday inTownsville after the cyclone ………..dreaming of…..

  1. I just want to Thank You for keeping Yasi updates on your Blog…..I’ve been following your blog for a few months now although this is my first time commenting. I was anxious to hear how you “weathered the storm” and was happy to hear that you came out reasonably well…..sorry that you have the miseries, maybe you can catch up with your Mum really soon and have a belated celebration……

    I wonder if you saw the diamond at Cartier?

    • Hi Elizabeth, I feel very guilty about whinging now. Things aren’t so bad really. But, isn’t it amazing how a good whinge makes you feel so much better.
      I’ll reveal the answers on Sunday night (well Sunday night GMT -which I will have sort out with Townsville time).
      Thanks for your comment. I’ll do a post cyclone post tomorrow, things are already looking a lot better here, despite no power or water.

  2. Asprey? Bond St? I am so sorry you missed your Mum’s birthday! Awful. Hope you find a tarp soon. Take care, and I hope everything returns to normal soon for you Louise xxxx

    • HI FF.
      Answers tomorrow night.
      It WAS horrible missing the big night. And of course it was a fabulous night, they all had a ball. Mum looked amazing apparently.
      Still giggling about your Saturday Outfit!

  3. I have both power & running water, so if you need anything, shout out! Just got home from work, so have nothing bar washing & ironing to do for remainder of weekend.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Gosh that’s soooo thoughtful of you. You are so sweet.

      I was just having a whinge, probably because I’m sick of the water pouring in through the roof. I’m sure the water will be back on soon and then things will look better. (There could be a VERY MESSY male in my house, and I could be getting a tiny bit TETCHY about mess making in a house that’s already a mess.) There, another whinge and I fell even better now.

  4. Dear Louise, As far as I can see you have every reason to be a bit down. Continuous rain coming through the roof sounds like the absolute pits. I would be thinking of chocolate and England too. Speaking of which have you ever heard the Billy Bragg song when he says, how can you be thinking of England when you don’t even know who is on the team? I am sorry you missed your Mum’s birthday bash but I am sure that she was thinking of you and wishing you were there too. No idea about the piccies. I clearly need another trip to London. Must speak to Mr LiC immediately!!!

  5. Louise aka sysiphus … when will someone come and fix the roof or could you do a quick fix with some roofing cardboard?
    I knew the year of the Tiger was a great year. Not happy with the idea that the year of the Rabbit starts off like this!
    How can you still blog? You must have a super battery in your laptop, mine would be gone after 3 hours.
    I fear I am confused right now: your mum did celebrate at the Beach, but it is raining.
    Before I depress you more with my questions lets come to the happy part: I have no clue where you saw the ring but I love the idea that there are places where you can find a 39ct stone displayed and not hidden in some safe.
    The chocoloates left and right from the grappa – take all!

    • OK Paula, now I have to go and Google Sysiphus, it rings a bell, but not loud enough for me.
      WE have a generator – so laptops and phones are charged, it just won’t power the cold room – so no food storage.
      Things could be worse – see the next post!

      Oh, and Main Beach is a town on the Gold Coast – just below Brisbane on the Australian map. Mum and my family live in southern Queensland, and I live right up north in Townsville.

  6. Dear Louise, do hope you are feeling more cheerful I think you are doing really well – I went to bed in a Right Grump last night having flooded the utility room myself by leaving tap on, so can imagine constant mopping up must be very Wearing. I guess Garrard for the diamond and Carnaby Street for the booties. Please stop telling everyone my pants are tiny, they are BIG SENSIBLE PANTS, can’t bear small pants and they were wrapped tightly around a small stuffed animal! Right, must stop talking about my knickers on the internet…

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